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I originally come from Switzerland, one of the smallest countries in the world, size-wise of course. About 70% of the Swiss live in rented apartments, many of them are considered to be really tiny (the apartments not the Swiss).

When I started off to live on my own, my first apartment wasn’t much more than one small room for sleeping, living and eating. It had a tiny kitchen and an even tinier bathroom. I learned fast to be aware of every bit space I had. Quickly I learned how I can arrange myself in a tiny space without losing quality of life. Well, there are actually numerous ways to still feel comfortable in a tiny space without giving up on esthetic and functional details.

English isn’t my first language but I hope to share with you my experiences and my research about how to live a big life in the smallest way.

Every post is always kept up to date allowing you to find the current items as described in the posts. Still there will always be some items that temporarily aren’t available. Through the here given links you will be  able to find more similar products.

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Top 5 Over-the-door Pocket Organizers between $10 and $30

Home-Cube® LinenCotton Fabric 13 Pockets Wall Door Closet Hanging Storage bag organizer,White Polka DotsNavy StripeTake something simple and turn into something fancy.  That could be the motto for this post.  You can find Over-the-door Pocket Organizers originally meant for organizing shoes or toys.  But who told that you can’t use it for something totally different?  Something you create for your own tiny home, RV, small apartment, houseboat or tiny house.  Over-the-door Pocket Organizers are terrific space saving declutter organizers.

Where can you find a similar declutter helper in this incredible price range?  I mean, cubby storage units are great as well as decorative storage boxes.  But both are taking away floor space or shelf space.  But!  Over-the-door Pocket Organizers hang on the door, the most underutilized space in every home.  Isn’t it.

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Top 4 Flower Box Holders under $15

Sun Joe Flower Box Holder, WhiteI can’t gush enough over house walls, fences and windows that are decorated with colorful flowers. I mean, who doesn’t like the look of pretty flowers.  Thanks to ingenious flower boxes and window plant boxes we are able to create exactly this kind of beauty.  And the great news is that you can do that wherever you live.  Even more so when you live in a tiny house, a small apartment, houseboat or even RV.

I’m tempted to clutter this whole post with pictures of beautifully accentuated house fronts.  Well, I won’t do it.  You wouldn’t be able to scroll through in a reasonable loading time.  Seemingly it doesn’t matter how dull and boring the walls or windows look, flower boxes will always add a cheerful and fresh look to the image.  And yes, they will improve the home’s appeal.  So, let’s speak about window flower box holders and what you can do with them.

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Top 4 Corner Display Etageres around $50

Casual Home 4 Shelf Corner Bookcase, Honey OakAmong the classic space saving furniture are without doubt all kinds of corner-placed furniture.  Such as the Corner Display Etagere. In my eyes these Corner Display Etageres are highly elegant, I can’t even say why that is.  It’s like they fill an otherwise empty space with life and beauty – somehow.  And, of course, Corner Display Etageres are as well highly functional and practical for all of your decluttering purposes.

Do you want to utilize every possible space and at the same time enhance the look of your tiny living place, your small apartment, RV, boat or tiny house?  Just check out this ingenious furniture.  I bet you will be as fascinated as I am.

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Top 5 Pendant Lighting between $50 and $100

CANARM ISF543A03CH Piera 4-Light Semi-Flush Mount with Crystal, ChromeAlright, a pendant lighting is the prototype of an appliance/furniture that is off-floor.  Therefore it’s the first-most lighting model that might be interesting for you living in a tiny place such as an RV, houseboat, small apartment or tiny house.

Other than the Table Lamps and Floor Lamps that fall under the so-called task lighting,  Pendant Lighting belong to the category of general lighting when they are installed in the center of the room.  Only when a pendant lighting is used as lighting over counters or tables they fall under task lighting as well.

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Tip: How to decorate a tiny home: Ladder Shelf

Unique 72 High LEANING LADDER STYLE MAGAZINE  BOOK SHELF on Black FinishDecorating a tiny living space might present problems – most of all because of the tightness of the place, of course.  You also may be hesitant decorating your tiny house, RV, houseboat or small apartment because many decorative furniture or items can be quite costly.

My tip about how to decorate a tiny home introduces the idea of a Ladder Shelf, simple but surprisingly fashionable.  First I describe some Do-It-Yourself tips.  For all of you though being not so handy and crafty I present an incredibly elegant Ladder Shelf for reasonable $33.

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Top 5 Wall mount Racks with Hooks for $10-20

InterDesign Bruschia Wall Mount 6 Hook Rack, Brushed Nickel ChromeSometimes a post can be about something as simple as wall mount racks with hooks.  Well, there might be nothing really exciting about them, they still are necessary and very practical and functional for your tiny living place, your small apartment, RV, boat or tiny house.

Of course, you know me, I like to encourage you to find unusual innovative ways to use your new rack with hooks.  The most obvious place in the hallway or sometimes garage doesn’t need to close the list of places you can install it.  While being fancy with finding a new place you can also be creative with the items you want to hang.  As with a Towel Rack Set you can find here as well new ways to use it.

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Top 3 Under-sink Pullout Shelf Organizers

2 Tier Expandable Adjustable Under Sink Shelf Storage Shelves Kitchen OrganizerThere just are those spaces in every tiny living place that stay unused and empty.  The under-sink place is one of them.  Usually it is tall and wide enough to provide storage place for many items.  Well, you need an under-sink pullout shelf organizer to utilize that space perfectly.

Under-sink Pullout Shelves organize your kitchen items and cleaning stuff nicely and keep them easily accessible.  Most of the newer models can be fit in on the left or right side beneath your sink.  Needless to say that you can use these Under-sink Pullout Shelves under any sink in your home; kitchen, bathroom, garage or porch.

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Top 2 Germination Stations under $30

Hydrofarm CK64050 Germination Station with Heat MatI admit I’m a kind of a wishful gardener.  Or secret gardener.  Meaning, I really would like to garden but there were and are always some reasons speaking against it.  Space, climate, time.  Do you recognize yourself in this picture?  Well, I have good news for you – and for me.  There are incredibly affordable germination stations out there making indoor germination easy and fast.  And once your seeds grow into seedlings you can transfer them outdoor in your garden, in yard pots on your porch or your beautiful window plant boxes even indoors if you want.

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Top 3 Cubby Storage Units

ECR4Kids 8 Compartment Birch Storage Cabinet, NaturalHow do you organize your storage?  In a tiny living place such as a small apartment, an RV, boat or tiny house storage is one of the biggest challenges.  You might be interested in smart storage units that allow you to store items that you want to keep together in a defined area.

There is always something you need to store, even when you live in a tiny place and when you already know how to live with as less stuff as possible.  Well, Cubby Storage Units are multifunctional and exactly made for that: for storing the items you still need – even after all your decluttering – and for making the whole storage look nice and organized.

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Top 3 Cutting Board Sets around $25

Bamboo Style's® Premium 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Boards. Eco-friendly Kitchen Chopping Boards Made to Last!There is no cooking without cutting boards!  As simple as this sounds so important those cutting boards are.  Everybody has them, and everybody has its preference concerning the material it is made of.  What are your cutting boards made of?

My cutting boards are made of bamboo, I just love bamboo.  Besides look and feel of a cutting board it is very important how well you can clean them.  Some prefer plastic cutting boards, some bamboo.  Bamboo is more expensive than sturdy wood cutting boards, but they are less porous and not as harsh to knives.  Some prefer glass material for their cutting boards, well, because it seems to be the best choice for cutting meat.  But glass cutting boards unfortunately damage your knives quite a bit.  I put together the following tips about what you need to know concerning cutting boards.

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