Loft Bed with Desk for Dorm and Small Bedroom

DHP X-Loft Bunk BedI totally remember my first day at the University back in Switzerland. We had no college with dorms as it is organized here, but it still was very exciting!

Having a dorm room adds to the excitement, I think. Besides entering the new world of a University you have to organize everything around your next years living in a dorm. One of your concerns will be how your bed will look like. Here‘s an idea for you: get a loft bed that comes with an integrated desk underneath.

The big advantage of a loft bed is that it will take up the same space in your dorm room or small bedroom as a twin mattress would do. Since you need to add a bed to your dorm, this space will be taken in any case. Why not lifting up the bed in the air – so to speak – and have work and storage space underneath.

Another great advantage of a loft bed with included desk is that you get two furniture essentially for the price of one. Besides your bed you will need to get a desk. Sleeping and studying – this is kind of a definition of a dorm room, isn’t it.

Most of the available models of loft beds come in a black finish. I think it looks great, very elegant and unobtrusive to the eye – a very vital point when furnishing a small room.

Once you have your loft bed with desk you can start adding your personal style to it. It is like an empty frame or shell that will awake to life through your unique actions of how you will decorate it – lush, colorful or zen-like, just as you wish.

For the twin mattress you might check out my post about Memory Foam 10 inch Twin Mattresses or about the Shikibuton or the Japanese style of sleeping.

A loft bed of this size should fit into every dorm room or small bedroom. Nevertheless make sure that the loft bed will fit before purchasing it.

DHP X-Loft Bunk Bed

DHP X-Loft Bunk Bed

Product Highlights

  • Black metal finish, also available in silver
  • Front ladder and guard rails for upper bunk
  • Accommodates a twin mattress
  • Full desk included
  • Space-saving design
  • Size: 77.2W“ x 56.9L“ x 72.1H“

Customer reviews

We really like the bed and I was able to assemble it without much trouble, which was important to me because I am not very handy. Great space saver since you are combining a bed and a desk into a single space.

My son moved into his first apartment while attending college. We wanted to get him something that would save some space. This bed is fantastic. It is very sturdy, and the desk is very spacious.

Once everything is in place, tightened up, it is a beautiful loft bed. Desk is huge, very open space underneath, and railings are ample (we used an 8″ memory foam and it’s still plenty of room left). I am very happy with this buy.


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