Smart Use of Yellow Color for a Tiny Home

Hosley's Set of 2 Ceramic Yellow VasesYellow is an interesting color and very intriguing for being used as accent color in home design. Why is it especially excellent for tiny homes? Yellow color imitates sunshine and makes therefore every space look brighter and friendlier.

If you decide to redo or freshen up your tiny house, small apartment, RV or houseboat with yellow as accent color here are some things for you to consider. I also found some fun facts about yellow.

Updated 2017

As you know every color has its impact on us by creating certain moods and emotions. Yellow evokes happiness and optimism, creativity, high energy, enthusiasm, hope and cheerfulness.

There is though also another side to using yellow as accent color in your home. If the tone of the yellow isn’t fitting the other decor or it‘s just overwhelming it can create anxiety feelings. This is where the expression „having a yellow streak“ is coming from.

So, your first step before adding yellow accents to your home will be to find out which shade of yellow fits your personality. Sounds weird? It isn’t. These are the three main tints of yellow: light yellow, cream and lemon chiffon. I can tell you that I like cream and I don‘t like lemon chiffon – for using it as deco color in our home. Interior designers emphasize that you pick the yellow that resonates the most with you.

Here are some designing tips about where you can use yellow in your home. The best spaces for yellow are all rooms that are darker than others such as the hallway. But you can also freely add yellow to the space where you start your day. And – I might add – the bathroom is also calling for splashes of yellow here and there. I personally love the friendly tone yellow is giving to bathrooms.

Where you shouldn’t use yellow – according to interior designers – is the bedroom. Even the cream shade of yellow is out of question for bedrooms. Yellow evokes such strong emotions of enthusiasm that having yellow in the room where we should sleep and recover makes us irritable and annoyed. I actually made a connection to this effect through the origin of the word „yellow“, SimpleLife4U Yellow Brick Pattern Removable Wall Artit has the same roots as „gold“ and „yell“.

Another tip is to use yellow in varying proportions as you should with all other colors in your home. This means if you have a yellow wallpaper add some calming colors into the room such as gray furniture, brown accessories or white deco items to tone the yellow down.

I highly recommend to combine the yellow color with other colors. A very usual combination is yellow with gray or white. Another is the combination with the complementary color: violet. WE Furniture Wood Yellow Computer DeskThe most famous painter who loved to use these two colors in several of his paintings is Vincent Van Gogh. Being a Synesthete I love this combination. It creates harmony as well as a surprising contrast. An eye-catcher for sure. One way for you to create this effect is to get a yellow vase and add some flowers with strong purple colors to it. Voilà. There you have it! Van Gogh‘s inspiration for your tiny home!

And here I have a quiz question for you: Do you know how old the yellow color is – or with other words: how old is the oldest found yellow coloring? Well, that was about 17,300 years ago. That yellow is the coloring of an image of a horse in the cave of Lascaux.

The following ideas of yellow furniture and accessories are just three among many more to be found.

Hosley’s Set of 2 Ceramic Yellow Vases

Hosley's Set of 2 Ceramic Yellow Vases

Product Highlights

  • Set of 2 vases
  • Size: 6.5“ x 6.5“ x 6.5“
  • Opening: 2.5“
  • 100% ceramic
  • Made from quality raw materials

Customer reviews

Finding yellow decor is harder than I thought. I was glad to come across these. They are cute as is. I plan to use them plain.

Cute flower vases. Goes very well with my yellow and gray interior. The vases are of high quality.

If you are looking for a ceramic yellow vase…this is it. Good quality.


WE Furniture Wood Yellow Computer Desk

WE Furniture Wood Yellow Computer Desk

Product Highlights

  • High-grade MDF with painted finish with solid hardwood legs
  • Drop-down keyboard tray for additional storage
  • Size: 48“ W x 24“ D x 30“ H
  • Weight capacity: 100 lbs.
  • Easy assembly with step-by-step instructions

Customer reviews

Beautiful desk. Very easy to put together.

Love this desk. The table surface of the desk is just the right height and just the right size. Good construction and stability.

Easy to put together, sturdy, and compact! Works great for small paces.


SimpleLife4U Yellow Brick Pattern Removable Wall Art

SimpleLife4U Yellow Brick Pattern Removable Wall Art

Product Highlights

  • Material: PVC
  • Adhesive backing, easy to peel off and stick to dry flat surface
  • Size: 17.7“ W x 118“ L
  • Comes as 1 roll
  • Can be used as wallpaper, wall decorative sticker, shelf liner, kitchen cabinet cover

Customer review

This is exactly what I was looking for.


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