Top 3 TV Tables under $40

TV table with storageIf you think that a high quality TV table is a very expensive furniture, I invite you to take a look at these Top 3 and you might learn otherwise. The models I found are all under $40 and they look just awesome.

What’s even more important, or at least of the same importance, is that a TV table that should be perfect for a tiny home needs to be multi-functional. I know you agree with that. A TV table that comes with two or even three shelves provides exactly that.

Updated 2017

For your tiny home consider getting a TV table with a small footprint. Current models have both: small footprints and high quality sturdiness. Perfect! What more does one need for a small living room. What I like about this point is that the TV table doesn’t take away a whole wall in the living room or wherever you want to place it. Like in old times. You remember. Heavy TV walls, I think one could call those furniture monsters like that. Heavy, huge, filled with endless drawers and shelves and most often dark, even black. Oh, my goodness!

The here presented models might also be available in black or other dark colors but you know what, it doesn’t matter, because they look light, classy and original and at the same time sturdy. I must say, I like all of them and wouldn’t be able to choose one.

So, these TV tables still come with shelves underneath which of course is just perfect for tiny living rooms. Multi-functional is the key word here. And those shelves are there not just for holding all the items around your TV. Also, let’s not forget about the empty space under the lowest shelf. But with all these shelves and spaces it’s important to be aware of every clutter.

I also encourage you to take a free look at the color your TV table comes with. You always can change that – and change it again. Just as you think it would fit your home decor the best or to create an eye catcher with an opposite color.

Since you look into the direction of your TV for quite some time – while watching a film or whatever – you indirectly or unconsciously are aware of everything around it. So it’s important to make this look pleasant. Place some decoration items on both sides of the TV if the place allows it. Add a nice accessory underneath on one of the shelves – my favorite for this place is a plant that doesn’t require much sunlight. Maybe you won’t notice it consciously, but unconsciously you do.

I hope you find the perfect TV table for your home among the here presented models.

Product Reviews

Convenience Concepts 3-Tier Black TV Stand

3-Tier Black TV Stand

Product Highlights

  • No tools required
  • Beautiful woodgrain finish
  • Stainless steel anti-rust poles
  • Holds up to 32“ flat panel TV
  • Assembled size: 22.25“H x 31.5“W x 15,75“L

Customer reviews

From opening the box to assembling it and placing the stand in a corner and putting my 32″ TV on it required less than ten minutes. The parts are packaged securely and are well labeled, the instructions are simple and clear, and no tools were required. For the same price you’d pay for a beat up used TV stand from a thrift store this is a real bargain.

If you’re thinking of buying this unit, DO. It is an inexpensive luxury and a delightful audio/video component cart. This particular cart will easily support a 32″ flat panel TV, a cable or satellite box, Home Theater receiver, DVD player and video game system, as the shelves are about 13″ and 9″ tall.

For the price, this stand is excellent quality. Super easy to put together requiring no tools. Highly recommend.


Furinno Turn-N-Tube 3-Tier TV Stand

Furinno Turn-N-Tube 3-Tier TV Stand

Product Highlights

  • Made of engineered particle board and recycled PVC tubes
  • Sturdy on flat surface
  • 5-minutes no tools no hassles assembly
  • Holds up to 32 Flat Screen Panel
  • Assembled size: 31.5“W x 15.8“D x 23.3“H

Customer reviews

This was one of the best items I’ve purchased. It’s sturdy and the color is beautiful. It’s like a dark chocolate. Any how, it’s super easy to put together and very slick and simple. LOVE IT.

Great little TV stand. Took less than 10 minutes to put together, no tools needed. Sturdy enough to hold a pretty heavy 46″LCD TV. The stand of the TV fits perfectly on the shelf with about 3″ on either side to spare. Very pleased.

Absolutely love it. My Samsung HD 40 inch tv fits perfectly with about an inch to spare. It takes up small space. I like it very much.


Sauder Cinnamon Cherry TV Stand

Sauder Cinnamon Cherry TV Stand

Product Highlights

  • Cinnamon Cherry finish
  • Made of engineered wood
  • Lower shelf for storage
  • Holds up to 37“ TV and up to 50 lbs.
  • Assembled size: 35.375“L x 15.75“D x 22.125“H

Customer reviews

Feels very sturdy. Much better looking aesthetically than I had anticipated. It also holds my 42 inch LCD with no problems.

This stand is very sturdy and very attractive for the price. It has a small footprint but handles my television and cable box and has nice clean lines and a modern feel. Considering the price point of other television stands, this is a great value and fully functional.

On the bottom shelf I am able to fit a receiver and PS2 side by side with a little room to spare. I tucked my DVD player under the bottom shelf. Overall the whole setup looks very clean, leaves plenty of room to access your equipment for cleaning and/or changing cables, and there is plenty of ventilation.

* Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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