How to save Money with a Water Filter Pitcher

 OXA Smart Water Filter PitcherWell, the math is quite simple. Comparing the costs of buying bottled water per year versus the one-time cost of a water pitcher plus filter says it all. You know that it’s vital for your health to drink about half a gallon of water per day.

With a water filter pitcher you not only are able to control the needed amount of water but you drink also very clean and good tasting water. And you don’t have the hassle anymore with getting bottled water plus recycling the bottles.

You know that a water filter pitcher is good when it holds quite a lot of water but still comes with a design that makes it fit into small spaces of your refrigerator. This water filter pitcher has this advantage: you can fit it into the narrow space of the fridge door. And it holds 2.5 liters of water, that’s about 0.66 gallon.

 OXA Smart Water Filter PitcherThis water filter pitcher is perfect for a 1- or 2-person household. The refill is easy, you don’t even need to lift the lid and the water filters really fast through, thus the drinking water is ready in no time. Another great use of a water filter pitcher is its portability. It’s easy to bring on camping and hiking tours.

I must say that I use filtered water also for bread making and rice cooking. It’s not just about the cleanness of the water, the meals and the bread actually taste better. And I’m not even speaking about coffee, tea and soups.

This water filter pitcher comes with 2 long-life filters that are said to work for a total of 2,400 cups or 153 gallons of water. With other words, it will hold for a long time until you need new filters.

The filters utilizes a 7-stage cartridge that removes chlorine, odors and heavy metals. The manufacturer also affirms that it removes 90% of zinc, copper, lead and pollutants.

People actually taste the difference in the water comparing it with water directly from the faucet. Some even consider the filtered water by this water filter pitcher as better tasting as bottled water. A big assurance of its quality.

OXA Smart Water Filter Pitcher

 OXA Smart Water Filter Pitcher

Product Highlights

  • Utilizes 7 stage cartridge of ion exchange resin, activated carbon, ion ceramic ball, far infrared ceramic ball, mineral balls and PP pad
  • Removes chlorine, odors, heavy metals, 90% of zinc, copper, lead and pollutants
  • Advanced filter technology
  • Comes with 2 long-life filters for a total of 2400 cups or 153 gallons
  • Modern design with easy-to-fill lid and easy pour spout
  • Certified by well-known international certifications

Customer reviews

The dual filter is the way to go, hands down. After set up, I tested it out. Amazing. Tastes better than bottled, I have already saved $10 this week. That’s $520 a year.

Perfect for my needs. It holds 2.5 L of water, and filters through pretty quickly. It also comes with two filters which I love, so I know it’ll last me awhile. It fits great on the side of my fridge door and is easy to use. It is a steal for the price, I definitely recommend.

The water taste so fresh and clean when pass through the filter. This pitcher comes with two filter, the design is modern and sleek, and this product is very sturdy and well built.


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