Top Frypot Accessories Set

Home Air Frypot Accessories SetIf you have a small to tiny kitchen, let’s say in your RV or houseboat, in your tiny house or small apartment, you will be interested in everything that is multi-functional. A frypot accessories set is such a multi-functional kitchen cookware that just fits into every small kitchen.

You might also be interested in this frypot set as gift for somebody moving into a tiny home or for somebody who loves to cook on camping trips. What a perfect and surprising gift idea! Curious what this set consists of? Here it is.

The Home Air frypot set includes these 5 pieces making cooking with one cookware really easy and fast.

  • One cake barrel that comes in a convenient size and is therefore very easily maneuverable.
  • One pizza pan which you can use besides making pizzas for making eggs, pancakes and many other meals that need to be done on a flat surface pan.
  • One silicone mat which provides you with a heat-resistant surface to place your hot accessories on.
  • One metal holder that creates a second layer of food maximizing the cooking surface.
  • One skewer rack which is perfect for making vegetables and kabobs. 4 skewers are added and come with the set.

You will need to follow the cleaning instructions that say that you shouldn’t rub with a rough cloth or sharp items. The parts of this frypot set are easily cleanable with hot water and detergent. You will need to wait until the pieces aren’t as hot before you add cold water. The grill is the part that can be placed directly in the dishwasher. The other parts with anti-stick coating should be cleaned by hand. Following these instructions will help enjoying this multi-functional cookware for many years.

What I personally like about this frypot accessory set is the fact that it is so lightweight that you can take it with you on your camping trips and picnics which makes this set versatile and interesting.

Home Air Frypot Accessories Set

Home Air Frypot Accessories Set

Product Highlights

  • 5-piece accessory pack
  • Made of iron and silicone, anti-fall anti-corrosion environmental materials
  • Includes cake barrel: 17.8“ diameter
  • Includes pizza pan: 17.8“ diameter
  • Includes grill: 18“ x 18“ x 7“
  • Includes silicone mat: 17.8“ diameter
  • Includes skewer rack: 17“ diameter
  • Includes metal holder for second layer

Customer reviews

Good quality, I like this frying pan accessories, because it is really practical, I try to use the shelf to barbecue, to heat the ham and cheese sandwich, the effect is better than imagined, very convenient. It is easy to clean, because it is not sticky coating, all the oil and debris are gathered together, add a little warm water and detergent to wash away.I feel convenient things every family need to use, very satisfied.

This practical package comes with five items: a cake bucket(good for 2 person), a small size of pizza tray, a metal bracket, a double-deck, and a heat-resistant silicone pad. My favorite part is the the double rack makes the food roasted faster than it suppose to be. The fry pot range is the right size for me because I love to cook with small portion for the new food.

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