Compact Portable Tabletop Mini Fridge under $40

Chefman Portable Compact Mini FridgeHere it is! The ultimate Refrigerator for dorm rooms, offices and every other small space! The compact mini fridge that fits onto every tabletop and countertop.

The name Fridge might even be a little misleading. It is a fridge meaning it keeps drinks and food cold – but! It is also a warmer meaning it keeps your lunch, soups and drink warm. What a versatile mini appliance! It goes from cooling to heating with just the flip of a switch.

Its compact space saving size is just made for every small to tiny space. I see this mini fridge in a dorm room, bedroom or boat and RV. But since it is so lightweight and easy to transport it may go with you wherever you go: on sporting events, hiking, camping tours, backyard parties and even on hotel travels.

The interior size of this compact portable mini refrigerator is big enough to fit six 12 oz cans. Or you remove the shelf and fit easily milk, juice or yogurt as well as coffee, soups and other home made meals.

This convenient mini appliance plugs into standard home outlets as well as 12V car chargers. It is made to last long so you will have many years of usage out of it.

Chefman Portable Compact Mini Fridge

Chefman Portable Compact Mini Fridge

Product Highlights

  • Perfect portability
  • Cooling up to 32°F below ambient temperature and warming up to 140°F at an ambient temperature of 75°F
  • Includes plugs for standard home outlets and 12V car chargers
  • 4 liter capacity chills six 12 oz soda cans
  • Interior dimension: 5“ x 5“ x 7.5“ with removable shelf
  • 100% freon-free and eco friendly, cETL approved

Customer reviews

I bought this for my 15 year old son for Christmas. It’s awesome. It’s small enough that it fits on his desk and holds six pop cans! He loves it! Great buy!

Probably the best purchase I’ve made all year! This keeps things both hot AND cold and it plugs into either wall outlet or the car, so we can also use on long roadtrips or while camping! It’s compact, but has plenty of room. Definitely a must-have!

This Portable Compact Personal Fridge is pretty awesome! I needed this when I go hiking and so far this works great and I love! Very impressed.


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