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Top 3 Elegant Indoor Wall Lamps between $20 and $45

SOLFART LED Wall Deco LightingLighting is important, no question about that. You find at my blog some posts about many different ways you may light your tiny home. Today it is about elegant even a bit unusual looking wall lamps.

Sometimes you don’t need a very bright light but instead an aesthetically pleasing wall lamp that just gives enough light to make a small room bright. This kind of wall lamp might be interesting for RV, tiny houses, small apartments as well as for houseboats and Cabins.

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How to Heat a small Bathroom with Floor Heating System

Electric Radiant Floor Heating SystemMany apartments in Switzerland come with a built-in floor heating system. There the floor heating embraces the whole apartment. You can have the same luxury in your bathroom with this great floor heating system that’s meant to be installed under bathroom tiles.

I can’t emphasize enough how great floor heating is, even more so in the bathroom. You have there two options for warm feet: you place bath mats wherever you usually stand – or you install a floor heating system.

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Smart Use of Turquoise Color for a Tiny Home

Turquoise gemstonesTurquoise is the color of the Caribbean waters when the sun, sky and water meet most wonderfully! But the name Turquoise actually stems from the gemstone that can be found besides other places in Arizona and New Mexico. I love the Turquoise color, I wear almost daily my Turquoise earrings which I bought from a jeweler in Taos Pueblo in New Mexico.

But let’s take a look at why the Turquoise color is a great idea to be used in interior design. And why every tiny home should add something Turquoise to its style.

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Top 2 Mini Personal Desk Heaters under $30

C&L Mini Heater for personal UseWe are more and more energy-aware. How we heat our homes is getting important, not just for tiny homes. And we are size-aware. When you combine the two requirements you look at a mini desk personal heater that’s not much bigger than an iPhone.

What this little desk heater does is just heating up the surrounding space where you are. Having a mini desk personal heater that goes with you wherever you are gives the freedom to lower the heat of the main heating system.

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Top 3 Storage Units with Wicker Baskets around $100

Southern Enterprises Storage Unit with Wicker BasketsWhy would you choose one of these storage units with wicker baskets? I can think of several reasons actually. If the chest with the wicker baskets is tall and narrow it will fit into small spaces. You might be interested in it for your tiny house, small apartment, RV or houseboat.

I love wicker because it looks natural and at the same time elegant. It is also very easy to clean. A tall chest with wicker baskets or wicker drawers fulfills both requirements for a tiny home: it is functional and beautiful – oh, and it is space-saving.

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Great Pocket Projector under $50

Mini Projector for Video, Movie, Game, Home TheaterWe live in a time where everything we need should fit into our pockets, iPhones, computers – and projectors. You know a projector is mini when it fits into your pocket.

Besides the tiny size a great pocket projector should also be affordable and create a pretty good movie experience. Well, I think we speak about this model I like to present to you.

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Top 3 Small Wood burning Stoves $700 – $900

Pleasant Hearth Small Wood Burning StoveFor a single-family or mobile home you want to look for a small wood burning stove that heats a room of 800 square feet up to 1,200 square feet. A good wood burning stove should be easy to fill with common sized logs and should give up a good heat for several hours without that you need to touch it.

What I like about these top 3 small wood burning stoves is their sleek and elegant design. They fit into every style home and will upgrade the look of the room where you will have it heating your home.

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Top-Notch High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Combo

AquaDance High Pressure Rainfall Shower ComboHaving a great shower head is the most important detail for a good shower – and I mean the shower stall and your shower action.

I must say I’m amazed for how little you can get a real good shower head combo.

This post will be very short. Why? Because the product speaks for itself. A top-notch high-pressure rainfall shower combo! There you have it!

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Top 2 Window Design Landscape Wallpapers around $20

Wall26 Old knotted tree Wall Mural RemovableIn my first tiny one-room apartment in Switzerland I would have gotten one of these fascinating window design landscape wallpapers. That apartment had just one window and was otherwise wall-to-wall adjacent to neighbor apartments.

Having a window design landscape wallpaper creates an additional window where there is none and allows you to kind of look out into the landscape of your dreams.

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Top 3 Tabletop Fireplaces around $70

Regal Flame Ventless Tabletop FireplaceYou live in an apartment without fireplace, in a houseboat or RV and you really miss having the atmosphere of a romantic fireplace? Here’s what you need to have: a tabletop fireplace.

The following Top 3 tabletop fireplaces are ventless and portable and therefore suitable for indoor use as well as for outdoors – wherever you wish to have that great fireplace atmosphere hassle-free and safe.

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High Quality professional Pegboard Tool Organizer

Wall Control Pegboard Standard Tool Storage KitI don’t know about you but I’m always shocked when I enter a garage that’s overflowing with stuff where you can’t find even something simple like a hammer. Then I remember what awesome tool organizers are out there creating instant order wherever you keep your tools.

I’m not a handy person but I love order. So seeing a high quality professional tool organizer makes me feel good. And I just can imagine how good it feels for the person who actually uses all those tools.

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Top 3 Tall Corner Cabinets under $150

Prepac Tall 1-Door Corner Storage CabinetFurnitures that are tall and offer ample space are a must for every tiny living.

The following Top 3 tall corner cabinets fulfill both of these requirements plus add one advantage: they are meant for corners – notoriously underutilized in every home.

Tall cabinets don’t use off too much floor space. You create storage space with height instead of width which is perfect for tiny homes.

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