Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper for $15

Dolce Mira Coffee DripperYou might ask why you should get a coffee dripper made of stainless steel when you can get the same model in plastic for much less. Well, if you add the disposable filters to the cost of your plastic coffee dripper you‘ll get soon costlier than what you pay for a stainless steel coffee dripper.

All you need for your new coffee dripper is hot water and coffee grounds of your choice. And you know what, this little item even replaces easily your big electric coffee maker freeing up much needed countertop space in your small kitchen.

Updated 2017

People who have a stainless steel coffee dripper state that their new metal filter allows some of the fine dust-sized suspended coffee solids containing essential coffee oils – important for the taste – to pass through. This characteristic of metal coffee Dolce Mira Coffee Dripperdripper enhances the flavor of the coffee according to many.

Of course, the amount of solids passing through the metal filter depends on the size of the filter mesh. The filter mesh of the here presented permanent coffee filter by Dolce Mira is very fine, allowing just a few solid particles to pass through. It still creates that unmatched coffee flavor that everybody loves so much.

Well, I count us in, we got rid of our electric coffee machine that took away quite some countertop space and have our pour-over coffee maker for occasional afternoon coffees.

I read somewhere that paper filters might have acids in them which of course affects the taste of the coffee. I can‘t verify this statement. I think alone the fact that you don‘t need to buy paper filters anymore is already reason enough to go with the stainless steel coffee dripper.

Dolce Mira Coffee Dripper

Dolce Mira Coffee Dripper

Product Highlights

  • Made of premium, kitchen grade, 18/8 Stainless Steel that is Phthalate free
  • Reusable coffee filter
  • No hassle, no waste, maximum taste
  • Easy to use and clean

Customer reviews

Excellent, high quality product. I have been making coffee with a plastic cone with paper filter for several years. Finally decided to upgrade to the Dolce Mira Pour Over Dripper. It makes great tasting coffee, using less coffee for the same flavor. The dripper is well-constructed with a high level of quality materials and finishing. The bonus scoop has a nice, substantial feel to it, too. Would recommend this.

This pour over coffee dripper is very easy to use and well designed. No additional filters needed. Instructions are included as well. I like how quick and easy it is to make a cup of coffee. It has become my “go to” for my morning cup of coffee.

I like it. It works well and the coffee taste great. Used it camping at my hunting club and it’s easier than the peculators that you use when camping. No more grounds in my coffee. Perfect!


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  1. Sue Slaght says:

    I love the idea that you don’t need to use a coffee filter. Great idea!

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