Great Pocket Projector under $50

Mini Projector for Video, Movie, Game, Home TheaterWe live in a time where everything we need should fit into our pockets, iPhones, computers – and projectors. You know a projector is mini when it fits into your pocket.

Besides the tiny size a great pocket projector should also be affordable and create a pretty good movie experience. Well, I think we speak about this model I like to present to you.

A pocket projector has so many advantages. Its size makes it possible to bring it with you when you go camping or hiking and for every travel you make.

This mini pocket projector is also recommended for people who think getting into those bigger models of multimedia home theater projectors with 3000 lumen but wish first to learn everything about it on a smaller sized projector.

Also this pocket projector works perfectly as entry-level projector for kids who would like to get to know this kind of gadget.

If you like to have some home theater movie evenings you might consider getting some additional speakers although the sound of this mini projector is quite decent. You might expect that it’s recommended to be used in smaller rooms, dorm rooms, small living rooms, RVs or even tents. The best projector distance is about 70” in order to create an image size of 55”. Isn’t this great compared to a TV of this size!

Take a look at this nice little gadget that might be fun to be given as present to college students, campers or your kids.

Mini Projector for Video, Movie, Game, Home Theater

Mini Projector for Video, Movie, Game, Home Theater

Product Highlights

  • Lightweight: 10 oz
  • Size: 4.7“ x 3.4“ x 1.9“
  • Can be powered by 5V/2A power bank
  • Best projector distance is about 70“ with the image size of 55“
  • Multiple inputs
  • Choose from different colors
  • Native resolution: 320×240 with 400 lumen
  • Designed for home entertainment

Customer reviews

This is an entry-level projector. These are the Pros: Better-than-expected quality, several source options (USB, HDMI, SD Card), digging into menus unearths some customization, pretty close to plug-and-play, small size, loud speaker. All in all, this is a surprisingly good little unit.

I do recommend this product, because of the screen size, price, and size of the actual projector.

I like this projector a lot. It’s very convenient for people who are always on the go. When description said it was mini definitely wasn’t joking. It’s so small yet such a great product. It has a decent sound but you can add speakers if you wanted too. I would recommend to a friend/family member. Totally worth the money spent.

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