Top 2 Portable Induction Cooktops between $50 and $80

EurKitchen Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop BurnerMost of the apartment kitchens in Switzerland come with induction burners, this is where I learned to love this kind of burners. Even if your small kitchen has an old-fashioned electric stove or gas stove take a look at these awesome induction cooktops.

They are portable which means wherever you have a power outlet with this induction cooktop you may cook instantaneously. From my own experience I can tell you that an induction cooktop has so many advantages you will be surprised.

One great advantage is how fast an induction cooktop is cooking. Some cook up to 50% faster than any other cooktop while using 10% less energy. Time-saving and energy-saving. There is nothing more to add to this advantage.

EurKitchen Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop BurnerAnother feature that makes cooking with an induction cooktop perfect is its portability. They are so thin that you can transport them everywhere, to every camping ground, everywhere where there is a power outlet.

Speaking of transporting, these two top models of induction cooktops are extremely lightweight and therefore just made for camping and traveling. There are people taking this portable induction cooktop on their trips and making fast meals in hotel rooms.

Aicok Portable Induction CooktopIf your kitchen is small you may add one more burner to your existing stove with this induction countertop cooktop. Just plug it in and you have an additional burner – perfect for parties and cooking for more people.

One detail I always loved about induction cooktops is how easy they are to clean. These induction cooktops are made the way that only the induction surface gets hot, so everything outside the vessel remains cool to the touch. If there are spills and drips you just wipe them away with a damp cloth. So easy.

There is one thing you need to be aware though before getting one of these great little cooktops. Induction cooktops require induction-ready cookware. Once you’re set up your new cooking experience can start!

Product Reviews

Aicok Portable Induction Cooktop

Aicok Portable Induction Cooktop

Product Highlights

  • 15 power levels ranges from settings 1 to 10
  • 1500w induction cooker
  • 15 preset temperatures from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Count-down digital timer up to 170 minutes
  • Center burner: 8.7“ with polished A-grade crystal plate surface
  • Super thin design, lightweight and compact
  • Child-lock settings, cookware detection feature, beveled edges
  • ETL and FDA approved

Customer reviews

I absolutely love this, it responds immediately, perfect for frying and hot potting. I hardly ever use my range anymore, it boils and cooks quicker, it has better heat control, its more efficient and safer, I highly recommend this cooker.

It’s nice appliance! This electric hot pot is easy to use just plug in the outlet and very easy to clean. It has temperature to control. We love it!

It has been but a few hours since this cooker was delivered, and already my life has changed forever. I predict that within a decade induction cooking will completely dominate in the kitchen. From all appearances this is a high quality product, so don’t let the low price scare you.


EurKitchen Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

EurKitchen Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Product Highlights

  • Simple to use precision temperature controls with a single illuminated control wheel and touch sensor buttons
  • 17 power/wattage levels, 3-hour timer and LCD digital read-out
  • Uses up to 90% less power and prepares food 20% – 50% faster
  • FCC-certified and ETL tested
  • Induction surface: 7.9“ diameter
  • Ideal for cooking at home, in boats, RVs, dorm rooms and while traveling

Customer reviews

This is great when I am cooking a lot for meal prep over the weekend as it is a separate burner that you can have off the stove. Also, this stovetop is so light and easy to move around it will be going with me to the next office and family potluck.

Very neat product and is definitely helpful when traveling for work. Saves a large amount of money as I don’t need to upgrade my hotel rooms to have a stove. Gets very hot very fast.

Super sleek looking and delivers at awesome speeds. Love the knob to control the temperature…also appear to distribute the heat more evenly than the ones I threw out…Makes Cooking a blast and super easy to clean…so glad I purchased 2 of them!

*Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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