Smart Color Combinations for a Tiny Home

combining colors interior designCombining colors in a smart way is very important if you want to give your tiny home a more spacious look and if you want to add some elegance, fanciness or uniqueness to your home style.

With colors there are some rules that are essential to know before starting to combine them. You certainly want to create the best outcome and the best effect possible when you play with colors in your home.

I strongly recommend though combining colors in all kinds of tiny homes, RVs, tiny houses, houseboats and small apartments. Here are some facts and ideas for you.

First let’s go into some color science in order to find out what type of colors are out there and how they work with each other.

If you want – and you probably do – that your color combos have an harmonious effect, then you have to choose colors that complement each other in the best possible way. The three main colors are red, blue and yellow. And then we have all the shades in between unifying the main colors and being themselves complementary colors.

combining colors interior designHow do you use this knowledge about colors? Mix for example blue and yellow and you get green. Green is the complementary color of red. So, when you add some red into a room that has yellow and blue, you will create color harmony. Adding red to an otherwise just blue room will create an interesting eye catcher.

Another important aspect about color combining is to know that there are almost infinite variations of one color. So red is not just red, it can be a cooler red or a warmer red. Besides combining the right main and complementary colors you might also take into consideration to add a warmer color to cooler colors or the other way around.

combining colors interior designYou also have the possibility to stay with one color type to create a room tone in tone, for example with lots of yellow and brown whereby wooden elements help a lot making the room feel warm and inviting. Having a room in one color tone creates in any case a feeling of wholeness and peace. It’s up to you in which direction you want to go – warmer colors or cooler colors.

Also always know how to implement white and black. White lightens everything up and black darkens everything. You might use white or black as spots here and there creating interesting eye catchers. Or you might give your room more depth with more black or more light with more white. Oops, this sounds almost like a poem. No, I’m definitely not poetically talented.

Coming back to the colors. I gathered some ideas below about how you may implement colors into your tiny home. One way is to paint the walls, one wall or just a part of a wall. And another way is to add some colorful furniture or lights to a room.

Whatever your preferences are, combining colors and experiencing their effect is always fun.

TemPaint Removable Peel-and-Stick Paint

TemPaint Removable Peel-and-Stick Paint

Product Highlights

  • Peel-and-stick self-adhesive wallpaper
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting but easily removable
  • Color: Carribean Blue
  • Also available in 15 other shades such as London Fog or Milano Red
  • Each roll: 64 square feet covers 8 ft by 7 ft wall

Customer reviews

I rent an apartment and I was dying for some color with out actually painting the walls. I’m here to tell you it’s totally worth it. The material is actually pretty thick not paper like at all and it sticks on pretty well.

Love this stuff. I used it to cover the cheap kitchen cabinets in my apartment that were painted an awful brown color. Was very easy to apply and I had no trouble with bubbles.

Love love love this stuff. I rent my place so painting is a nono. Decided to do an accent wall in my office with the dark blue color and I am loving it. It’s easy to apply and I had to remove a few pieces because I messed up and it didn’t cause any damage to the wall. I’m ready to add some color to my bedroom now.


Aaron Lane Bookcase with Sliding Glass Doors

Aaron Lane Bookcase with Sliding Glass Door

Product Highlights

  • Vibrant red finish
  • Includes 4 shelves behind the 2 sliding doors
  • Maximum shelf weight capacity: 20 lbs.
  • Assembly required
  • Size: 51″H x 31.75″W x 13″D

Customer reviews

Solid furniture, easy to assemble, exactly as advertised, reasonably priced. I am very happy with my purchase.

I chose the gray and I love it! Also love the glass doors. Can’t beat the price with your Target card and free shipping.

I bought this for my bedroom but I’m going to use it in my living room. It’s. beautiful piece of furniture. The color…red…is true to shade. I love this!

Aaron Lane Bookcase with Sliding Glass Doors – $175.99


Alexa Smart Color Changing Table Lamp

Alexa Smart Color Changing Table Lamp

Product Highlights

  • Alexa voice control works with Amazon Echo Dot
  • Color changing: normal white, color spectrum, scene and luminance adjustable
  • Timing function for creating schedules
  • Wood stand and linen beige fabric shade
  • E27 bulb included
  • Cord length 5.2 ft.
  • On/off switch on the cord with UL plug

Customer reviews

It was very easy to install the lamp itself and connection between the lamp and its app on the phone. Overall, the lamp is small and heavy enough to put it on the table and it wasn’t too bright so it did not bother me when placed near me.

The lamp is of great size, doesn’t take up much space and would fit any nightstand without a problem. t is very easy to set up and connect with the app. I am amazed by the variety of functions that I can control over the app, including color, softness and timing. Highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a smart lamp in their room!

I was very impressed at how well packaged it was, I appreciate this kind of detail. The sample and elegant design which matches the style of my living room. The base is solid wood and sturdy. It looks like a high-quality lamp.


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