India Style for a Tiny Home

Taj Mahal wall decoration Great ArtDecorating a home is definitely a favorite hobby of many people. Decorating a tiny home is besides fun always also a challenge. You don’t want to clutter with your decorating efforts, but you also strongly want to create that look that you imagine being perfect for your home.

Creating an India look for your tiny home is definitely both: fun and challenge!

Updated 2017

I always encourage you to realize your decorating ideas even if you live in a tiny house, a small apartment, an RV, houseboat or any other tiny place. And I have good news for you: with just little adding here and there you surely can achieve the look of your dream home! As for today I take a closer look at the India style for interior design.

The size of a home should never constrain your interior design wishes. I even think that living in a small home makes people more creative, more aware of space and effects and eventually more grateful for every achieved home style.

I therefore won’t recommend big furniture or space consuming deco items for you folks living in a tiny place. Luckily there are so many other ways to create that fascinating India style for a home. And intriguing it is. The India style has its eye-catching features which you cannot escape.

In a way the India interior style comes close to what we call the Boho style. Well, the origin is the same, of course, and you find the same elements in both. The big difference is that the Boho style is allowing stylish variations while the India style keeps its purity of origin, of the Indian origin.

So, why is the India interior style so great for tiny homes? Its biggest hallmark is working for narrow spaces, and this hallmark is its richness of the bright and bold colors. Adding a colorful India spot into your small home creates liveliness and joyfulness.

India is historically known for its handmade fabrics which includes window drapes or a colorful canopy about a bed. A small home calls for smaller spots of India hallmarks. You certainly can create your India style with something tiny like a rag rug.

Taj Mahal wall decoration Great ArtIt’s always a good idea to create a specific interior style with wall paper or wall art. Since walls are open in whatever space you live to all kinds of decorations you have here all freedom to act out your dream India style. And a wall art can go big even in a smaller space just to realize that eye-catching piece that you wish for your home.

Actually you don’t even need anything big to have your personal India style. A simple wooden hand crafted remote control caddy already does the job. You can dive into the richness of India’s large variety of handicrafts of all kinds.

These are the 3 items I found for you, a Taj Mahal wall art decoration, an India rag rug and wooden remote control holder.

Taj Mahal wall decoration Great Art

Taj Mahal wall decoration Great Art

Product Highlights

  • 1-piece wall art poster
  • Size: 55” x 39.4”
  • Premium quality wallpaper with high resolution and covering colors
  • Sturdy paper: can be wallpapered over existing wallpaper
  • Beautiful viewpoint outside the legendary Taj Mahal

Customer reviews

Overall, a great product to have if you like to change the backdrop in a room. It presents nice depth to the image and is made with quality and detail.

I still haven’t decided which wall I want to put this on in our home, but I’m sure once I hang it, it will transform the room into something completely different and unique. I’m very happy to have this, and I think just about anyone will be surprised at how fantastic this print is. The resolution is spectacular. Highly recommended!

This is a beautiful and large mural. The colors on this are very crisp and vibrant. The mural came wrapped very careful so as not to mess up the picture and wallpaper. Putting it up was pretty easy as well.


Hand loomed India Rag Rug Floor Mat

 Hand loomed India Rag Rug Floor Mat

Product Highlights

  • Size: 67” x 41.3” – can slightly vary from item to item
  • Handloom vintage carpet
  • Cotton Chindi rug with assorted natural multicolor fabric
  • Reversible
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Each piece is unique and made by hand using threads of knitted or woven cotton

Customer reviews

If you’re looking for a bright, cheerful pop of color, this rug is perfect for you. It’s got a very “boho” look. I’m very satisfied. I may “need” another one.

I love this rug!! The colors are so bright, and it cheers up the whole room. It’s easy to fold up and set aside if I want to move it for cleaning.


India Wooden Multi Remote Control Holder

India Wooden Multi Remote Control Holder

Product Highlights

  • Remote control organizer rack
  • Curved shape and sleek black finish
  • Rack with 5 slots
  • Size: 6.8” x 8” x 3.9”
  • Hand-worked

Customer reviews

Really pretty, efficient and takes care of lots of remotes (or other items!) in a small footprint. It’s also solid/stable and not prone to tipping the way some other caddies are.

Just came today and looks nice. I can find my remotes now. So much nicer than having them fall on the floor all the time.

Good quality wood and I love the design.


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