Outdoor Dining Set with Extension Table and Stackable Chairs

New 9Pc Grade-A Teak Outdoor Dining Set

Tiny living doesn’t mean that you can‘t enjoy outdoor living. Whenever your available space allows it you might look at an outdoor dining set that comes with everything that a tiny home requires: with a double extension table and stackable chairs.

Another important detail is the material of which the dining set is made in order to be weather-resistant. Teak is definitely the material of choice for this matter.

This outdoor dining set is crafted using Grade A teak wood from Indonesia. The description of the dining set says that all construction is done using Tenon and Mortise joinery and is re-inforced by teak dowels.

New 9Pc Grade-A Teak Outdoor Dining SetThis table has a rectangle shape and comes with an extra thick top. Its legs are also thicker than normal making this table substantially heavier and stronger than others. The extensions are folded under the surface of the table. You have with this model the option to use only one extension or both.

The table has an umbrella hole that‘s reachable even without using the two extensions. It comes with a wooden cap as cover when not in use.


New 9Pc Grade-A Teak Outdoor Dining SetThe other practical feature of this dining set are the chairs. They are arm chairs that are also made using Tenon and Mortise joinery. Their big advantage is that you can easily stack them for storage. You have essentially a really big dining set once you extend the table fully and use all 8 chairs.

Think of all the great parties you can host. And after use you can substantially reduce the amount of space it takes away while being stored.


Take a look at this new outdoor dining set, it might be the right for you. Although it’s meant for outdoor use, you still can double use it as indoor table and indoor chairs.

New 9Pc Grade-A Teak Outdoor Dining Set

New 9Pc Grade-A Teak Outdoor Dining Set

Product Highlights

  • Extra thick table top: 1.5“ with legs of 2.5“
  • Dimension of table with no extension: 58“L x 40“W
  • Dimension of table with one extension: 71“L x 40“W
  • Dimension of table with two extensions: 83“L x 40“W
  • Dimension of stacking chair: 25“W x 23“D x 38“H
  • Made of Indonesian Grade-A Kiln dried teak wood
  • Teak wood is rich in teak oil making it durable and smooth

Customer review

Looks great! Excellent quality. Definitely a good purchase! Can’t beat it for the price.


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