Best portable Solar powered Sun Oven Set

Sun Ovens International Solar Powered OvenMy nephew, an enthusiastic and dedicated inventor, is just about to construct his own uniquely designed solar oven. His plans are very impressive. I know though that not everybody has those skills and the time to build a solar powered oven. So, the good news is, there is a great solar powered oven available that leaves nothing to be desired.

This model of a portable solar powered oven comes as a bundle with many accessories that will make your cooking experience out in the sun easy and fun.

Whoever tries to cook or bake in a solar powered oven ends up being astonished about the cooking power and the quality of the food. I don’t even know where to start listing the advantages of a solar powered oven.

Let’s maybe start with the most obvious one: you will use zero fuel, zero electricity, zero power of any kind – except sun power. The only task you have to do is to aligning your oven with the sun and adjusting it when you cook something over a longer period of time – which is highly recommended.

It doesn’t matter if you use the solar powered oven in summer or winter – the sun may be not so hot in winter, but the sun power will be the same for the amount of time you will need it. This means, yes, you can use it at Thanksgiving or any other party you will have in winter times.

The following model of a solar powered oven allows you to cook almost anything you can think of: breads, cakes, muffins, pizza, vegetables, chicken – yes whole chickens – fish, casseroles, pasta and so on. The cooking temperatures you reach with this solar powered oven can be really high, they say it should reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Impressive, isn’t it.

Of course you might be interested to take this gem of solar oven with you on your next camping trips or RV travels. No problem. The oven is a little bulky though but you will be able to cook anything and even pasteurize water to make it safe to drink. The oven comes with a thermometer that indicates when the water has reached the pasteurization temperature. So cool!

The reflectors are made of highly polished, mirror-like anodized aluminum that can be cleaned quickly and easily with glass cleaner, and they will never oxidize or rust.

This solar powered oven has so many advantages – it makes it really difficult to pass on it.

Sun Ovens International Solar Powered Oven

Sun Ovens International Solar Powered Oven

Product Highlights

  • Includes oven
  • Includes 3-piece roaster with lid and rack
  • Multi-level dehydrating and baking rack set
  • Easy-stack pots with interchangeable lids
  • Multi-fuel water pasteurization indicator
  • Lightweight portable
  • Reaches 360-400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with ecookbook with 600 recipes

Customer reviews

If you’re agonizing over which sun oven to get, this is the one. Just buy it, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve experimented with a few and this is the best.

It’s awesome how well this works. We enjoy using at home to use less energy and keep the house from getting hot. We also have used it at picnics for making meals. This kit has a ton of cooking pans/racks. We are very happy with this sun oven.

I love it! I have roasted a whole chicken, made pot roast, baked casseroles, baked bread and cookies. Some needed more time than they would in my regular oven, but they all turned out really great, did not heat up my kitchen, and cost 0 for fuel. I bought it for preparedness, but I know that I will use it often and not save it just for emergencies!

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