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WOWLIVE Tall Foldable Laundry BasketWherever I lived I had a laundry basket that was tall and narrow and most importantly foldable. A folding laundry basket that fits into a luggage or narrow storage space belongs in every small home such as a tiny house, an RV, a houseboat and every small apartment.

For everybody who uses a laundry place outside of home this model of a tall folding laundry basket might be of interest because it comes with a wheel design and lifting ear – easy to move and roll around.

What is it what you wish a good laundry basket comes with for every tiny living?

Well, it needs to be foldable obviously, but at the same time sturdy with a strong frame and thick bottom in order to safely hold a lot of clothes and sheets.

On the other side a laundry basket that needs to fit into a small home shouldn’t come with too much space requirements. It should be tall and narrow, almost disappearing wherever you place it – even more so when you fold it and store it away.

This tall folding laundry basket that I found includes all these requirements. I chose a size that works for one or two persons for a reasonable waiting time until laundry needs to be done.

I personally like the wheel design, it makes it so easily movable, you almost want to roll it around your home – and to the laundry place.

People mention that this laundry basket is of such small size that it fits easily into closets and is therefore out of sight, great idea. But with a nice looking laundry basket like this one you might want to keep it in sight if your space allows it.

WOWLIVE Tall Foldable Laundry Basket

WOWLIVE Tall Foldable Laundry Basket

Product Highlights

  • Size: 15.35“ × 7.8“ × 22“
  • Sturdy and easy care fabric: double-layered 600d Oxford fabric
  • Wire frame and built-in iron frame
  • Thick PE board in bottom
  • Folding and wheel design
  • Waterproof and dustproof

Customer reviews

The laundry container is good quality and stable bone. It has four wheels and easy to carry with the two handles. Good design and I like it. Very handy

I have this for a week now. Pretty good size a week’s clothing. I live in a apartment, and I have to walk about 8 min to the laundry room. The wheels and lifting ear make it easier for transporting. Also the seal wires on the top support the clothing falling off. I am satisfy with this purchase.

This is a VERY nice looking hamper. it is a perfect size to fit in my closet. I think this is a decent laundry hamper that is worth the purchase.


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