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I originally come from Switzerland, one of the smallest countries in the world, size-wise of course. About 70% of the Swiss live in rented apartments, many of them are considered to be really tiny (the apartments not the Swiss).

When I started off to live on my own, my first apartment wasn’t much more than one small room for sleeping, living and eating. It had a tiny kitchen and an even tinier bathroom. I learned fast to be aware of every bit space I had. Quickly I learned how I can arrange myself in a tiny space without losing quality of life. Well, there are actually numerous ways to still feel comfortable in a tiny space without giving up on esthetic and functional details.

English isn’t my first language but I hope to share with you my experiences and my research about how to live a big life in the smallest way.

Every post is always kept up to date allowing you to find the current items as described in the posts.

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Top 3 Wall Mounted Electric Heaters around $80

Cozy-Heater 400W wall mountedLiving in a small place means that floor space is precious, very precious.  Generally you think twice before you purchase a furniture or appliance that needs to be placed on the floor in your small apartment, tiny house, RV or boat.

And then, there are furniture and appliances you just need to have for a comfortable and cozy living.  Such as heaters, of course.  I made some research about wall mounted heaters in order to fulfill both requirements: having free floor space and comfortably being warm.

Wall mounted heaters are as well great heating solutions for any kind of smaller room, such as garage, basement, bathroom or office.

The advantages of wall mounted heaters are interesting.  They work on the principle of convective heat transfer.  What is that, convective heat transfer?

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Top 4 Stackable Counter Stools around $30 per stool

Bentwood stool, set of 4People, who don’t have tiny living experience, often think that a tiny living place makes it too difficult or even impossible to have guests and friends over.  Well, that isn’t entirely accurate.

Actually, at my first place I had almost every weekend a friend gathering in my tiny apartment – and my friends enjoyed it as much as I did.  One Saturday night I remember, I had even one of my bosses and some of my working colleagues over for a casual dinner – did I mention that I love to cook? – and for playing board games.  I got some compliments for my tiny apartment furnishing ideas.

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Top 3 Bathroom Vanity Combos 18-24 inch around $250

Belle Foret BF80614R vanity comboTo furnish a tiny bathroom in an elegant and still functional way is doubtlessly one of the big challenges you can face.

I remember when I stepped first time in the tiny bathroom of my first tiny apartment, I was shocked.  How was it even possible to build such a tiny space!  Even the bathroom door was a sliding door, because there was simply no place to open the door inwards or outwards.  It was so tiny that there was literally no place in it for more than one person.  Well, the renting contract was for one person.  Still!

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Top 4 Shower Curtain Tension Rods 23-42 inch around $10

InterDesign Cameo Shower Curtain Tension Rod 26-42As a follow-up to my previous post about the Top 5 Shower Wall Kits between $600 and $1,200 I present here some great deals for shower curtain tension rods.

If you live in a really tiny space, a tiny house, a small apartment, a RV or boat, it might actually be more obvious for you to install in your tiny bathroom just a shower corner with base instead of a full shower stall with walls, door and base.

In this case you would be interested in shower curtain tension rods that are as short as 23 inch and not longer than 42 inch.  The good news is that you can find quite a variety of material, color, form and length for around $10.

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Top 5 Shower Wall Kits between $600 and $1,200

DreamLine Solo Framless Shower Encloser and TrayOnce in life there comes inevitably the moment where you need a new shower.  Just kidding – or not really.

You might have different reasons to install a new shower, I mean a shower enclosure with base.  You might be building your own tiny house and need a tiny shower enclosure – or you might be installing a shower in your tiny basement bathroom – or you want to upgrade the shower in your RV or boat.  Or you are interested in installing a shower stall as an addition to your bathtub or as replacement of your bathtub.

However, if your bathroom is small, really small, you will be interested in a similarly small shower wall kit.  There are some awesome models out there, they look great and aren’t pricey at all.

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Declutter with these Top 4 Storage Boxes under $20

Household Essentials Jumbo Storage BoxThere is actually a move around decluttering going on right now.  That’s interesting.  I personally think the whole thing around decluttering should be more something like a lifetime theme.  Even more when you live in a tiny space. And using storage boxes helps you to visually “declutter” the stuff you still need and keep.

I’m quite interested in Feng Shui principles.  They recommend often as first step toward renewing a living space to get rid of the clutter.  To declutter in other words.  I think getting rid of clutter is by all means a very healthy and freeing action.

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Top 3 Double-sided Cast Iron/Aluminum Griddles under $50

ProSource Kitchen Cast Iron GriddleEvery time I find an cookware that embraces two or more functions I jump on it.  That is what people living in small places do.  I guess I’m not alone with this reaction.

Double-sided cast iron or cast aluminum griddles – it can’t get better than that when it comes to saving space and reducing the numbers of things we have in the kitchen.

If you live in a tiny space such as an apartment or boat or tiny house, you might have a Foreman Grill in your kitchen instead of a “full-grown” outdoor grill.  And you probably have some flat pans for making delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes.  Am I right?  Well, this is the case in my kitchen – was the case, until I discovered the double-sided cast iron griddle.

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Top 3 Cord Winders for Wires, Headphones, Ear-buds under $10

Creative Automatic Cable WinderI don’t think there is anybody in the world not knowing this problem – or let’s say it in positive words: everybody knows this annoyance:  You take your headphone cord and try to unwind it.  Well, you have to unwind it because … yes, because it is always (always!) tangled.  And I don’t think anybody knows why that is.  It’s like an unwritten rule in the life of cords (I might be a little poetic here).

Living in tiny spaces you are also very aware of every clutter, aren’t you.  So looking at tangled messy cords in your drawer or wherever you keep them doesn’t make you feel good.

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Top 3 Washer Dryer Combos around $1,000

Alfama LisbonMany years ago I visited Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.  One of the sites to see was the old district Alfama, also called the historic soul of Lisbon, and there hidden behind huge pillars were wash women at work.  I watched a dozen women hand washing clothes and sheets in gigantic washtubs and filling the moist air with their loud voices and laughter.  An unforgettable experience.

Ariston Washer Dryer ComboWell, I was impressed and at the same time I was really happy that I didn’t have to wash all laundry by hand.  Washer and dryer are simplifying my life enormously.

So living in a tiny place, where space is so precious, shouldn’t mean that you should join those Portuguese wash women.  There are luckily quite some great washer out there that are combined with a dryer.  Two appliances in one.

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Top 2 Wall Oven Microwave Combos

Frigidaire 3065PF Wall Oven MicrowaveMy favorite room in the house is the kitchen.  This is the room at which I normally look first whenever I visit a new place.  So you see, having a functional and aesthetically nice kitchen – even when it ‘s small – is very important to me.

One of the most important appliances of a kitchen is the oven, well for me that is.  When you too love to bake and to use the oven for creating all kinds of delicious meals, you’ll agree.  In a small kitchen though there might be not enough place for a big oven and a separate Countertop Microwave.  You need to find a compact combo unit having the two in one.

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