Best Gas Range Freestanding Oven with 4 Burners

Thor Kitchen Gas Range Freestanding Oven 4 BurnersCooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I grew up with a gas range oven and learned all the advantages of a gas range oven vs. electrical oven. If you like to cook like me you want to have a reliable and modern gas range freestanding oven.

And you wish for an oven that comes with 4 burners. I have so many meals where I use all four burners on our oven. It’s almost like conducting an orchestra.

I found after some research this great gas range freestanding oven with 4 burners that I like to introduce to you.

It’s not an everyday decision to get a new oven, I know. But if you used your oven already quite some years, so many that it is already over the hill so to speak you might be interested in getting a new one. And this new one should be top-notch because your cooking experience should just get better and better.

What do you need to look for in a good freestanding gas range oven? Well, it might be not the first point to look at, but everybody who loves to cook and cooks a lot knows what I’m talking about: a good oven needs to be easy to clean. Gas range ovens have their design that often makes it difficult to clean. The here presented model has a great design that makes it easy to clean. A big plus!

A good oven needs to come with 4 burners, as I mentioned. You want to have the full capacity to cook whatever you want. This Thor Kitchen oven comes with high BTU burners that make cooking even faster than you know it from your older oven.

And let’s take a look at the oven itself. This oven comes with convection fans, oh yes! What an important feature if you’re into baking your own bread like I do. Your breads will turn out just perfect, thanks to this little detail.

And finally the price. A good oven has its price, no question. Nevertheless you might want to get a good deal with your new oven. Compared to other ovens with similar features this freestanding gas range oven has a real competitive pricing.

Thor Kitchen Gas Range Freestanding Oven 4 Burners

Thor Kitchen Gas Range Freestanding Oven 4 Burners

Product Highlights

  • Cooktop black porcelain drip pan, control panel, 5 high quality knobs
  • Features 4 burners: 18,000BTU single burner, 15,000BTU dual burner, twin 12,000BTU single burners
  • 4.2 cu.ft. Oven: 13,000BTU tube burner, 22,000BTU U-shape stove burner
  • Blue porcelain oven interior with convection fans and halogen lights
  • Dimensions: 30“L x 27.5“W x 39“H

Customer reviews

I love the stove. Great price. Love the design of its burner. The stainless steel is much easier t care for than I thought it would be. Looks great in my kitchen.

I’m extremely happy with the gas range. I would highly recommend this product to any one that loves to cook and wants something reliable.

I must say I got more than what I payed for. It looks top notch and it works great. I get my meals done in much shorter time than with my other stove.

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