Medium Sized Ceiling Fan 44” with Light

Hunter 44“ Ceiling Fan With LightFor a small room or for a room with a low ceiling like you have in a small apartment, tiny house or even in an RV or boat you will need to get a ceiling fan with a smaller blade span than normal.

The perfect blade span for smaller rooms is about 44 inches. That’s one requirement you’ll need to look for. But when you look for a new ceiling fan you also want to find one with a great contemporary design that’s pleasing to the eye and fits the style of your tiny home.

Updated 2017

Ceiling fans improve room comfort, no question about that. At the same time they help saving costs. How? They allow you to feel cool without that you have to turn on the air conditioner. Just setting the thermostat higher while running the ceiling fan on full speed can make you save up to 40% of energy bills, meaning air conditioning bills. Just having the ceiling fan run can make a room feel about 7 degrees cooler. And these facts work in summer and in winter when you reverse the ceiling fan to keep the heat in the lower part of the room.

If you live in a tiny house you might be interested in getting a ceiling fan of 44” for your loft bedroom as well as when you live in an apartment with small rooms. The performance of your ceiling fan should be in any case at its maximum. A sleek modern design is certainly a big point too.

So, what are the rules for room size and adequate ceiling fan size. As a rule of thumb it’s said that a room of 50 square feet needs a 29” fan,Hunter 44“ Ceiling Fan With Light rooms up to 75 square feet need a 36” ceiling fan and rooms up to 100 square feet need fans of 36” to 42”. This is where we are with a tiny house or small apartment.

Look for a ceiling fan with a high quality motor. You want to have a quiet operation while the motor is driving the blades for air movement. Great motors have heavy-duty windings and sealed bearings which are constantly lubricated. An important requirement for ceiling fan motors is their long lasting life and flawless operation.

And of course you can find medium-sized ceiling fans with or without lights. The following model comes not just with light but also with a handheld remote control.

Hunter 44“ Ceiling Fan With Light

Hunter 44“ Ceiling Fan With Light

Product Highlights

  • 2 fully-dimmable 9.8W LED bulbs included
  • 44-inch blade span
  • Reversible motor
  • For indoor use only
  • Includes fan / light universal handheld remote control
  • Includes integrated light kit with Cased White glass

Customer reviews

Excellent fan and light assembly. Easy to install. Included in the kit is a balancing kit if needed. The fan was perfectly balanced without using the kit. Zero wobble.

This fan was perfect for our dinning room. The room is very small so the shorter blades are great.

Love the fan. Great appearance and works fine


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