Top 3 Ceiling mount Hanging Pot Racks under $50

ceiling mount pot rackToday I speak about a favorite theme on Little Big Life: the kitchen and how to organize space there in order to make your daily cooking a great experience. Having enough space in the kitchen is essential. But this doesn’t mean that you need a spacious kitchen. A small kitchen is in any way the better option.

A small kitchen makes you space-aware. Sooner or later you want to free your limited cabinet space from bulky pans and pots and hang them on a ceiling mount hanging pot rack.

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Smart Use of White Color for a Tiny Home

Axess Collection Desk in Pure WhiteThe effect that white color has on how we perceive a space is widely known. This is the reason why white is commonly used in small homes, tiny houses, small apartments, RVs and all kinds of boats – because it makes the place look more spacious.

There is more to it than just making a room look more spacious. The scale of what white color is creating as an interior design color is ample. And do you know about the discussion about the question if white is a color or not?

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Thermoelectric Dehumidifier for Small Spaces

 DELLA Smart Thermoelectric DehumidifierA dehumidifier is needed mostly in bathrooms but also in other rooms of your home when the average humidity in the air stays constantly high. Too much moisture in the air can cause mold and mildew and therefore possible health issues.

If you live in a small place, a tiny house, a small apartment, RV or houseboat you will look for a dehumidifier that doesn’t take away too much space and still is powerful enough removing excess moisture in the air.

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Top 3 Faucet Mount Water Filtration Systems

Culligan Faucet Mount Filter with Advanced Water FiltrationI can’t even emphasize it enough how important clean drinking water is. Having lived in Switzerland where the tap water is extremely clean and drinkable without any filtration needed in most of the parts of the country I am very aware of the quality of the tap water in every home. If the tap water where you live isn’t as clean or has a bad taste you might need to get a water filtration system.

With a faucet mount water filtration system you don’t just assure the cleanness of your drinking and cooking water but you also are aware of its money-saving benefits. You don’t need to buy gallons and gallons of bottled water in order to be sure that you have clean water and that you can drink your daily one gallon water for your overall health.

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India Style for a Tiny Home

Taj Mahal wall decoration Great ArtDecorating a home is definitely a favorite hobby of many people. Decorating a tiny home is besides fun always also a challenge. You don’t want to clutter with your decorating efforts, but you also strongly want to create that look that you imagine being perfect for your home.

I always encourage you to realize your decorating ideas even if you live in a tiny house, a small apartment, an RV, houseboat or any other tiny place. And I have good news for you: with just little adding here and there you surely can achieve the look of your dream home! As for today I take a closer look at the India style for interior design.

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Universal Air Conditioner Support Bracket

Unicersal air conditioner support bracketSince one of the most visited and most purchased product on Little Big Life is the mini window air conditioner there will be sooner or later the question about how to mount or secure it safely on the window.

A mini window air conditioner is generally used for tiny places such as a tiny house, small apartment, even RV and houseboat. As practical and space saving a mini air conditioner is the supporting bracket needs to be as practical and easy to install.

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Top 3 Adhesive Backsplash Tiles

Peel and Stick Kitchen Tile for BacksplashWhen you’re cooking a lot like I do you look in your kitchen – may it be small or bigger – at the same surface for a long time. This surface is not just the countertop that I clean constantly but also the wall behind the oven and behind the sink. You might not notice it but this look has a strong impact on the way you feel in your kitchen.

You will however recognize it when one day you change the look of this back wall dramatically. And with dramatically I mean with adhesive backsplash tiles that come in so many looks that it’s almost overwhelming. We did it in our tiny kitchen and the effect was indeed sweeping. What looked before like a boring kinda old kitchen shines now in new glory.

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Smart Use of Yellow Color for a Tiny Home

Hosley's Set of 2 Ceramic Yellow VasesYellow is an interesting color and very intriguing for being used as accent color in home design. Why is it especially excellent for tiny homes? Yellow color imitates sunshine and makes therefore every space look brighter and friendlier.

If you decide to redo or freshen up your tiny house, small apartment, RV or houseboat with yellow as accent color here are some things for you to consider. And I also found some fun facts about yellow.

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Bestsellers in April 2017

bestsellerI’m always drawn to bestseller lists, they make me want to go through all positions, and it doesn’t matter to me how long the list is. Well, my list of the best selling items on Little Big Life that people chose and purchased in April 2017 has 10 positions. Not too long, isn’t it.

I invite you to take a look at what has made its entry to the bestseller list of April 2017.

Here is the countdown of the 10 bestsellers in April 2017:

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Window Privacy Film for a Tiny Home

 DuoFire Stained Privacy Glass Static Window FilmI love houses and apartments with big windows, huge windows even. They make every room look spacious and open, light-filled and wide. Well, I know where this preference of mine comes from. I grew up in a big city where the neighbors were close, very close.

We ended up closing the window shutters or using heavy curtains in order to keep our privacy which in turn made our anyway small apartment look even smaller. So, in case you face a same or similar situation, what can you do to have both: light and privacy? There is fortunately an answer to this requirement: Window privacy films.

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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in April 2017

top 10

Check out the Top 10 most visited posts of Little Big Life in April 2017!

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Top 3 Mini Pressure Cooker 4-Quart between $25 and $60

pressure cookerI actually started my cooking career – if I may say so – when I was about 4 years old. My father, who just loved to cook in his free time, used to pull a wooden foot stool to the kitchen counter on which I was standing and watching his cooking activities. And there on that foot stool my love for cooking got its start.

My father used his pressure cooker for almost every meal. I still remember how impressed I was as child seeing the steam gushing out through the pressure cooker’s vent on the side. I eventually inherited his old pressure cooker and used it for another 30 years, impressive isn’t it. Todays pressure cookers are so much easier to use and so much safer than those old models. And the mini pressure cookers are specifically made for small kitchens.

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