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I originally come from Switzerland, one of the smallest countries in the world, size-wise of course. About 70% of the Swiss live in rented apartments, many of them are considered to be really tiny (the apartments not the Swiss).

When I started off to live on my own, my first apartment wasn’t much more than one small room for sleeping, living and eating. It had a tiny kitchen and an even tinier bathroom. I learned fast to be aware of every bit space I had. Quickly I learned how I can arrange myself in a tiny space without losing quality of life. Well, there are actually numerous ways to still feel comfortable in a tiny space without giving up on esthetic and functional details.

English isn’t my first language but I hope to share with you my experiences and my research about how to live a big life in the smallest way.

Every post is always kept up to date allowing you to find the current items as described in the posts. Still there will always be some items that temporarily aren’t available. Through the here given links you will be  able to find more similar products.

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Top 4 Adhesive Shelf Liners around $10

start photo 3When I moved into my second apartment in Switzerland – slightly bigger than the first tiny one – I entered the kitchen and discovered that the previous tenant must have had a major tomato sauce explosion. There were red spots all over the cabinets and even on the ceiling.  Those red spots though were just barely hiding the fact that the cabinets looked outdated and faded.

start photo 2I decided to create the cabinet look I always was dreaming of: a light wooden color.  I found adhesive shelf liners that looked exactly as I wanted.  So I started my kitchen cabinet adventure by covering all cabinet surfaces outside with the adhesive shelf liner.  That was a work!  It happened many years ago, but I still remember my fight with the bubbles under the adhesive shelf liner and the uneven surface of the cabinets.  Well, at the end, it looked great – and it held many years.

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Top 3 Rectangular Baskets around $10 per basket

start photoWhat do people who live in tiny homes, a tiny house, a small apartment, RV or houseboat discover first in their new tiny place?  Well, they find out very fast that living there is all about order and tight organization making a tiny space livable.  What are your experiences regarding this?

This applies of course to every room in your home, if your have a tiny bathroom, a tiny kitchen or a whole tiny place.  It can become a challenge to find out how to organize a tight space.  But let me tell you, it is also a lot of fun.  And with time you will become an expert in these questions.  So, today I like to take a look at rectangular baskets as storage unit.

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Top 6 Wall Lamps between $15 and $90

start photoEverything that you can hang on the wall and doesn’t take away any precious floor space is perfect for tiny homes, tiny houses, small apartments, RVs and houseboats.  So when you look around to find the perfect lighting solution for your home you might end up getting one of these gorgeous and elegant wall lamps.

We need lamps in our homes.  Natural light is obviously perfect during day.  In night we need lamps.  And there it is up to you to choose the style such as floor lamps, pendant lighting or even elegant table lamps or space saving wall lamps.  Before you choose the style you should be aware of how you want to use the light.

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Tip: How to decorate a tiny home: Curtains as Room Divider

start photoThere are different ways to divide a one-room tiny place.  In my first tiny apartment in Switzerland I divided my one-room with a free-standing low shelf.  I wanted the sleeping part divided from the living part but still having natural light through the only window lightening up the whole room.

Curtains are certainly another great way to divide a room.  They don’t take away floor space like a free-standing shelf.  And I must say, curtains as room divider looks just great, very elegant and fancy.  Fortunately there is a big variety in design and material of curtains available.

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Top 4 Recliners between $250 and $750

Homelegance 9723-1PW Upholstered Power Recliner Chair, Dark Brown, Textured Plush MicrofiberDo you remember the TV Series “Friends”, especially the moment where Chandler and Joey get their comfortable reclining chairs.  They were so happy with their recliners.  You really don’t need to stay on the conventional style side by getting a sofa or daybed or futon for your tiny house, small apartment or houseboat.  With a recliner you will be on the unique side of home style.  It also could be perfect for an Eclectic Style, if you wish to create such in your home.

It is rare that I find furniture that are just ranked 5 out of 5.  Here they are: the recliners.  Everybody loves them.  They are so comfortable, no doubt about that.  And they exude luxury with every part of the furniture.  Just perfect to make your tiny home look sublime and grand.  Who wouldn’t like that.

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Top 3 Movable Wardrobe Closets for tiny spaces under $50

Songmics Portable Wardrobe Clothes ClosetStorage is the big theme in tiny places.  If you live in a small apartment, a dorm, a tiny house, RV or houseboat you know about this pressing matter.  A movable wardrobe closet is certainly one answer to this issue.  The available models are just great with regard to that.

Since these wardrobe closets are portable you can easily disassemble them and take them with you wherever you move.  They are lightweight, most of them made of non-woven fabric, meaning a breathable material.  They come with roller shutter or zipper, so you can close your closet when guests are over or just to keep your clothes dust free and your tiny home orderly and nice.

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Top 4 Instrument Ideas for Tiny Homes

Rogue RM-100A A-Style Mandolin SunburstI used to play piano for many many years. I know how wonderful it is to be able to play an instrument, to make music. You might think that living in a tiny place, a tiny house, a small apartment, RV or houseboat you have no way to play the instrument of your choice. Well, I can assure you that you still can and should pursue your wish for making music. It is a great hobby, isn’t it.

For beginners it is always the best to get the best possible quality to a reasonable price so you can find out if that instrument is something for you. Then and only then you can turn toward more expensive models of your chosen instrument. That said I encourage you to not just settle for the most affordable instrument. Choose the one you can see yourself playing and enjoying.

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Top 4 Glass Containers

Bormioli Rocco Paksh Novelty Fido High Quality Airtight Glass CanisterEvery kitchen needs space for storing food items, also when it’s a tiny kitchen. Maybe you have enough space in your kitchen to place a tall pantry with small footprint in it. That’s the best solution. Or you don’t have so many kitchen tools taking away space in your kitchen cabinets, then you can transform one of the cabinets into a pantry. But how do you organize the food storage in them?

Important for storing food is that the place is closed to air and humidity. Of course, you can just place your food items in your pantry place as they are, in the bought plastic bag or cardboard container. Unfortunately with that you never can create an air-tight package that can guarantee the food’s freshness for a longer time. What you are looking for are glass containers or glass canisters with an airtight seal and a convenient size and form for whatever food you want to store in them.

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Top 5 Elegant Dressers around $200

Prepac Monterey White 6-Drawer DresserThere are different ways how you can utilize a furniture multi-functionally as storage and as beautiful eyecatcher.  Storage benches are one possibility, you use them as bench and as a storage place.  Well, the other idea is to get one of these elegant dressers.

Dressers are certainly a long-lasting furniture, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.  They allow to store away clothing and even bedding that normally takes away so much space.  With a dresser you create a clean and orderly look that is at the same time beautiful.

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Top 2 Sliding Panels under $100

Lewis Hyman 0224114 Flat Stick Panel Track Shade, 88-Inch Wide by 84-Inch Long, MahoganyIn a tiny home, a small apartment, tiny house or even RV and houseboat the question is always about how to get the most out of the available space.  You might find solutions for storing and decorating that make your tiny place look bigger.  You also might divide your place in order to create with two spaces the feeling of roominess.

Well, sliding panels are one great solution if you think about how to divide your tiny place. In another post  I recommended freestanding bookshelves as room divider.  For this solution you need a little more space to be able to place a furniture as room divider.  In my first tiny apartment back in Switzerland I decided to divide the one-room with a freestanding bookshelf.  But seeing these great looking sliding panels I realize that this could have been another great solution for that apartment.

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