Top 3 Electric Tankless Indoor Water Heaters around $500

EcoSmart Electric Tankless Water HeaterYou probably wouldn’t consider putting a water heater with its space consuming tank into your tiny home.  With space being of primary consideration, what a tiny house, a small apartment, RV, Camper or boat needs is an electric tankless water heater.

In my first tiny apartment back in Switzerland I had one of those enormous tank water heaters that took away so much space in my already small one-room apartment that it was almost painful. It took forever to heat the water in it. Well, at that time I could only have dreamed about having one of these great electric tankless water heaters available today.

Updated 2017

So, let’s look at what the advantages of tankless water heaters are. First of all, they are incredible space savers. You can mount tankless water heaters on the wall – what more can you wish for in your tiny home!

Also it doesn’t just save space, it also saves money. The estimation is that for homes that use daily up to 41 gallons of hot water a tankless water heater is 24-34% more energy efficient than a water heater with tank, that means it can save you up to $100 per year.

How do tankless water heaters do that? They only turn on when hot water is needed and they cut down on heat loss. If the water heater comes with a self-modulating technology – what models do – it will only use the amount of energy needed. The numbers are impressive. The tankless water heater from EcoSmart for example can handle up to 6 gallons per minute, which means you can run four showers and a sink simultaneously and never run out of hot water.

That brings me to the point of how a tankless water heater works. It’s simple really, it heats water as it passes through the unit instead of storing hot water like a tank type water heater which often causes problems like lime deposits that you need to clean out regularly.

Thanks to advanced flow control technology that automatically adjusts the flow of water unpleasant temperature fluctuation are eliminated.

There are different sizes of electric tankless water heaters available. It depends on the size of your home, how big your family is or if you just want to use it for one bathroom or a tiny house. Therefore it’s important to look at the specs of the different models in order to get the right size tankless water heater for your situation and requirements.

One big advantage of electric tankless water heaters is how affordable they are compared to gas-type tankless water heaters. There are discussions out there wondering if the cost of a tankless water heater is worth getting it compared to water heaters with tanks. Well, tankless water heaters are pricier, but for tiny living spaces having an appliance with an extremely small footprint, it’s extremely worth it.

Also the installation is much simpler and cheaper compared to gas-type tankless water heaters since it is not necessary to vent an electric tankless water heater to the outside. Having said that I still would recommend to not install a tankless water heater yourself – unless you’re very familiar with electric issues.

Product Reviews

Stiebel Eltron Electric Tankless Water Heater

Stiebel Eltron Electric Tankless Water Heater

Product Highlights

  • Digital temperature control
  • No venting required
  • Sleek design fits anywhere
  • Save at least 15-20% on the hot water portion of your electric bill
  • Advanced Flow Control

Customer reviews

We LOVE this unit. We have it set at 120F and it will run at that temp for as long as you want it to. The pressure is slightly reduced if the bath tub is filling and you are washing dishes, but the temp does not change. We have this unit in our basement and have had NO problems from it what so ever.

I do believe Stiebel-Eltron makes the best tankless water heater out there. Just make sure you get the correct size. I’m a one-person household so the Tempra 24 was perfect for me. Stiebel-Eltron has a chart on its website that will help you determine which model is right for you.

This water heater supplies 2 full bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen. With a claw foot tub and a soaker tub, I have yet to hear any complaints of running out of hot water. It is very convenient to be able to set a precise temperature.


EcoSmart Electric Tankless Water Heater

EcoSmart Electric Tankless Water Heater

Product Highlights

  • Digital temperature control in 1-degree increments
  • Copper and stainless components for efficiency, durability, easy replacement
  • WaterSense certified
  • Configured for cold climates or high flow rates
  • Savings of up to 50% on water heating costs
  • Size: 17“ x 17.75“ x 4.25“

Customer reviews

I love this tankless water heater. I installed this in the fall, went through a Maryland winter, and it worked perfectly (have been running it for 8 months).

I have had this water heater installed for over a year now and I absolutely love it. It is the sole heater in a two bedroom house with one bathroom, kitchen, washer/dryer and out door heated shower. The EcoSmart works beautifully and customer service is great.

This product is a marvelous value for the investment …could not be happier with the performance.


BOSCH Electric Tankless Water Heater

BOSCH Electric Tankless Water Heater

Product Highlights

  • Polymer encased elements & built-in flow sensor for constant output temperature
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere for commercial or residential applications
  • 97% thermal efficiency with minimal stand-by loss
  • External temperature control knob
  • Superior temperature stability and control

Customer reviews

This thing does the trick. Never out of hot water anywhere in the house now. I highly recommend this for anyone needing to install into a small bathroom. It might even be enough for my whole house.

It can be used for studios, cabins, tiny houses, big RVs, garages, workshops etc. If you’re living in a small space the storage gain is substantial. I still can’t get over how small this is. I can now put a stacking washer/dryer where the old HW heater was.

This is a very small foot print unit thats incredibly easy to install. Using it in our cabin in northern california during winter (one bathroom) it got the job done. We have been happy with the efficiency and space savings.


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