Welcome to Little Big Life!

I originally come from Switzerland, one of the smallest countries in the world, size-wise of course. About 70% of the Swiss live in rented apartments, many of them are considered to be really tiny (the apartments not the Swiss).

When I started off to live on my own, my first apartment wasn’t much more than one small room for sleeping, living and eating. It had a tiny kitchen and an even tinier bathroom. I learned fast to be aware of every bit space I had. Quickly I learned how I can arrange myself in a tiny space without losing quality of life. Well, there are actually numerous ways to still feel comfortable in a tiny space without giving up on esthetic and functional details.

English isn’t my first language but I hope to share with you my experiences and my research about how to live a big life in the smallest way.

Every post is always kept up to date allowing you to find the current items as described in the posts.

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Top 2 Wall Oven Microwave Combo

Frigidaire Stainless Steel 3 piece Oven Microwave TrimkitMy favorite room in the house is the kitchen.  This is the room at which I normally look first whenever I visit a new place.  So you see, having a functional and aesthetically nice kitchen – even when it ‘s small – is very important to me.

One of the most important appliances of a kitchen is the oven, well for me that is.  When you too love to bake and to use the oven for creating all kinds of delicious meals, you’ll agree.  In a small kitchen though there might be not enough place for a big oven and a separate Countertop Microwave.  You need to find a compact combo unit having the two in one.

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Top 7 Floating Wall Mount Shelves around $20

Moen Preston Glass ShelfThere is something fascinating about floating wall mount shelves.  As for me they create a feeling of lightness and orderliness.  I can’t explain why that is – because on the other hand I also like a certain creative disorder displayed on shelves.

If you live in a tiny place, a tiny house, small apartment, RV or boat, you look for every possible solution to create more space.  Floating furniture such as Floating Desks or Floating Wall Mount Shelves are doing exactly that: creating extra floor space.

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Top 6 Storage Benches around $100

Winsome Verona Storage Bench, Walnut with beige baskesI love multi-functional furniture, even more when the multi really means multi.  When you can use a piece of furniture for more than just one use, it’s just meant to be placed into tight spaces.

Storage benches are one of my favorites.  They provide place to store things away and a nice sitting place at the same time.  I like storage benches for literally every room in a house.

Even more functionally important is a storage bench in a tiny house where every inch has its value.  It works there perfectly as a sofa or kitchen bench.

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Top 3 Toilets under $250

Toto Drake 2 Piece Ada ToiletI admit, it’s not an every-day-choice to look for a new toilet.  The thing is that there is actually always at least one moment in life where you have to look for a new one.

You will inevitably need to get a new toilet when you’re building your tiny house, when you’re equipping your RV or boat, when your toilet is getting old and you’re looking for a water-saving more efficient new model.

If you’re living in a rented space, apartment or house, it’s better to ask your landlord before purchasing a new toilet.

I was really surprised to find out that modern toilets with great water-saving and flush features are actually quite affordable.

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Top 4 Space-saving Cabinets over toilet between $50 and $90

Over the Toilet CabinetLet’s talk bathroom today.

Even when you live in a bigger than tiny house or apartment the bathroom often is the smallest place.  I don’t even speak about bathrooms in RVs or boats.  Every single inch in a bathroom calls for a practical use.  And I like to add, also for an aesthetic aspect.

When I discovered the idea of a cabinet over the toilet I asked myself why I didn’t get this idea earlier. Often enough you just accept the space in a bathroom as it is, even more when you live in a rented place.  So I was really surprised about how much additional space I suddenly got by placing a simple cabinet over the toilet.

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Top 5 Beautiful Window Curtains around $10

Elegant Comfort 2 Piece Solid Sheer Panel Window CurtainTiny living space never should mean that you have to give up aesthetics and nice decorations.  Window curtains are one way to enhance the look of a tiny room as of any room.  You can let them hang freely or drape them on both sides away.

Sometimes I’m surprised how much the opinions about curtains differ.  Some like their windows open and without any curtains disturbing the view out – and in.  For them it doesn’t seem to matter if they live in a densely populated city or all alone in nature.  They might go as far as getting those pleated or gathered curtains that create an attractive traditional look in the home.

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Top 4 Floating Space-saving Desks with Storage under $150

Prepac Floating Desk with StorageOne of the smartest and most ingenious furniture solution is without question the floating and space-saving desk.

I had one in my first tiny apartment.  I remember it was fold-able, so it hang flat on the wall when it wasn’t in use.  Compared to the models today it really looked ugly, I must admit.  But well, it was practical.  One of my friends built even the simplest floating desk ever.  He placed a long wooden board under his window and created there his working space.

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Top 3 Small Countertop Microwaves around $50

Danby 0.7 cu. cft.  MicrowaveSmall kitchens sometimes don’t have an inbuilt microwave.  At least this was my experience back in Switzerland.  Also partially solar powered houses don’t come with microwaves.

Countertop models get more and more popular.  You just plug it in and start cooking, no complicated installation is required.  They have their controls on the door in order to create more capacity in a smaller footprint.  Having a countertop Microwave has so many advantages.  If you choose a small-sized microwave it doesn’t use a lot of space and you can move it around as you wish.

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Top 3 Compact Space Heaters under $50

Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic HeaterCompact Space Heaters are perfect if you just want to heat a small space, may it be one room in a house, an office, a boat or RV or even a tiny house.  Instead of heating a whole house or apartment it’s clearly more energy efficient when you heat only the place you are in for a certain amount of time.

There are obviously areas in houses and apartments that don’t need to be heated to the same temperature than the place you are in for a longer time such as kitchen and bedroom.  It’s no secret that you sleep better in a cooler room. And cooking heats up the space anyway.

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Top 3 Breakfast Stations around $30

Bella Toast Breakfast stationAll right, I write about ways how to live a big life in the smallest way.  That’s on the one hand fun because it activates my creativity and on the other hand it’s given by the living circumstances, such as living in an apartment, on a boat or in a tiny house.

So, what’s big about a little big life?  Of course the big in “little big” is you, your personality, making your life big.  To compliment it you can allow yourself a little luxury … such as a Breakfast station.

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