How to organize the space around your kitchen sink

Home-X Kitchen Sink Tidy OrganizerThe kitchen is my favorite room. And it doesn’t matter to me if the kitchen is small or even tiny. It‘s fun to cook and bake in every kitchen. What I like though and what keeps me having fun to cook is having order in my kitchen.

Order is even more important if the kitchen is tiny because it will look faster cluttered than a big kitchen. Did you ever take a closer look at the space around the kitchen sink? How do you organize your dish-washing supplies around the kitchen sink?

Updated 2017

The area around the sink is notoriously over-cluttered. How does it look there in your kitchen? You won‘t believe how much of an impact a messy kitchen sink has on your feelings and on your motivation to cook or bake – to do something at all in your kitchen. Today I want to speak about how you can organize the space around the kitchen sink in a way that it makes the sink area look orderly and still functional.

Organizing the space in your kitchen sink doesn’t mean at all that you need to get rid of all the stuff you have around your sink. An empty kitchen with empty countertops is almost as sad of a look as a cluttered even messy kitchen. I saw so many kitchen sink areas overflowing with piled up dirty dishes. Well, that‘s the saddest look because it really doesn’t take so much time to clean all those used dishes and put them away. Even keeping cleaned dishes piled up in and around the sink with maybe a wet sponge on the top isn’t a real good solution either – not very hygienic for that matter, isn’t it.

Well, the kitchen sink is a working space and needs to be practical in an orderly way where you need some things at hand such as sponges, hand dishwasher soap, brushes, maybe a cloth. You don‘t want to get rid of all these things just for the decluttered look. So what can you do? I found – I must admit just very recently – a great solution: a kitchen sink organizer! Everything that keeps all dish-washing supplies together at one place creates already in itself an orderly look. This is exactly what a kitchen sink organizer is doing.

I strongly recommend to keep your kitchen sink orderly and cleaned. It‘s important for the look, of course, and for your comfort feeling when you enter your kitchen. Take a closer look at the following kitchen sink organizer. Maybe this will be the solution for your kitchen sink organization.

Home-X Kitchen Sink Tidy Organizer

Home-X Kitchen Sink Tidy Organizer

Product Highlights

  • Large capacity
  • Grippy bottom prevents sliding on counter
  • Strainer at bottom
  • Durable plastic
  • Size: 7“L x 5“W x 6“H

Customer reviews

This organizer has a large middle section that holds a large bottle so it fits perfectly in there with room for sponges on the side. Perfect solution and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. I love how neat and tidy my sink looks now!

Great organizer, and can be entirely taken apart for cleaning.

Love this “organizer” for the sink. It pretty much just keeps everything in one place and no water draining all over. Would recommend this to anyone who hates clutter.


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