Space saving Tower Cabinet for Small Bathrooms

Homecharm Tower Storage Cabinet Alright, so you have a small bathroom or even a tiny bathroom. And you encounter the question where you can store your towels and all your bathroom products. Well, I had the same situation in many apartments I rented back in Switzerland.

Here is the answer to your question: get a tower cabinet. A tower cabinet is as its name implies tall and narrow. Two of the most wanted space saving features for every furniture in a small home.

Updated 2017: new product added!

The thing with small bathrooms is that you really have no space for any kind of furniture that takes too much space. You need something that has a small footprint but offers still a great deal of storage space for all the bathroom stuff we need.

What I like about a tower cabinet for small bathrooms is that it looks elegant and disappears even more in a bathroom when it comes in white finish. The good thing about this is that you still can add your favorite colors through decorations or just by placing nice colored towels in the open shelves.

A tower cabinet might give your bathroom a spa look and feel. Even more so when it comes with open spaces like shelves and a closed cabinet space as well.

You know me, I like to open up the possibilities where you can place a tower cabinet. Bathrooms call for it, but a tower cabinet also can create a nice look for a small living room or small bedroom. What do you think about this idea?

I found the following tower cabinet model that might inspire you for your own unique solution may it be in your bathroom or elsewhere in your small home. Make sure to measure your space and to compare it with the dimensions of the tower cabinet.

Homecharm Tower Storage Cabinet

Homecharm Tower Storage Cabinet

Product Highlights

  • Color: White
  • Louvered door
  • Offers five storage rooms
  • Overall assembled size: 15.8″L x 11.8″D x 60.6″H
  • Assembly required
  • Made of durable painted MDF and wood composite

Customer reviews

I love this cabinet, it fits perfectly in my small bathroom, it looks great. It was marked very well and easy to go together. I have had several compliments on this cabinet. I would recommend buying this.

Easy to put together and it looks great. It holds my towels perfectly!

Great stand for a bathroom, kids room, or even an office. I am enjoying this stand, and it was a perfect size for my master bath room.


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