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Silicone Stove Counter Gap Covers - BlackYou know how much I love to cook. And I‘m quite particular about my kitchen‘s cleanness. After every cooking, even the tiniest usage, I like to clean off the counters, the stove, often even the microwave’s door and top.

The for me most disturbing spots in the kitchen are the gaps. The gaps between stove and counter. Crumbs for some reason have the tendency to fall exactly there into the gap and to disappear somewhere in the darkness of it. So, for me a stove counter gap cover is the solution.

The great thing about stove counter gap cover is that you can also use them when there is a height difference between stove and counter. Naturally this difference can‘t be too big for the gap cover to work. But for everybody renting a place and not being able to do something about perfectly fitting counters and kitchen appliances this is good news.

Many gap covers come in different finishes in order to fit into every kitchen style. Nevertheless, you can play with this little detail by creating an interesting point in your kitchen by choosing just the opposite color for the gap cover.

Generally gap covers can easily be removed and it‘s said that you can even wash them in the dishwasher. Well, personally I would be careful with that. If the finish of the gap cover is glossy, it might become cloudy after washing in the dishwasher.

This said, gap covers need to be waterproof. This means you can also use them outdoors if you have a gap on your patio that you would like to cover.

They are also said to be heat-resistant. So even if you heat up the oven under the stove and exceed the temperature limit for the gap cover, it still should be fine – as long as it‘s not touching the inside of the oven.

Gap covers are multi-functional. The most obvious use is in the kitchen, but you can also use them between washer and dryer or office furniture pieces. The new gap covers are quite flexible, not like the old-fashioned ones that were made of metal or hard plastic. You can easily bend and cut them to fit your specific place.

Always measure the space where you would like to use a gap cover before buying and compare your measurements with the given dimensions of the product.

Silicone Stove Counter Gap Covers – Black

Silicone Stove Counter Gap Covers - Black

Product Highlights

  • Set of 2 durable pliable heat-resistant food-grade silicone counter seam product
  • Black, also available in clear and white
  • Size: 21“ x 5“ x 2.25“
  • Bridges gap between stove and counter, washer and dryer, desk and printer
  • T-shape for easy installation
  • Heat resistant to 390 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Top shelf dishwasher safe
  • Can be cut to fit the counter

Customer reviews

They fit perfect, work wonderfully and look really sharp.

Perfect fit! It is exactly what I needed to prevent the crumbs and gunk building up on the sides and below my oven. These will help me keep a cleaner kitchen, with less work. I had to “wiggle” my stove a bit, to get each flap to fall inside the small gap on each side.

I got these for the new stove to keep the stuff from getting between the stove and the counter. They are working great for that purpose.


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