Locking Security Mailbox

Locking Security Mailbox, BlackIn Switzerland this is a very common sight: locking security mailboxes. All houses and all apartment buildings have them. When I arrived in the USA I was surprised that the majority of the mailboxes here are not lockable.

It’s not that mail theft would be a daily threat in Switzerland, to the contrary. It’s just normal that you can lock your mailbox. Therefore mail theft is something that happens extremely rarely. Vandalism on the other hand is sadly quite common.

Updated 2017

After some research I found a very secure locking mailbox that is more and more known. I actually saw them already all over some places.

One great detail about this Mail Boss Locking Mailbox is that it offers enough space for not just bundles of mails but small packages asLocking Security Mailbox, Black well – they can be as big as 3.5” x 3.5” x 10”. The ample inside space is perfect for holding mails even for several days.

Important is also the fact that this mailbox is USPS approved. Mail delivery is easy via the incoming mail slot and you on the other side retrieve your mails from the secure mail compartment with a key via a locking access door. These keys are obviously essential, but you can reorder it at Mail Boss if you lose one.

You probably don’t often replace your mailbox but with this secure model it’s surely interesting to think about it. Before you replace your mailbox though make sure that all rules at your area are observed.

Locking Security Mailbox, Black

Locking Security Mailbox, Black

Product Highlights

  • Locking security mailbox USPS approved
  • Accepts mail bundles and small packages
  • Made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel
  • High-security 12-disc wafer lock with 3 laser cut keys
  • Also available in Bronze and White

Customer reviews

Box is very easy to install on an existing wooden post or rail. Box is very secure from hand fishing and grabber tools, and probably difficult with other improvised tools. Hopper accepts small packages as well as mail. Nice size. Not too big, but should hold several days worth of mail for most families. Heavier duty lock and construction than other boxes in this price range.

Very well made. Drop slot is large enough for small packages, yet impossible to reach through to get to stored mail. Plenty of room for storage of delivered mail. Quality of metal and paint excellent.

Very happy with this mailbox. Fabrication was much better than expected for the cost. Well thought out design. Heavy gauge metal, thicker paint, and solid construction.


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