How to cook in a Complete Compact Kitchen

Avanti Complete Compact KitchenI don‘t know if there is even a tinier kitchen than a complete compact kitchen. It has though everything you wish from a kitchen. Actually it‘s offering even more incredible details than you would think.

If you build your tiny house, you live in an RVor boat, you have to take a look at this incredible little appliance. And let me tell you why a complete compact kitchen is even more fun to be in than a big wide kitchen with a gigantic refrigerator and even an island in the middle.

Updated 2017

Honestly, you should try it – and you never want to go back to one of those big kitchens. In a small kitchen all your actions around preparing and cooking are confined to the little space the kitchenette is offering you. You don‘t need to walk around an island, walk from one end of the kitchen to the other. Everything is there in front of you and around you.

Somebody once told that the most perfect kitchen has a size where you can stand in the middle with stretched out arms and you can touch the sides of the kitchen. Avanti’s complete compact kitchen belongs to the best in the category of tiny kitchens and offers exactly that: A compact and complete kitchen on a small area. And I’m even not speaking about its incredible affordability!

Your movements in such a kitchen will be fluent, smooth and incredibly energy and time saving – I can hardly put it into words how a small kitchen makes you feel. What are the indisputable advantages of a tiny kitchen? Here are my experiences.

First of all I learned how to keep my kitchen tidy and decluttered. I know the tools I use on a daily basis and I have just those on the countertop – or close by in a drawer that I reach without having to walk far. I learned to use walls and back-splashes to keep some tools at hand. And I use the tops of refrigerators and microwaves for items and appliances I use more or less daily. And you can easily add an over stove/over sink cutting board to create some more countertop space.

I can tell you that you start to cook differently in a small kitchen. I learned to prepare food before I start to cook, to have them ready in stacked little bowls. I use one bowl for scraps. I clean and reuse tools instead of grabbing new ones. And I clean my kitchen countertops every evening after dinner to have the kitchen ready for the next morning. Since my kitchen is tiny the cleaning lasts not much longer than one minute.

With having a small refrigerator and just little pantry space I started to shop differently. Actually this kind of shopping was what I was used to back in Switzerland. I shop less and more often – and just what we really need. Food just gets replaced when we‘re out of it. And! I learned what kind of food needs to be refrigerated such as dairy, meat, open bottles of mayo, mustard and others. Only the vegetables that are cut stay in my fridge. All other vegetables and fruits I keep outside in a handy Epergne basket rack or now in my new wall mount wire basket.

With a complete compact kitchen you get some storage space. Use that space fully with smart kitchen storage organizers. I use most of the storage spaces for pans and food and keep the cleaning utensils in a handy kitchen sink caddy. I definitely learned to use every inch in my tiny kitchen – and you know me, it‘s important to me that everything looks nicely organized and aesthetically pleasing.

And finally a word I read somewhere – unfortunately I don‘t know anymore where. This says it all for me and for everybody having a tiny kitchen: More than size and outfit of a kitchen do these factors count: common sense, passion and experience. As runners run and writers write, cooks cook – under pretty much every circumstance. That‘s me. I can full-heartedly confirm this statement!

Take a look at this ingenious little complete compact kitchen that comes with everything you need for cooking and maybe it makes you want to get one!

Avanti Complete Compact Kitchen

Avanti Complete Compact Kitchen

Product Highlights

  • Stainless steel sink with chrome faucets
  • Stainless steel countertop
  • Two electric heating elements: 500/900 Watts
  • Separate storage area with door and two drawers
  • Refrigerator: 2.2 CF all refrigerator with reversible door
  • Two adjustable / removable slide-out shelves
  • Energy Star certified
  • Unit dimensions: 45.5″ H x 30″ W x 25″ D

Customer reviews

Useful basic kitchenette.

Great product great price!

We had one of these in a vacation home that burnt down. It was great and lasted almost 30 years. We plan on buying this one for the new house.


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