Best Beanbag for Dorm Rooms under $90

Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Blue BeanBag ChairSo, can you tell me in some seconds what the advantages of a chair should be in order to be accepted as dorm room chair? Well, I help you, today it is about the famous beanbag. And a beanbag chair has so many positive features that it might be difficult to tell them all in some seconds.

Through my own experience I can tell you that once you discover the beanbag‘s amazing advantages you can‘t imagine getting another chair for your small room, may this be a dorm room, a tiny house, a small apartment, RV or houseboat.

First of all a beanbag is incredibly comfortable. And with comfortable I mean for you and for somebody else joining you in this chair. A really good beanbag is made of a size that should easily fit two adults or one adult and two or three kids. A beanbag is normally made of two bags the inner and the outer in order to stay fluffy and cozy. And the bags should be locked with a safety zipper so you won‘t lose all the beads that are in the bag.

Even with being an oversize beanbag it still is the best solution for small rooms because its footprint is small and shape-able. So many students have it in their dorm room which is like the definition of tiny living space.

And then, a really good beanbag needs to be easily cleaned meaning you should be able to just spot clean it. Additionally the cover should be removable so you can machine wash it if necessary. Which is a real possibility since you will probably stay in this beanbag chair for long durations, eating and drinking in it, reading, watching TV, playing games and more.

For people with back issues a beanbag could also be the answer. If you have back problems sitting in an ordinary chair or couch, try a beanbag of which you can customize the shape to make it best possible comfortable for you.

Many models come in different colors, but once you choose your color you still can change the look of your beanbag chair after a while by using a throw blanket over it.

Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Blue Bean Bag

Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Blue BeanBag Chair

Product Highlights

  • Comfortable lightweight design
  • Cotton-twill upholstery
  • Spot clean with damp cloth
  • Machine washable removable slip cover
  • Safety metal zipper secures beads
  • Color: navy blue, also available in red, brown, green and pink

Customer reviews

I bought 2 of these last year, they are a really good size for an adult. I’m 5’7″ish and have plenty of room, I usually have a grandchild sitting with me.

The students love having this big blue bean bag chair in our student lounge. it provides additional seating and does not take a great deal of space in a small area. It is also really comfortable.

Mine is as pictured. cozy and huge.

*Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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    Beanbags are comfy to sit in.

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    I totally agree!

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