How to use Solar Power for Outdoor Spotlights

Solar Outdoor SpotlightsUsing solar power for your home is no longer difficult to achieve. With solar powered outdoor spotlights you make your personal solar energy experience – and I can tell you, it’s fun.

The latest technology in solar powered landscape lighting makes for beautiful and lasting outdoor lighting. There are some details you might want to look at before getting your first set of solar powered outdoor spotlights.

One important aspect is that a good solar powered spotlight needs to be adjustable with its solar panels in order to catch the most possible sunlight during day. The more the spotlights get charged the longer they will emit light during night.

Solar Outdoor SpotlightsThe following model of Solar Landscape Spotlight allows for 180 degrees adjustability for the solar panel and 90 degree for the light head – meaning you direct the light into the direction you want it to flow.

Another great feature is the fact that these solar powered spotlights are wall-mountable as well as insertable into the ground. If the ground around your home is very hard, try to soften it with water instead of twisting the light with force into the ground.

Great solar powered spotlights are wireless of course, making them easy to be installed wherever you wish around your home: lighting up your driveway, entrance, porch, pool – or the deck of your boat or your RV’s outside. Just make sure that the solar panels are directed toward the sun during day.

Outdoor spotlights are meant to be used for years and years and are therefore weatherproof – for summer and winter! And speaking of winter: you might need from time to time to take a look at the solar panels to keep them free of snow and dust. But that’s really the only maintenance you have to do.

We lived for a while in a solar powered house and got fast the hang of it. It’s really fun to be aware of sunshine and its power when you start using it.

Solar Outdoor Spotlights

Solar Outdoor Spotlights

Product Highlights

  • 2 rechargable adjustable solar lights
  • Suitable for wall (screws included) and in-ground
  • Easy to install without tools
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Powered by a lithium ion rechargable solar powered battery
  • Automated switch: auto-on at night / auto-off at sunrise
  • 4 bright LED bulbs with 50 lumens each

Customer reviews

These lights are AWESOME for landscape uplighting. I love these things. I’ve ordered more and more because they not only look great in landscaping, I’ve found other uses for them. I will add these to our “settlement gift baskets” for new home owners.

I purchased 3 sets of these lights. They were super easy to assemble and were up and running the very next day. The large size of the solar panels is great – the lights stay nice and bright all through the night. No need to turn lights on/off as they are automatic once the sun sets which I love. We have already received so many compliments from our neighbors. I would HIGHLY recommend.

I have had solar powered spotlights in the past but none have been near as bright as this one. I installed ours as an accent light on the side of our house and it looks very nice.


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