Top 2 Bath Shower Wall Decor Tiles

Glass Tile Bath Shower Wall DecorWe lived for many years in New Mexico and saw those shower back walls with the colorful mosaic tiles. Those stunning bath wall decor tiles you could see in just every bathroom and of course kitchens too.

With bath shower wall decor tiles you can create your unique bathroom look and you might even go further than just covering the back wall of your shower of bath tub. I have some ideas for you.

The most obvious wall decor tiles for showers and bath tubs come in a convenient gray in order to fit any bathroom style out there. Well, New Mexicans leave this wide path and go their own way with very colorful Mexican style wall decor tiles.

The point for you to consider is what wall decor tiles would fit the style that you want to create for your bathroom and what color combinations you want to achieve. You might get blue-gray wall decor tiles to give a nice contrast to a red or yellow vanity.

Tiny homes come with tiny bathrooms which helps you deciding how much wall you want to cover with the tiles of your choice.

Blue Glass Stone Bath Shower Wall DecorYou actually have many options. Traditionally you would cover the back wall of your shower or bath tub – this is as you see it most often in New Mexico. What you also may do is to install the wall decor tiles behind your sink creating a long vertical stripe with the tiles.

And speaking of just covering a stripe with the wall decor tiles how about just creating this stripe on the free wall opposite to the sink. It will work perfectly as unique eye catcher. Another more unusual way to apply wall decor tiles to your small bathroom is to create kind of a column with the tiles – maybe on both sides of your towel rack covering from ceiling to floor just a certain width.

The same partially covering the wall with wall decor tiles would certainly work on the back wall of shower or bath tub.

Glass Tile Bath Shower Wall DecorAnd finally there is no limit of course of where you can install these great wall decor tiles. They work perfectly in the kitchen as back-splash but also in the hallway, maybe living room and most certainly somewhere on your porch.

I invite you to try your personal ideas, it’s fun. I found two great models of bath shower wall decor tiles that might tickle your fancy.

Product Reviews

Glass Tile Bath Shower Wall Decor

Glass Tile Bath Shower Wall Decor

Product Highlights

  • Box includes 5 sheets to cover 5 square feet
  • Sheet size: 12“ x 12“
  • Material: crystal glass, stone
  • Color: blue – gray
  • Mesh backing, non-sanded grout for installation

Customer reviews

Perfect for my bath with dark grey floor tile and white marble for bath and sink area.

I absolutely love this item, high quality, beautiful in person.

I’ve worked with quite a few different mosaic tiles over the past few years. The stone is very high quality and the blue in the glass is beautiful. I paired this with a natural marble for a shower surround.


Blue Glass Stone Bath Shower Wall Decor

Blue Glass Stone Bath Shower Wall Decor

Product Highlights

  • 1 Box includes 5 sheets to cover 5 square feet
  • Sheet size: 11.8” x 11.8”
  • Material: glass and nature stone
  • Color: blue and nature stone grey

Customer reviews

Loved the tiles. Originally thought we wanted to use these in our kitchen but went a different way. Instead, we’re using them as a deco column in our shower. Awesome.

Beautiful tile, will order more.

Beautiful tile! Just got done using our master bath and these tiles were perfect and great looking. Company is great to work with and respond quickly to questions and issues.


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