French Country Style for a Tiny Home

Artificial Lavender Bouquet with 8 BundlesIt‘s no secret, I am totally francophile. I love just everything about France, its landscapes, food, people, culture, language, everything. So, it‘s not surprising that I‘m a big fan of decorating any home, small or big, in the French Country Style.

One of the biggest impressions I had – and the first actually – was the discovery of a wide lavender field in Provence, South France. That overwhelming view and the scent I will never forget.

Luckily we can recreate that unique French Country feeling with just adding a couple of decor items or furniture to our homes.

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Top 3 Propane Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Propane gas tankless water heaterWho doesn’t enjoy taking a shower with having instantly hot water! Instead of letting the water run and waiting for it to get at least warm, you can get into the shower immediately. Thanks to a tankless water heater.

After my post about electric tankless water heaters today I look into the water heater category that works also tankless but operates with propane gas.

The advantages of a gas water heater are numerous. Let’s take a look at them.

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Solar LED Camper Lantern with Hook

LED Solar Waterproof Camping Lantern with Hook

Are you looking for a versatile source of light around your tiny house, in the backyard, on the balcony of your small apartment, for your evenings outside your RV and houseboat or on a camping expedition?

This solar charged LED camper lantern might just be the right one for you.

These are the points you want to look for when you choose your camper lantern depending on where you want to utilize it – on a camping trip or at your home.

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Wall mounted Front Load Mini Washing Machine

Daewoo Mini Wall mounted Front Load Washing MachineWell, let‘s make one big step ahead in the area of washing machines for tiny homes. It may sound futuristic and even weird, but the world‘s first and only wall mounted mini washing machine is out there and waiting to be installed in tiny homes, such as a tiny house, an RV, camper and houseboat.

The advantages are obvious. This washing machine doesn’t have any footprint at all. Being wall mounted is sort of its legitimation for being installed in tiny homes.

Here are some details about this innovative new washing machine that might interest you.

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Top 3 Folding Potting Benches

Convenience Concepts Potting BenchAh, I love summer! Probably because I just love to be outdoors. And that means just every action from beach-walking to mountain-hiking and yes, gardening.

When we were some time ago about to decide if we should move into a tiny house, I was asking myself: will I be able to enjoy my gardening hobby in a tiny house.

Well, I found these great folding potting benches that seem to be just made for every tiny living. They provide an ample space for garden tasks and are foldable to be easily stored away when not in use. Here are some points to look at.

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Victorian Style for a Tiny Home

Victorian style for a tiny homeYes, I know, it sounds weird and contradictory: living in a tiny home and adding Victorian style to its decor. Probably most of you spontaneously connect Victorian style with big houses, mansions or castles. I did so too. At first glance you‘d think of the Victorian interior style as the opposite of the contemporary Zen-like style that so many people living in tiny homes love.

There are though some fascinating aspects around the Victorian style that makes it interesting for implementing it into tiny homes such as small apartments, tiny houses, RVs and houseboats. Here are some thoughts for you.

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Ideas for Retro Kitchen Appliances

Retro style kitchenI‘m a retro fan. I love just everything that comes in the retro style. But what I like the most are kitchens and kitchen appliances in retro style. Maybe because they remind me of my grandmother‘s kitchen.

Just everything goes when it comes to retro kitchen appliances: toasters, refrigerators or breakfast stations. And they come in so many colors you can‘t even count them all.

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Top 3 Cordless Cellular Light Filtering Window Shades

Chicology Cordless Cellular Shade Light FilteringWe have so many ways to filter the light coming into our tiny homes. We can hang nice window curtains or we can install light filtering shades. When you have close neighbors you might be interested in getting nice looking and functional window shades.

Light filtering shades have so many advantages. With their insulating features they‘re energy efficient and at the same time they just have style and look good.

Here are some thoughts around light filtering shades that are cordless and cellular.

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How to use a One Way Mirror Film for a Tiny Home

One Way Mirror Window Glass FilmI was earlier writing about the advantage of having mirrors inside your tiny home in order to make a room look bigger. Now I will be speaking about how to use a mirror that‘s faced toward the outside of your home in order to create privacy.

This effect might be interesting if you live on your boat in a marina or in your tiny house in a densely populated neighborhood or even just for the windows on your camper or RV.

A one way mirror film has many more advantages than just creating privacy. Let‘s take a closer look.

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Top 3 Compact Mini Food Processors around $35

KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Mini Food ProcessorLiving small doesn’t mean that you have to cut back on your favorite home tasks – such as cooking. A small kitchen might give some restrictions but you‘ll discover that those restrictions aren’t really substantial.

Despite having a small kitchen such as in an RV, Camper, boat or tiny house you still want to have those practical cooking helpers around you to create your favorite meals. A food processor definitely belongs to this category. Luckily for us passionate cooks with a small kitchen there are mini food processors available.

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Smart Use of Pink Color for a Tiny Home

pink as interior design colorSo, you might think, pink isn’t the right color for your tiny home. Because you don‘t want to create an girly or tacky look? Well, I can give you good news: pink actually can work surprisingly well for every tiny home such as a tiny house, small apartment, even RV, Camper or boat and of course for Dorms.

Here are some ideas of how you can use pink as color for your home by making a fresh statement with your decor. Find out how pink can change the look of your home.

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Best Broom Holders for a Tiny Home

brooms and cleaning toolsThey are not very attractive or eye-pleasing but we still need them in our homes. I‘m speaking of brooms, mops, hand-held vacuums and all the other tools we need to keep our home clean. These items need a place that doesn’t take away too much space, that doesn’t disturb our need for aesthetics and that is still practical and easily accessible.

Well, a broom holder is the answer to these requirements. It keeps the cleaning tools together and is practical in use. And you can install them out of your sight such as behind a door or in a closet.

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