How to visually separate a Room with Floor Tiles

Achim Home Furnishings Vinyl Tile Spanish RoseMany years ago I lived in an one-room really tiny apartment. I wanted to visually separate the one-room space to create kind of two or more rooms. You are in a similar situation living in a tiny house or even RV or houseboat.

You might achieve the goal of visual separation by freestanding furniture, curtains or floor tiles. Floor tiles actually work surprisingly well for this purpose. Placing floor tiles, best are vinyl floor tiles, in an open kitchen creates visual separation without using off precious space.

Every home with an open-floor plan encounters this situation that the one room embraces one big space while serving different functions. You may want to distinguish between kitchen, eating space and living space without using walled separation, curtains or furniture.

The idea for you living in a tiny house, RV or one-room apartment is to separate for example the kitchen from the rest of your home. Using vinyl floor tiles for this purpose is a smart way to go.

An obvious space to install floor tiles as room separation would actually be the kitchen. As space with high traffic the kitchen needs durable tiles that are easy to clean and easy to maintain. We are talking vinyl floor tiles.

I reviewed the two best vinyl floor tiles of the size 12” by 12” in order to work in smaller homes. The brands offer different designs and colors and even different sizes. Make sure to measure the floor space which you want to cover with new floor tiles before choosing a new tile.

Match the style of your home with your new floor tile through color and design or create an interesting eye catching contrast with floor tiles of an opposite color.

Product Reviews

Home Dynamix Vinyl Tile Blue

Home Dynamix Vinyl Tile Blue

Product Highlights

  • Box of 9 Vinyl tiles
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Each tile: 12“ x 12“
  • Box of 9 covers 9 square feet

Customer reviews

Excellent quality for vinyl tiles. They aren’t just a “picture” of tiles, each “grout line” is a groove in the surface. They look incredible on my bathroom floor.

Floor tile is nice and shiny, glossy, and durable, thicker than most. Looks very nice on my floor. Excellent choice.

This is an excellent tile, and I found the color to be just what was shown on my computer. It looks great on the floor. I especially like the gloss finish, it looks freshly waxed. My installer appreciated the quality.


Achim Home Furnishings Vinyl Tile Spanish Rose

Achim Home Furnishings Vinyl Tile Spanish Rose

Product Highlights

  • 20 pack
  • Each tile: 12“ x 12“
  • Highly durable
  • Peel n‘ stick
  • Stunning high gloss Spanish rose
  • No wax finish

Customer reviews

I bought this for the bathrooms-this is beautiful. I actually designed the master bath around it. It’s very, very pretty, and very easy to install.

Am tremendously impressed with these tiles. They are easy to work with, the glue-type backing sticks to the surface like a charm and the pattern matches up perfectly! I would definitely order these again, I am that pleased with them.

This tile is beautiful and wears well. Great product. Great price.


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