High Quality professional Pegboard Tool Organizer

Wall Control Pegboard Standard Tool Storage KitI don’t know about you but I’m always shocked when I enter a garage that’s overflowing with stuff where you can’t find even something simple like a hammer. Then I remember what awesome tool organizers are out there creating instant order wherever you keep your tools.

I’m not a handy person but I love order. So seeing a high quality professional tool organizer makes me feel good. And I just can imagine how good it feels for the person who actually uses all those tools.

I found the following metal pegboard tool organizer and storage kit that’s made of high quality material meant to last for a lifetime. This is what you’re looking for when you want to have all your tools at one place – visible and easily accessible and there for you as long as you want to use it.

People install this pegboard tool organizer most often in their garages, but I see it also in basements, porches or garden sheds – well everywhere where you want to be able to use your tools.

As I said I’m not a very handy person, but I like to act as helping hand because I’m fascinated watching somebody like my husband creating something awesome out of a pile of material.

For everybody who wants to have a stable durable and practical tool organizer that won’t wobble or fall over from the tools’ weight, the following model is worth taking a look at. It’s made of such heavy-duty gauge steel construction that you may store multiple heavy tools of all kinds on it.

This standard pegboard organizer kit includes an assortment of slotted pegboard accessories that you can put to use immediately – and the manufacturer offers more if you need more.

The overall storage space on this tool organizer kit is over 10.5 square feet wide. Make sure to compare the dimensions of the this pegboard with the space you have in mind for it. Maybe you may even get more than just one in order to cover a whole wall.

Wall Control Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit

Wall Control Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit

Product Highlights

  • Installs in minutes
  • More than 10x stronger than conventional pegboard
  • Pegboard accepts conventional 0.25“ pegboard pegs and accessories
  • Pegboard accepts slotted tool board pegs and accessories
  • Wall Control accessories and mounting hardware included
  • Dimension: 33“ x 16“ x 6“
  • Available in over 30 color options

Customer reviews

I needed something much stronger than a normal peg board to hold all my tools. The metal panels hold the weight of all my tools to include my power tools without sagging or buckling. The three panel system already comes with a great assortment of hooks and shelves.

This American-made product is superior in every way that I can think of. It arrived superbly packaged with all parts well-wrapped or bagged and clearly labeled with text and drawings. The assembly instructions and other technical documentations and drawings are outstanding. The product is extremely well-engineered and manufactured and very attractive. You can’t help being impressed by the variety of color options. It’s solid and well-constructed and should last forever.

These are fantastic. I organized my toolbox after moving into a new house my putting everything up on a wall. It opened up my garage and looks very clean. You can arrange the tools any way you want.

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