Why using a Splatter Guard is great for small Kitchens

Norpro Nonstick 3 Sided Splatter GuardAlthough a small or tiny kitchen is really easy to clean – one of its big advantages versus bigger kitchens – you still have the option to get a splatter guard or splatter shield to keep your cooking efforts from splashing all over your small stove or small countertop.

A nonstick splatter guard is first of all meant for using on the stove, but I use mine also on the countertop when I use the mixer or when I make bread dough dusting with flour around me.

The great feature of this splatter guard is that it is foldable. You wash it after use, fold it and store it easily away in smallest storage space.

Norpro Nonstick 3 Sided Splatter GuardIt has 3 sides that you can open as wide or as narrow as you wish for your cooking action. This is another important detail because so many stoves in tiny kitchens are tiny themselves. You therefore have not a lot of space around your pot or pan. The same goes with small countertops. This small splatter guard is meant for exactly this kind of space availability.

The nonstick finish makes it really easy to clean although it is not recommended to put it into the dishwasher. As having a small kitchen myself I know that many don’t have a dishwasher anyway, so no problem with hand washing.

If you like to go camping you might be interested in this nice splatter shield, too. Why? It will keep the direct wind away from your camping stove. In one campground we were fighting so much with a persistent wind that cooking wasn’t fun anymore. This splatter guard would have helped us to keep direct wind off of our pan.

Having a nonstick splatter guard is certainly interesting for all kinds of tiny kitchens: in a tiny house, a small apartment, an RV or houseboat as well as for all kinds of camping cooking. And it is a nice unexpected gift idea for someone moving into a tiny place.

Norpro Nonstick 3 Sided Splatter Guard

Norpro Nonstick 3 Sided Splatter Guard

Product Highlights

  • Size of each panel: 10“ x 9“
  • Weight: 10.9 oz
  • 3-sided splatter guard
  • Durable nonstick finish easy to clean
  • Panels fold down for easy storage
  • Hand washing recommended

Customer reviews

Great purchase. Saves us a lot of cleaning up grease splatters.

My stove is right against the wall in my tiny apartment and I had to clean grease off it more than once. This is a life-saver, and keeps my stove top cleaner too.

Work well at keeping grease from splattering onto my counter tops. I use them so much at home that I bought some for my mother for a xmas present.


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