Top 2 Window Design Landscape Wallpapers around $20

Wall26 Old knotted tree Wall Mural RemovableIn my first tiny one-room apartment in Switzerland I would have gotten one of these fascinating window design landscape wallpapers. That apartment had just one window and was otherwise wall-to-wall adjacent to neighbor apartments.

Having a window design landscape wallpaper creates an additional window where there is none and allows you to kind of look out into the landscape of your dreams.

The variety of the available landscapes is actually overwhelming. I tried to find two beautiful landscape views for this post and had literally a hard time to choose. If I still lived in a tiny apartment like my first one I probably would have even more than just one window design landscape wallpaper.

The window frame design makes that realistic impression of this kind of landscape wallpaper. You really have the feeling to look outside through a window. And being so affordable makes it easy to switch to another landscape view.

Mi Alma Window Realistic View WallpaperAnother positive point of these window design landscape wallpapers is that they don’t come in gigantic sizes. I mean, they don’t fill the whole wall of a room which makes them look even more realistic.

You may choose the landscape among dozens of possibilities and you have the choice between different sizes of wallpapers matching the space that is waiting for this wallpaper.

Take in any case measurements to make sure that the chosen wallpaper size will fit the wall where you would like to apply it. The wallpaper shouldn’t overwhelm the space or appear too tiny.

These top 2 window design landscape wallpapers are removable, you can easily apply them on your wall and reposition them if you want.

Which landscape will you choose?

Product Reviews

Mi Alma Window Realistic View Wallpaper

Mi Alma Window Realistic View Wallpaper

Product Highlights

  • Made of durable sturdy top quality vinyl
  • Easy to install and remove thanks to unique peel and stick feature
  • Wide variety of views and size
  • Size: 19.5“ x 27.5“
  • Theme: Sunny Beach with white window frame

Customer reviews

This is a beautiful vinyl wall mural! The picture is very realistic looking. This is very easy to put on the wall. Just pull the backing off at the top, attach the top to the wall and pull the backing down off of the decal and press as you go.

I really like this item! Everyone who stopped in my office once I hung it up commented on how they felt they were at the beach!

It was easy to peel back and re apply to get rid of some bubbles. Once on the wall and after taking a step back, I do really like the look of this mural. It looks nice.


Wall26 Old knotted tree Wall Mural Removable

Wall26 Old knotted tree Wall Mural Removable

Product Highlights

  • Very easy to apply, remove and reposition
  • For installation on dry flat surfaces indoor/outdoor walls and windows
  • Size: 24“ x 32“
  • Theme: Old knotted tree with blueish window frame

Customer reviews

Realistic. Put it in my office and everybody loves it. Very bright and vibrant colors. The backing is of vinyl.

One piece heavy duty vinyl sticker. They are very heavy duty they won’t stretch or rip and take them off with out any residue. I put mine over MDF paneling and doesn’t show the lines much. Great product.

I get compliments on this almost daily. It’s beautiful, easy to apply and adheres well.

*Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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