Top 3 Wall Clocks under $50

TIC Collection Lafayette Wall ClockWhat a wonderful way to add a great look to your tiny home! A wall clock. It doesn’t take away any precious space and is therefore perfect for any tiny house, small apartment and even RV and boat. Take a look at these Top 3 beautiful wall clocks!

You really can choose the style that fits your home the best. Also consider that you can add with a wall clock an interesting counterpart to your interior design style. Another great idea is to contrast a painted wall with a wall clock. You have so many choices of how to upgrade the look of your tiny home.

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Tip: How to decorate a tiny home: Tuscan Style

Ambesonne Curtain with Tuscan DecorWhoever traveled to Tuscany will never forget it. This is definitely the case for me. So, researching about how you can decorate your tiny home in the Tuscan Style was just pure fun for me.

You have so many options of how you can integrate the great Tuscan style into your tiny house or small apartment. You will be surprised with how little you can recreate that incredible mood and atmosphere Tuscany is emanating with every step you make there and with every view you see.

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Top 3 Wall Mount Shelves / Display Organizers

Welland Display Black Wall ShelfEverything off-floor is per se interesting for tiny living. Mount shelves and display organizers are perfect for this reason. They hold your stuff that otherwise would lie around and clutter your tiny place.

Having all your little stuff, your collectibles or small items of bathroom, kitchen, home office or hall way stored away in an orderly manner is worth everything. Wall mount shelves and display organizers do exactly that.

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Top 5 Electric Coffee Spice Grinders under $20

Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Spice GrinderHaving a tiny kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to give up on all that great cooking and preparing you love so much. Well, I don’t do it. Even in a small or tiny kitchen I love to have the necessary things and appliances around me. A coffee spice grinder too? Yes, and this is a big Yes!

There is just nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the morning! If you enjoy your morning coffee with freshly ground beans, it’s even better. The available coffee spice grinders are doing exactly that. And more!

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Top 4 Privacy Door Knobs and Levers between $20 and $80

Nostalgic Warehouse Privacy KnobIt doesn’t matter if you build a tiny house or you move in a small apartment or small house you will come into contact with door knobs whose material and design will be agreeable to you or not.

Today I researched about privacy doorknobs and found great models out there. First let’s take a look at what privacy door knobs are.

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Top 3 Wooden boxes under $15

Sicohome Small Wooden TrunkOften you find yourself having small and tiny things piling up somewhere in your tiny home, small apartment, RV or houseboat. They are too small to take away precious cabinet space and they need to be held together. The answer to this specific storing problem is a wooden box of the perfect size, not too big and not too small.

Obviously every kind of small box would do the job, but wouldn’t you agree that a wooden box just have that certain thing. For bigger items you might choose one of those elegant rectangular baskets or practical storage boxes of different sizes made of plastic. Wooden boxes you find on the smaller side for your small items.

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Top 3 Removable Designer Wallpaper around $40

Great Art Paradise Photo wall paperThe only space that is totally free to be decorated in a tiny home, small apartment, RV, houseboat or tiny house without taking away any precious space are the walls. No question about that. You can choose between wall mount candle holders or great wall art.

Well, and one of the most impressive wall decorations you can choose for your tiny home are wallpapers. I’m not speaking about those – admittedly overwhelming – wallpapers of the 70s. I mean those great modern designer wallpapers that make your room, your house, your apartment look glorious and grand.

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Top 6 Red Furniture and Red Decoration

Moderne Living red 3 seater sofaIn one of my posts about how you can decorate a tiny home I mentioned using wall colors. That’s one way to optimize your tiny home. Often though, mostly when you live in an apartment, you have no way to paint whole walls.

For you I made this research. Instead of painting the walls, even just parts of the walls, get colored furniture, colored deco items. Today it’s all about the color red.

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Tip: How to decorate a tiny home: Cubism Style

Cubism interior styleCubism style for a tiny home? Are you kidding me? Well, yes, I mean no, I’m not kidding. Cubism style is actually a great style for tiny homes, small apartments, even RV or houseboats. Why?

Cubism style, an art movement pioneered by Pablo Picasso, shows itself with cool colors and quirky abstract lines and wild angles.

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Top 5 Hanging planters between $10 and $40

Keter Garden Plant Hanging Decor PotsIt’s no secret! Everything off-floor is just by this one fact interesting for tiny living. Even more important is every hanging detail in your small apartment, tiny house or RV and houseboat when it’s about being a decoration. Such as hanging plants. Wouldn’t you agree?

I definitely like having plants around me wherever I live. And for whatever reason I am always drawn toward hanging planters. They sparkle my fantasy and give me plenty of ideas of where to put them.

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Top 6 Under Cabinet Lightings between $10 and $95

EShine Under Cabinet Lighting Warm WhiteBrightness is important for every tiny space. Light makes every tiny room, small apartment, RV, houseboat and tiny house immediately feel and look spacious and wide. The so-called under cabinet lighting is definitely one of the best options you can find for your tiny home.

Besides letting sunshine come into your tiny home you can choose between different types of lighting. Pendant lighting is surely one perfect idea for tiny living. And of course you can choose between classic floor lamps with small footprints or wall lamps. Your choice depends on the available space.

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Top 3 Chalkboard Wall Stickers under $10

EachWell Chalkboard Blackboard Wall StickerThere is something about chalkboards or chalkboard wall stickers, I think. They just invite to write something, to draw something funny on them. And of course, to note things and dates that are important.

In a tiny home it is very important to keep things tight, to keep order and store items away. With a chalkboard wall sticker you are able to still have your little communication tool but you don’t clutter your refrigerator with all your notes. A chalkboard wall sticker looks always nice and orderly.

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