Great Microwave Refrigerator Combo

Summit 2.5 Cu.Ft. Microwave-Refrigerator ComboEverything that is a combo is just made for tiny living. Take a look at this great microwave refrigerator combo.

Isn’t it just perfect for dorm rooms, studios, tiny apartments, tiny houses, RV and houseboats?

It is compact enough to fit almost anywhere in every tiny space.

And it comes with double functions, that’s what we love about multi-functional appliances.

The size of the refrigerator is with 2.5 cu.ft small and therefore just made for tiny living. We had once a refrigerator in a condo and learned how to use this size fridge. It really works well.

The refrigerator comes in a sleek fully finished black cabinet that makes it perfect for freestanding use. It includes adjustable shelving, door storage and even a factory-installed lock that is front-mounted for easy access. To make maintenance and cleaning easy it has a seamless one-piece interior liner.

Well, and as being a microwave refrigerator combo the microwave sits on top of the fridge matching in black. Its capacity is 0.7 cu.ft. and it is powered by 800 watts. The microwave comes with easy-to-use digital touch-pad controls for variable cook-settings and a one-touch cook option menu for common food items.

So, for you all living in a tiny space such as dorm rooms, boats, RV or small apartments and for people who want to upgrade their office: the following model of a microwave refrigerator combo by Summit that by the way ships fully assembled might really be interesting.

Summit 2.5 Cu.Ft. Microwave-Refrigerator Combo

Summit 2.5 Cu.Ft. Microwave-Refrigerator Combo

Product Highlights

  • Refrigerator with true frost-free operation
  • 2.5 cu. ft. refrigerator
  • Three door storage compartments
  • Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Dimension refrigerator: 24.63″ H x 18.5″ W x 17.75″ D
  • Overall dimensions: 37″ H x 18.5″ W x 17.75″ D
  • Comes in black

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