Top 2 Mini Personal Desk Heaters under $30

C&L Mini Heater for personal UseWe are more and more energy-aware. How we heat our homes is getting important, not just for tiny homes. And we are size-aware. When you combine the two requirements you look at a mini desk personal heater that’s not much bigger than an iPhone.

What this little desk heater does is just heating up the surrounding space where you are. Having a mini desk personal heater that goes with you wherever you are gives the freedom to lower the heat of the main heating system.

There are many opportunities when you really like to have a mini desk personal heater.

Lasko Personal Ceramic HeaterWorking at home you wish for a cozy warmth but you don’t want to heat your whole home. Get this mini desk personal heater and move it with you wherever you are. Place it on your desk during work, place it on a desk in your atelier, garage or workshop. Take it with you into the kitchen where it warms you on the countertop while you prepare your meals.

Lasko Personal Ceramic HeaterSome have it in the bathroom – of course in safe distance to water splashes – and others place it on the nightstand keeping them during night warm without heating up the whole bedroom. Or they place it in their craft room or laundry room.

College students use it in their dorm rooms as well as Campers and people living in RV or houseboats.

I can’t emphasize enough how great it is that you keep yourself warm with this little desk heater that pulls as little as 200 watts of energy while you at the same time reduce wear and tear on your main heating system.

Lasko Personal Ceramic HeaterIt’s so easy, you just plug it in and get cozy warm. Perfect for people who travel a lot and have several work places. The great thing about is that it works so quietly that your work neighbor won’t hear a thing while you run it.

Would you consider getting this little guy of practical personal heater as gift for friends moving into small spaces, their new dorm rooms, RV or Camper? I would.

Product Reviews

Lasko Personal Ceramic Heater

Lasko Personal Ceramic Heater

Product Highlights

  • Convection ceramic heater with cool touch housing and over-heat protection
  • Color: Blue, also available in black, purple and white
  • Energy smart: uses only 200 watts
  • Fully assembled
  • Size: 3.8″ x 4.3″ x 6.1″ and cord of 6 ft
  • ETL listed

Customer reviews

This is a tiny heater measuring about 4.5″x6″. I bought it to keep my hands warm in my office. They call this a personal heater for a reason – it only heats up the immediate surroundings.

Small and uses little power as described. I have a small desk and it keeps my area very warm. No louder than a fan of the same size.

This tiny little unit really puts out a lot of heat without using a lot of power. My office is often like a meat locker, but instead of freezing, I am toasty warm with my tiny heater. I love it!


C&L Mini Heater for personal Use

C&L Mini Heater for personal Use

Product Highlights

  • High efficiency ceramic PTC heating element with cool-touch surface
  • Fireproof and high temperature resistant
  • Color: Pink, also available in blue and black
  • 2-tranches thermostat can be adjustated to 135 degrees
  • Works quietly
  • With anti-skid bottom and turn-off mechanism in case it falls down
  • Sie: 3.9“ x 8“ x 4.7“

Customer reviews

Love it! This little heater is the perfect size to take w/ me when I travel so that I can still stay warm when I’m working at other locations.

I bought this to use in my cubicle at work. It is small enough to fit on my desk and keep my hands warm. Love this mini heater. Cute also.

Great little guy. I put this under my desk at work tilted up so that it heats the underside of my desk. Heats up fast and is quiet. I mainly wanted something small that I knew wouldn’t flip any circuits from drawing too much power/attention. This does the trick!

*Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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