Window Privacy Film for a Tiny Home

 DuoFire Stained Privacy Glass Static Window FilmI love houses and apartments with big windows, huge windows even. They make every room look spacious and open, light-filled and wide. Well, I know where this preference of mine comes from. I grew up in a big city where the neighbors were close, very close.

We ended up closing the window shutters or using heavy curtains in order to keep our privacy which in turn made our anyway small apartment look even smaller. What can you do to have both: light and privacy? There is fortunately an answer to this requirement: Window privacy films.

Updated 2017

There are so many advantages of having large windows. One I like is that it allows to connect better with the outdoors. When living in a tiny house this might be a very important factor. It‘s almost like having no glass between you and the outer world, a flowing openness that might reflect inner openness.

 DuoFire Stained Privacy Glass Static Window FilmAlso natural light allows your plants to grow naturally and your pets to be happy and healthy – not to mention yourself! Even more so in those dark winter months. It‘s known that exposure to natural light boosts energy and mood. And large windows allow passive solar gain, a very essential effect in colder climates.

As I mentioned above large windows make rooms look larger and more spacious, another great plus for tiny homes. They enhance also the value of a home to a large extent.

But there is unfortunately a big disadvantage coming with large windows which might some people make shy away from them. The most obvious is the situation urbanites and apartment dwellers might encounter: a loss of privacy. And for them it‘s not a question to replace their windows, it‘s a question of how to live with existing windows the best way possible.

That‘s the moment when the window film comes in. A window film applies to clear glass a frosted and stained look. It actually looks incredibly elegant besides being practical.

With window films you have a smart money-saving alternative to other window coverings at hand. You don‘t need any drapes, sheers or blinds anymore. A window film creates a modern look to your window, often makes it look more expensive and stylish. It creates most importantly privacy while at the same time not blocking out natural light.

 DuoFire Stained Privacy Glass Static Window FilmWindow films can effectively be used inside your home too. Applied to a half glass door between two rooms it will work as a room divider at its finest. You can apply it there the same as you might do it on your windows: as full cover or half or even quarter cover. You can create your own style just by applying a window film in a very original way. And don‘t forget that you can use window film on everything made of glass such as a coffee table, shelves or closet doors.

The good news is that a good window film is easily removable not just when applied wrongly but also to add it later to another glass surface. The following window film doesn’t need any glue, it works through static.

There are different sizes available. Make sure to measure the surface where you want to apply the window film in order to find the right size.

DuoFire Stained Privacy Glass Static Window Film

 DuoFire Stained Privacy Glass Static Window Film

Product Highlights

  • Easy to fix and remove without any traces left, no glue
  • Long-life: protects glass for more than 8 years
  • Privacy protection, blocks more than 95% UV sunlight and insulates the heat
  • Size: 23.6“ x 78.7“

Customer reviews

Used this on a shed and our garage door. Cannot see in daytime or night, even with a flashlight. Perfect to still allow light through the window but retain privacy.

Great privacy film at a great price. Easy to apply. When daylight shines through it looks like real etched glass. We used it on our bathroom window and feel completely comfortable with the level of privacy it offers.

My FAVORITE part of this film is how it allows light in throughout the day but creepers can’t peek in. Likewise at night if my light shines out, They still cannot see in! Man I LOVE the privacy this product offers and am extremely happy of my purchase.


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  1. cheri says:

    Hi Cecillia, love windows, light is so important to me. The privacy film sounds like a great product.

  2. Cecilia says:

    Hi Cheri, thank you. I totally like using a privacy film, not just for windows but also to change the look of our coffee table …:) It’s so much fun!

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