Frameless Hinged Clear Glass Tub Door

DreamLine Frameless Hinged Clear Glass Tub DoorA bath tub door of clear glass has other advantages than a tub door made of frosted glass. One obvious plus is its beauty and elegance. A clear glass tub door immediately enhances the whole look of your bathroom – even more if the bathroom is small.

What are the reasons that would make you prefer a clear glass tub door over a frosted glass tub door? There are actually some points you can consider that could make you choose the clear glass tub door.

Updated 2017

An important point is the look of your bathroom. If your bathroom shows a lot of color or texture you might lean toward getting a clear glass tub door. A clear glass door blends though into any style and decor and adds with its sophisticated design a great value to any bathroom, may it be tiny or bigger. It also allows free view on the tile behind it. Wonderful opportunity for beautiful tile work!

In order to create an elegant look you might choose a frameless tub door. The clear glass frameless tub door by DreamLine with its elegantly curved lines creates a great look for your bathroom.

A good recommendation is that in order to minimize water escaping outside the bathing area – tub or shower – you position the shower head opposite of the door opening. Aim the shower head at the wall on the other side or straight down towards the shower floor.

Some people prefer the clear glass tub door for the obvious reason that they can see out. The view is of course not obstructed in any direction with clear glass. But having said that, the clear glass door will fog over from the hot water and create about the same privacy you have with a frosted glass tub door – at least as long as you take the shower.

With a clear glass tub door you will also display your gorgeous shower organizer behind it or whatever you place on your tub’s edge.

One big argument against clear glass tub doors is that most probably you have to squeegee it daily, after every shower. That can be done fast though if the glass door isn’t surrounding the whole bath tub or shower stall. The following model offers an elegantly curved half-door for the tub which is easy cleaned after every shower.

With this kind of frameless hinged clear glass tub door a professional installation is recommended. This door also requires wall studs or other reinforcement behind finished walls for its installation.

DreamLine Frameless Hinged Clear Glass Tub Door

DreamLine Frameless Hinged Clear Glass Tub Door

Product Highlights

  • One hinged door and stationary side glass panel
  • Anodized aluminum U shaped wall profile for 0.25“ out-of-plumb (vertical) adjustment
  • Reversible for a right/left door opening installation
  • Door comes with a towel bar
  • ANSI certified clear tempered glass 0.31“ thick
  • Chrome finish, also available in brushed nickel finish

Customer reviews

Looks great and hardware is sturdy and easy to install.

Excellent shower door, very stable. No leaks. Looks contemporary. Very happy with the purchase. A good value at this price.

Installed easily and looks fantastic. And the price saved us hundreds!


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