Wall mounted Front Load Mini Washing Machine

Daewoo Mini Wall mounted Front Load Washing MachineWell, let‘s make one big step ahead in the area of washing machines for tiny homes. It may sound futuristic and even weird, but the world‘s first and only wall mounted mini washing machine is out there and waiting to be installed in tiny homes, such as a tiny house, an RV, camper and houseboat.

The advantages are obvious. This washing machine doesn’t have any footprint at all. Being wall mounted is sort of its legitimation for being installed in tiny homes.

Here are some details about this innovative new washing machine that might interest you.

It is a front load washing machine which for me as having lived most of my life in Switzerland is a great plus. I like front load washing machines, and not just because I was used to them. They are practical and very gentle with the clothes. For being wall mounted it seems just logic that this washing machine is a front load.

This wall mounted front load mini washing machine comes with a brush-less inverter motor that makes it extremely quiet in its operation. Additionally to this motor type this washing machine has a 4-layer anti-vibrational pad that supports silent washes as well. Having a quiet washing machine is very important for every tiny living where you can‘t escape machine noises easily.

I also like that the door is transparent. It may sound weird but it‘s actually great to be able to look inside the washer while it‘s working. It comes with a door-lock function that assures safety. The operations include cotton, delicate, baby wear, hot wash, spin and tub clean. You will need to dry your clothes additionally with a spin dryer or drying rack.

This innovative new washing machine might just be the perfect one for your tiny home.

Daewoo Mini Wall mounted Front Load Washing Machine

Daewoo Mini Wall mounted Front Load Washing Machine

Product Highlights

  • Wall mounted mini drum washer in cube design
  • Load capacity: 6.6 lbs.
  • Quick, clean and easy: 29 minutes economic wash
  • Power input voltage: AC 220V – you might need a transformer for AC 100-120V
  • C type plug
  • Low noise
  • Size: 21.6“ x 23.6“ x 11.5“

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