Best Gift Ideas for Tiny Homes

presentDo you know somebody who moves into a new tiny home, the first small apartment? Do you know people who start their new life in a RV or houseboat? Or even better, are you yourself making one of those big steps?

Here are some great ideas as gift for others or as self-gifts that will make the start into a tiny home living easier.

I know, I know. Appliances as gifts are out, definitely out. Well, yes, but every rule has its exceptions, isn’t it. So, just take a casual look at my following ideas. I hope that my list will help you, your friends and family.

Updated 2017

To find the perfect kitchen appliance for a tiny kitchen that isn’t taking away too much precious countertop or any other space in the kitchen is a challenge. Well, it isn’t really. There are some really awesome kitchen appliances out there that fit perfectly into a tiny kitchen. Under my category “Home Appliances” you’ll find even more ideas.

Small Countertop Microwaves

Danby Countertop Microwave Oven If you need to get a new microwave using off just a little place on your precious counter top space, you might find here among these top 3 Small Countertop Microwaves around $50 the perfect one for your specific requirements. If you want to use your microwave mainly for defrosting, melting and reheating, you don’t need a very complicated model.



Breakfast Station

Elite Cuisine MaxiMatic Dualfunction Breakfast Station

If you can combine two important breakfast appliances such as a toaster and a coffeemaker in one and if this combo appliance even looks nice, well, then you have one of these cute Breakfast stations all around $30 in front of you. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee, toast and eggs all while saving you countertop space and energy.


Compact Countertop Dishwasher

SPT Countertop DishwasherThese are the 3 main reasons why you’d look for a compact countertop dishwasher. One is the size of your kitchen with no place for a regular built-in dishwasher. Another reason is to be weary of washing dishes by hand. And the third reason is to be Eco-friendly having an energy efficient countertop dishwasher for just the need of a 1-or-2-person household.


One point I like to emphasize is that you never should give up on decorating your tiny home. There are some great styling ideas and furniture available that make any decoration even in a RV or tiny houseboat easy. Find more decoration ideas for tiny homes under my category “Decoration”.

Storage Hammocks

MiniOwls Storage HammockSurprise yourself and your friends in their tiny homes with this ingenious storage idea. A storage hammock is one of those inventions where you think: What a perfect way to declutter! Just leave the usual path and ignore that most of these hammocks are meant for storing toys. There is much more to it than that. Use them for storing your bedding, your vegetables in the basement, whatever you can think of.

Area Rugs 2×3 feet

Feraghan/NewCity Area Rug 2 x 3Area rugs for tiny living spaces can’t be too big. It’s not the size making a rug look awesome and create comfortableness in your tiny room. It’s the style. And the style is totally on you to decide according to your taste and fitting the look of your house, RV or apartment the best. The variations of area rugs being 2 x 3 feet are incredible. You can find everything from classic Persian style to modern designs. Rugs beautify a room and they create warmth as well which can be very important if your home isn’t equipped with floor heating.

Elegant Flower Vase Sets

Elegant Impression by Hosley Burlwood Vase SetThey’re called flower vases but you know me, of course you can use them for all kinds of decorations. The most popular decorations are of course fresh flowers, but you can also use silk flowers, feathers, live leaves or dry branches. If you fill the biggest vase of the set with little pebbles for weight reason and place long sweeping branches in it, you can use this original piece of decor as basis for seasonal decorations by hanging Christmas bulbs or Easter eggs on it. I strongly encourage you to look around how you can place and use those famous accent pieces in your tiny home.

Coffee and Cappuccino Cups
HIC Stackable Coffee SetWe love to have coffee in the morning before we start our day.  I’m more of an espresso drinker and like my coffee short and strong.  I’ve had difficulty in the past finding cups that fit the kind of coffee I like to drink  I’ve only recently discovered my favorite.  Here is an additional idea I just recently found that fits all requirements of being a nice present for a tiny kitchen and coffee drinker.


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