AeroGarden – the Fun Countertop Garden

AeroGarden Extra with Herb Seed Pod KitImagine fresh herbs and vegetables grown mess-free in your home – year-round! This is possible with the AeroGarden, a garden kit that you can keep on your countertop. This kit is small enough to fit into every small home and still powerful enough to produce fresh herbs and vegetables in an incredible short period of time.

There are many fabulous features that come with the AeroGarden. Just while writing this review I decided to get one for myself being a wishful gardener without an outdoor garden and loving to have fresh herbs.

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Top 3 Decorative Wood Crates $10 to $20 per Crate

MyGift Distressed Wood Nesting CratesThere is a saying to which I fully agree that goes like this: you will never have too much wooden crates. Wooden crates are perfect for tiny living for two important reasons. They have a double purpose and they bring with their rustic look that great country style into your home.

It really doesn’t matter what you store in your wooden crates, wine bottles, towels or toiletry bottles – their looks upgrade instantly just by having them stored in a wooden crate. The crate’s rustic look flow over to the items in them.

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All-in-One Air Conditioner Heater Dehumidifier Ventilator System

Pioneer Air Conditioner Wall Mount Mini Split SystemWell, here we are again – speaking about an all-in-one appliance that seems to be just made for tiny homes such as tiny houses, small condos, RVs, houseboats or cabins. What would you think about an appliance that encompasses an air conditioner, a heater, a dehumidifier and a ventilator?

This wall mount mini split system actually comes with these four operating modes. All in one! And the best is, you may install it indoors as well as outdoors. Let’s take a closer look at this fantastic product.

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When and how to use Artificial Flowers in a tiny Home

Homeseasons Lighted Artificial Calla Lily ArrangementWhy would you want to have artificial flowers in your tiny home? I will get to those reasons later in my post.

The great thing is that there are so many different styles of artificial flowers out there that you certainly won’t have problems to find the specific one for your home style, even if you want to go unusual paths with LED lighted artificial flower arrangements.

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Great small electric Fireplace Space Heater

ROVSUN Electric Fireplace Stove Space HeaterHeating a small space or a small home such as a tiny house, a small apartment, RV, houseboat or a cabin somewhere in the woods is quite easy. You have several options to do so. An electric fireplace space heater is one of them.

The advantages of an electric fireplace space heater are obvious. It doesn’t need a lot of space, it looks fabulous with real flames and it heats a smaller space easily with less power consumption.

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Top 3 Elegant Vanity Lights around $60

Solfart Vanity Lighting FixturesJust with changing a small thing in your tiny bathroom you can make a big difference. And with changing a small thing I mean changing the vanity lights. So many bathroom vanity lights are just functional and miss out on the aesthetics.

These Top 3 Vanity Lights around $60 are not just practical by giving out a lot of light, they are also absolutely elegant and beautiful adding great style to your bathroom may it be small or bigger.

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Why using a Splatter Guard is great for small Kitchens

Norpro Nonstick 3 Sided Splatter GuardAlthough a small or tiny kitchen is really easy to clean – one of its big advantages versus bigger kitchens – you still have the option to get a splatter guard or splatter shield to keep your cooking efforts from splashing all over your small stove or small countertop.

A nonstick splatter guard is first of all meant for using on the stove, but I use mine also on the countertop when I use the mixer or when I make bread dough dusting with flour around me.

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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in January 2018

top 10

Check out the Top 10 most visited posts of Little Big Life in January 2018!



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American Style for a Tiny Home

wall26 3 Piece Wall Art American FlagWhen I moved many years ago from Switzerland to the U.S. I discovered the American style for interior design and was immediately drawn to it. I like its relaxed approach to living. It emanates a spirit of freedom by appreciating heritage and American classic design styles.

What is it that makes the American style so interesting and fascinating for tiny homes as well as for all homes? I found some answers and ideas of how to add American style to a tiny home.

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Great Outdoor Patio Ceiling Heater for small Spaces

Ener-G+ Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Patio HeaterYou want to heat your tiny house’s tiny patio, the table in front of your RV, your houseboat’s deck or the small balcony of your tiny apartment without wasting heat and energy by heating the surroundings. How do you do that?

Well, you choose an outdoor heater that is just big enough to heat a small space concentrating the whole warmth and energy onto one confined space. Even better when you find a patio heater that is also usable indoors.

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Top 3 Night Lights with Motion Sensor around $13

Prosenn Motion Sensor Night LightYou probably know this situation: it’s night and you want to go to the bathroom or kitchen or somewhere in your home – and you need just enough light to find your way around. That’s when night lights come in.

With night lights you have just so much light that you see where to go but it’s not too bright to glare you in the darkness. Night lights have interesting energy saving aspects and they are perfect for just every room and closet in your small home.

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Fascination of Weathered Look for a Small Home

Solid Wood Cabinet Antique Weathered StyleDon’t shy away from getting a furniture or accessory for your tiny home that comes with that great weathered antique look. The weathered look is so impressive and expressive that I’d say it is just made for every kind of tiny living.

I see a weathered look furniture or accessory in a tiny house, an RV or houseboat, a cabin of course and also in a small apartment. The weathered design adds great style and atmosphere to every place.

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