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I originally come from Switzerland, one of the smallest countries in the world, size-wise of course. About 70% of the Swiss live in rented apartments, many of them are considered to be really tiny (the apartments not the Swiss).

When I started off to live on my own, my first apartment wasn’t much more than one small room for sleeping, living and eating. It had a tiny kitchen and an even tinier bathroom. I learned fast to be aware of every bit space I had. Quickly I learned how I can arrange myself in a tiny space without losing quality of life. Well, there are actually numerous ways to still feel comfortable in a tiny space without giving up on esthetic and functional details.

English isn’t my first language but I hope to share with you my experiences and my research about how to live a big life in the smallest way.

Every post is always kept up to date allowing you to find the current items as described in the posts. Still there will always be some items that temporarily aren’t available. Through the here given links you will be  able to find more similar products.

I invite you to visit my other blog Animals Small and Big, thank you.

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Top 4 Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners between $20 and $40

startOrder is of first priority in a tiny house, a small apartment, RV or houseboat. Cleanness certainly has second priority. You will need sooner or later a vacuum cleaner, a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Luckily there are awesome models available that are lightweight and at the same time powerful.

There are some rules about what to consider before choosing a lightweight vacuum cleaner for your tiny home. I found for you the following important facts.

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Tip: How to decorate a tiny home: Minimalist Style

startWell, I admit, when I heard for the first time of the minimalist style I thought immediately of empty rooms, blank walls and austere furniture. Did you too? This is actually not quite right.

The minimalist style is all about clear lines and serene patterns. The appearance of the minimalist furniture – and yes, there are minimalist furniture – is simple, straight and delicate. It’s not about looking fancy or opulent. The famous mantra of the minimalist style is “less is more”.

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Top 3 Wall Mount Candle Holders under $15

modernartYou know when you live in a tiny place such as a small apartment, a RV, houseboat or tiny house that everything off-floor is interesting. You know also that I encourage you always to not give up on decorating your tiny home.

Take a look at these beautiful wall mount candle holders. Perfect for tiny living because off-floor and decorating your wall in the best possible way. Their advantage compared to the table-placed candle holders is obvious.

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Tip: How to decorate a tiny home: Use Symmetry

startSymmetry has doubtlessly a big effect on how we perceive a room. Just everything in life actually. Using Symmetry as interior guide for your tiny home will make your place not just elegant and gorgeous but will also create a feeling of calmness and spaciousness. Why?

Well, there are in fact researches made about how we perceive harmony in our surroundings. Symmetry is one important part of harmony. Who doesn’t want to create harmony at home? (picture found on Pinterest)

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Top 3 Knitting Kits and Guides around $10

start1In Switzerland children learn to knit in the elementary school. It is taught actually in an own lesson, called handwork, about two hours per week or so. Well, as child I hated to knit. It never worked for me, everything I did came out terribly.

(picture found on Pinterest)

It seems that I needed all these years going by to find my way back to knitting. Knitting is definitely a hobby you can do even if you live in a tiny house, small apartment, RV or houseboat. A knitting kit or guide doesn’t take away much space. You can take it with you wherever you go. I made some research for great knitting kits and guides for beginners.

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Top 3 Drawer/Closet Organizers around $10

decobrosEven with having a drawer or closet where all your items disappear from your eyesight, it still has a huge orderly feeling when those items are nicely organized instead of just lying around – one on top of the others. An important fact for everybody living in a tiny place, a small apartment, RV or houseboat.

Drawer and Closet Organizers are an ingenious way to keep your things orderly, visible and easy to locate. And they can perfectly be added to your other organizing features such as racks, baskets, boxes and more. Another important feature of drawer/closet organizers is that they can be folded to be put away easily if not used.

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Top 4 Pillow Inserts between $7 and $30

startAfter having written about the Top 4 Pillow Covers under $20 my post here is about the pillow inserts. While the pillow covers create the mood and aesthetics of your tiny house, small apartment, RV or houseboat through its colors or pattern, the pillow inserts are important in order to create the fluffiness and comfort of the pillows themselves. (photo found on Pinterest)

What are the points you have to take a look at before purchasing the perfect pillow insert? Well, I have a small list for you as little guide.

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Top 4 Plant Pots under $40

startEven in my tiny-tiny apartment in Switzerland I couldn’t live without plants. I need green around me. Some people might say that plants are replacing pets. Well, I do not disagree with that. There is a point that living in a tiny place with a pet who has its own space requirements is difficult. Having plants instead can make life easier, no question.

If you look for plant pots you need to know some important facts before choosing your preferred one.

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Top 5 Kitchen Sinks between $50 and $200

start2Are you remodeling your tiny home or even building your tiny house? Well, for sure you will need a sink in your tiny kitchen. You know how much I love to cook and stay in the kitchen. Having nice, really nice appliances and furniture makes a big part of the deal – for me.

Sinks! They seem so unobtrusive, but they are very important with their look and their functionality. I just love beautiful elegant sinks. Cooking includes a lot of working over and with the sink, that’s the reason why a sink is so important.

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Top 3 Ideas for Party Decoration Sets for Tiny Homes

startLiving in a tiny house, small apartment, RV or houseboat does not mean that you can’t have parties. There are just some points you have to take into consideration in order to keep your tiny home clutter-free and to still be able to have great parties with family and friends.

I found some ingenious ideas about how you can host great parties even if you live in a tiny place. Back in Switzerland in my first tiny-tiny apartment I used to have parties over and over. It was fun, I might almost say we had more fun because my place was so tiny.

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