Top 4 Multimedia Home Theater Mini Projectors under $100

Tronfy Home Theater Mini Multimedia ProjectorEven if you don’t have a TV service you probably have or want to have a TV for watching movies, documentaries, series or for playing games.  In a tiny living place such as a small apartment, a tiny house, RV or houseboat there might be no reasonable place for a Flat Screen TV even as small as of 22 inches.

Multimedia Home Theater Mini Projectors are the answer for this dilemma.  They take away as less space as you can think and create at the same time a great TV, movie and gaming experience.

I love windows because I think it’s great when the home is bright and flooded with light.  Having many windows or big windows unfortunately reduces the amount of wall space you might need for a TV.  And windows create also too much light when you want to watch a movie.

Keep your windows or your plans for adding windows to your tiny house or houseboat!

Multimedia home theater mini projectors need exactly that: big windows.  On whichever window you want to have your movie screen, just add a window shade of your choice and place the home theater projector on the opposite side. Put a great multimedia home theater mini projector like the one by Tronfy to work. And voila! Your home theater is good to go!

Multimedia home theater mini projectors have the advantage that you can place them wherever you want and if you want to you can put them away when you don’t need them.  They also have the advantage that your screen for movies is much bigger and wider than it would be with any reasonably sized TV in your tiny living space.

Some of the projectors come with their own stands.  A possibility for placing a projector could be your laptop stand, both – projector and stand – in sizes that allows you to put them away after use.

Please remember that the following projectors are considered to be mini or micro projectors which means that you will get the best picture quality when the projection distance is something between 3 and 11 feet.  These projectors are definitely not recommended for business presentation or for uses in classrooms.  But if you live in a small apartment, tiny house, houseboat or RV, your next wall most probably doesn’t even reach the maximum distance of 11 feet.  Most of the negative customer reviews I’ve read were about falsely thinking these mini projectors would be good for big distance projections.

Another point to pay attention to is the brightness that the projector is providing which  determines how dark the room must be in order to receive a good quality picture.

Before you choose the model you think is the best for your tiny living place make sure you read all the available product specifications.  You will avoid being disappointed because of false expectations.

And then enjoy the great movie nights at your home!

Product Reviews

Tronfy Multi-media Mini Home Movie Micro Projector with Stand

Tronfy Multimediai Home Movie Micro Projector

Product Highlights

  • Image technology: TFT LDC
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3 and 16:9
  • Brightness: 150 ANSI lumens
  • Native Resolution: 320 x 240, supported 1920 x 1080 HD Coding
  • Image size: 30″ – 100″
  • Includes: user manual, power adaptor, 3in1 AV cable, remote control, free adjustable tripod stand in black, projector

Customer reviews

Multiple Inputs: With this projector, you can play video files on a USB drive or an SD card.  You can also plug in an HDMI cable, VGA cable, or AV cables (the yellow, white, and red plugs).  It has a very good picture quality. The built-in speaker gets loud.

This Projector is nice and small and can be brought on a Trip or can just be used to watch movies at home.  I am currently using it in my room and it works great!  It is nice and small and portable.  On the projector you will find the following ports USB, 3-in-1 AV in, SD card, VGA, 3.5mm earphone. Currently in my room, the projector is 10-15 feet away from my wall and the image of the projector is quite large and clear.

Since this review was written, Tronfy has discontinued selling this product. An alternate is now available.


Tronfy® Home Theater Mini Multimedia Projector

Tronfy Home Theater Mini Multimedia Projector

Product Highlights

  • Digital Projector
  • Brightness: 150 ANSI lumens
  • Native Resolution: 320 x 240, supported 1920 x 1080 HD Coding
  • Image size: up to 100″
  • Includes: mini projector, remote control (2xAAA, not included), AV cable

Customer reviews

I use this to watch movies in my room with the lights out.  It works great!  The resolution is actually better than I expected.

This works well for me in my gaming room as a background noise device.  Worked great with my computer’s speaker system.  Buttons on the machine AND comes with a remote.


Aketek® Multimedia Home Theater Mini Projector

Aketek Multimedia Home Theater Pico Mini Projector

Product Highlights

  • Digital projector
  • Brightness: 60 ANSI lumens
  • Native Resolution: 320 x 240, supported 1080
  • Image size: 20″ – 80″ with manual focus adjusting
  • Includes: multimedia projector, AV cable, remote control, English user manual, power adapter

Customer reviews

You can hook up Xbox one and Apple TV.  It has all the outlets that a television has.  It is a great little machine.  I highly recommend it.

I must say, it’s worth for every penny.  The brightness and clarity offered is more than expected for it’s price.  The in-built speaker provides a good sound output.  Comes with small tripods which are good.

Awesome projector!


Tronfy Mini Multimedia Projector Home Theater

Tronfy Mini Multimedia Projector

Product Highlights

  • Digital projector
  • Brightness: 80 ANSI lumens
  • Native Resolution: 480 x 320
  • Image size: 30″ – 120″
  • Includes:GM-50 projector, AV-IN cable, remote controller, power adapter, English user manual

Customer reviews

This is designed to watch from 7+ feet back. Takes HDMI, VGA, and even RGA, easy to setup, comes with a remote control, easy to access keystone dial, easy focus, 1/4 inch bolt on the bottom allows for easy mounting upside down.

The design is alright, comes with a smooth surface, perfect on the go and fits my backpack perfectly.  As an avid gamer, I care more about its visual and audio performances, so I hooked up several consoles- xBox, wii, PC for testing.  The setup is pretty easy, no issues whatsoever.  Visual and sound are surprisingly good. I definitely enjoyed gaming on it.

* Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.





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