Smart Use of Blue Color for a Tiny Home

Blue Microfiber Futon Recliner Sofa BedToday I make something I normally don’t do. Today I have an unusual story for you about the medieval origin of the German expression “I make blue” that means as much as “I skip work”. This story will be a bit disgusting, or at least disturbing, so readers discretion is advised.

But first get me into the theme: how to use the blue color in a smart way for your tiny home. And it doesn’t matter if your tiny home is a small apartment, a RV or Camper, boat or tiny house. The use of blue as an interior design color is very interesting and fascinating. I have some tips for you – and then, yes, my little story.

Updated 2017

Sometimes people shy away from using the blue color as interior design. Blue seem to be too strong of a color. Well, this is true in a way. It is a strong color, strong in its effect. Everybody is magically attracted by blue, probably because we love blue skies and blue water – this is just my guess.

Blue definitely conveys a sense of calmness and harmony. And the great thing is that blue compared with other colors makes an incredible impression. Think of blue together with warm wood colors. Isn’t this just perfect? Blue just goes with every other color creating with each of them a very specific feeling and mood: blue and green – blue and yellow – blue and orange – blue and beige and so on.

However you want to add the blue color into your home style, as furniture or accessory, it will surely become an eye-catcher. A great way to allow blue to enhance your home decor is as an accent piece. The good news is that a blue accent piece fits into every kind of home style.

Maybe painting a whole wall blue might be too overwhelming. Blue is definitely the color you want to use in the bedroom where you wish to create calmness. But if you consider this step – painting the wall blue, I mean – , you might start with just a part of the wall, the lower half horizontally behind your bed or a vertical stripe behind your wooden dresser or white chair.

If your home is decorated in the rustic style, you can definitely add a blue splash here and there, a wonderful contrast point that will get the attention of every viewer. The same works the Blue Elephant Mandala Boho Tapestryother way around. Adding brown, something wooden, to a predominantly placed blue furniture such as a sofa.

A blue accent piece that you can freely move around such as a tapestry makes using the blue color even more fun. You can hang it as wall decoration, in front of a window or door or you can use it as a sofa throw or table cloth. Never-ending possibilities! And it will keep the look of your tiny home fresh and new.

So here is my little story about the medieval origin of the German expression “making blue”. Where does this expression come from? Germans use it down to the present day when they want to say that they skip work, don’t do anything, let just time lapse away.Craftsman Accent Chest Antique Blue

By the way, the blue color of the medieval times comes the closest to the antique blue as we know it today as you see it on this detail photo of an accent chest in antique blue.

In medieval times the dyers used a special method in order to dye materials blue. They used a bit of indigo from the plant Indigofera tinctoria, back then traded from India, and mixed it with a lot of woad (Isatis tinctoria) which grew plentiful in Europe. Indigo wasn’t water-soluble though. In order to make it soluble the medieval dyers needed to de-oxygenate it with something – well, with urine. That worked just fine to create a blue-dying solution. How did they get urine? The dyer journeymen drank a lot of alcohol, mostly beer at that time, so they could “produce” enough urine for the dying procedure. While the dyed fabrics dried on the sun and became blue, the dryer journeymen slept it off. They made blue!

Blue was called back then the royal color – because only royals were wearing it – the royals who were also called blue-blood. So, does all this information help you in your decision to add some blue accents to your home?

Blue Elephant Mandala Boho Tapestry

Blue Elephant Mandala Boho Tapestry

Product Highlights

  • 100% natural cotton fabric from India
  • Size: 86“ x 56“
  • Pack of 1 tapestry
  • Hand wash separately in cold water

Customer reviews

Fits perfectly above my bed with some globe lights! Highly recommended, the colors are so pretty.

Gorgeous colors & excellent quality. I’m using it as a tablecloth right now.

It is so beautiful and intricate. Hanging this at the head of my bed really make the room pop and take on a safe, peaceful, and brilliant energy.


Blue Microfiber Futon Recliner Sofa Bed

Blue Microfiber Futon Recliner Sofa Bed

Product Highlights

  • Futon
  • Frame and 6“ mattress
  • Wood frame and ABS feet
  • Blue

No customer reviews yet.


Craftsman Accent Chest Antique Blue

Craftsman Accent Chest Antique Blue

Product Highlights

  • One drawer, two doors
  • Also available in Antique Cream, Antique Black and Antique Jade
  • Drawer dimensions: 26″W x 12″D x 4″H
  • Fixed internal shelf: 26.5W” x 12.5″ D x 8.75″H

Customer reviews

So nice to not have to put something together for once! It was exactly what I was looking for & looks just like the picture – slightly distressed exterior. Glass on the doors which is nice.

I love it. Mine looks just like this picture and fits perfectly in the space intended for it. The piece came fully assembled and packaged beautifully.

I was nervous about buying a major piece of furniture online–but, this chest was even better in person! The color is perfect and details are great quality.


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  1. Carina says:

    Very interesting about the origins of the German expression. So true that everyone seems drawn to blue. We have lots of blue in our bedroom, and it really is soothing. Take care.

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