Top Mini Slow Cooker around $10

Elite Gourmet 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker SilverWhen we moved into a smaller house with an even smaller kitchen I really missed having a slow cooker, our old one was too big and bulky for the new small kitchen – until I found out that there are awesome Mini Slow Cookers with just 1.5 Quart available.

A Mini Slow Cooker has many advantages, let’s take a look at it.

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Top 2 Bath Shower Wall Decor Tiles

Glass Tile Bath Shower Wall DecorWe lived for many years in New Mexico and saw those shower back walls with the colorful mosaic tiles. Those stunning bath wall decor tiles you could see in just every bathroom and of course kitchens too.

With bath shower wall decor tiles you can create your unique bathroom look and you might even go further than just covering the back wall of your shower of bath tub. I have some ideas for you.

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Great Microwave Refrigerator Combo

Summit 2.5 Cu.Ft. Microwave-Refrigerator ComboEverything that is a combo is just made for tiny living. Take a look at this great microwave refrigerator combo.

Isn’t it just perfect for dorm rooms, studios, tiny apartments, tiny houses, RV and houseboats?

It is compact enough to fit almost anywhere in every tiny space.

And it comes with double functions, that’s what we love about multi-functional appliances.

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Top 3 Digital Bathroom Scales

INEVIFIT Highly Accurate Bathroom ScaleI must say having a digital bathroom scale is very tempting – tempting to check your weight every time you step into your bathroom. Even if you don’t fall into this temptation there are some features you want a good digital bathroom scale to have.

One of them is a sleek and small design that makes it easy for you to store the digital bathroom scale away when not in use.

Perfect for any small bathroom may it be in a tiny house, an RV, small apartment or houseboat.

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Entryway Wall Organizer in Farmhouse Chic

Entryway Wall Organizer FarmHouseI present here a remarkable piece of furniture – an entryway wall organizer in Farmhouse chic – that will make your entrance and hallway look very beautiful.

If your space around your entrance is limited and narrow you want to find an entryway wall organizer that doesn’t stick out too much and still offers plenty of space for coats, bags, shoes and more.

This model might be the one you’re looking for.

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Top 3 Folding Storage Ottomans around $20

Seville Classics Foldable Storage OttomanI wasn’t just thinking of college students and their dorm rooms when I made my review research about storage ottomans. But it’s not far to seek, right.

Well, a storage ottoman has so many features and advantages that you’ll find out that it’s practical for any kind of tiny living.

Seville Classics Foldable Storage OttomanYou may find a place for it in your RV or houseboat, in your tiny house or small apartment.

A storage ottoman is not just practical but a real eye catcher. It has so many usages to offer that I better start immediately listing them.

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Best portable Solar powered Sun Oven Set

Sun Ovens International Solar Powered OvenMy nephew, an enthusiastic and dedicated inventor, is just about to construct his own uniquely designed solar oven. His plans are very impressive. I know though that not everybody has those skills and the time to build a solar powered oven. So, the good news is, there is a great solar powered oven available that leaves nothing to be desired.

This model of a portable solar powered oven comes as a bundle with many accessories that will make your cooking experience out in the sun easy and fun.

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Top 3 Small Towel Rings / Towel Bars

MODONA Countertop Towel Ring Polished ChromeThe kitchen is always the room I look first at when we move into a new home. Well, and then the bathroom. I’m still amazed how many kitchens and bathrooms there are without any towel ring or towel bar.

I mean, where do you hang your towels to dry?

Very often we needed to improvise in order to create a place where to hang our towels. It doesn’t need to be like that considering that there are so many great looking and practical towel rings and towel bars available. I found the three main models that fit into every tiny house.

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Chinese Style for a Tiny Home

CaliTime Chinese Vintage Throw Blanket for Bed SofaI can’t write about Chinese interior design style without mentioning Feng Shui. You know me from previous posts, I am a fan of Feng Shui and I try to follow the rules in a reasonable way. Besides Feng Shui Chinese interior style has a certain fascination that makes every room look mystical and at the same time comforting.

I would recommend to just add Chinese design elements here and there to your tiny home. Doing so you won’t overwhelm your home style – except of course you’re a fan of Chinese design in whatever form it comes.

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Top 3 Inflatable Airbeds Twin Size

Etekcity Inflatable Airbed Twin SizeWhen would you be using an inflatable airbed? Oh, I have many answers for you. The most obvious answer is that you need an inflatable airbed for guests coming for the Holidays, for parties, for family events, for all kinds of gatherings.

An inflatable airbed is also a great bed solution for every tiny bedroom or tiny living at all. And an inflatable airbed of twin size is perfect for camping adventures in tents or campers.

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Top 2 Wood Pellet Stoves / Fireplaces under $1,000

Castle Wood Pellet StoveWe lived for several years in a solar powered house in Northern New Mexico and had a wood fireplace that helped us getting through those cold winter months at that high altitude.

A wood pellet fireplace that’s small sized but still powerful enough to heat a tiny house, RV or houseboat is just perfect for every tiny living.

And let me tell you by our own experience, having a wood pellet stove or wood pellet fireplace is so cozy you don’t want to miss that comfortable feeling besides the warmth it’s emanating.

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Great Blackout Paper Shade under $30

Redi Shade Blackout Pleated Paper Shade BlackPrivacy is everything, in every kind of living. After writing about blackout room darkening curtains I want to present a great model for a blackout paper shade. The system respectively your requirements are the same: it needs to block out light and keep your privacy in your home.

The different solutions have different advantages and disadvantages. A blackout paper shade has doubtlessly a great deal of positive points that I like to present.

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