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Swiss Army Knife and Swisscard Tool

Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster Pocket KnifeLet’s talk Swiss today! Well, not the Swiss language, there are four of them anyway that are daily spoken in Switzerland. Did you know that? Swiss speak German, French, Italian and Rhaetian. Most of the Swiss speak therefore several languages fluently, like me with 5 active languages. But that’s not my present theme. Today I want to present the famous Swiss Army Knife.

The reason why everybody who lives in a tiny home would need a Swiss Army Knife is that there is always something to do, to install, to mount in a tiny place that requires tools. Several tools! Or one tool that has them all in one. The Swiss Army Knife. Honestly, it should be called Swiss Army Tool, because the knife is just one small part of the whole thing.

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Top 3 Wall mounted Bottle Openers under $10

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener, Matted Nickel

Today is Friday and at beer thirty it’s time to open a bottle of beer – or two! Well, every day can be have the famous beer thirty time.

Even with this little accessory such as a bottle opener you can find one that’s perfect for tiny homes: the wall mounted bottle opener. Even better when the design is small but still practical.

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Ideas for Coastal Inspired Tiny Homes

Pyradecor Beach Artwork for Wall DecorOne doesn’t need to live somewhere near a coast in order to add some coastal themed accents to a tiny home.

To me everything that displays a coastal theme emanates lightness and endless sunshine and warmth. I’m guessing it’s the color scheme that creates this impression as well as the corals, starfish, sand, ocean and whichever theme is depicted.

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Smart Use of Blue Color for a Tiny Home

Blue Microfiber Futon Recliner Sofa BedToday I make something I normally don’t do. Today I have an unusual story for you about the medieval origin of the German expression “I make blue” that means as much as “I skip work”. This story will be a bit disgusting, or at least disturbing, so readers discretion is advised.

But first get me into the theme: how to use the blue color in a smart way for your tiny home. And it doesn’t matter if your tiny home is a small apartment, a RV or Camper, boat or tiny house. The use of blue as an interior design color is very interesting and fascinating. I have some tips for you – and then, yes, my little story.

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Locking Security Mailbox

Locking Security Mailbox, BlackIn Switzerland this is a very common sight: locking mailboxes. All houses and all apartment buildings have them. When I arrived in the USA I was surprised that the majority of the mailboxes here are not lockable. I even don’t know why people in Switzerland have only lockable mailboxes. It’s not that mail theft would be a daily threat in Switzerland, to the contrary. It’s just normal that you can lock your mailbox. Therefore mail theft is something that happens extremely rarely. Vandalism on the other hand is sadly quite common.

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Top 3 Wall mounted Wire Baskets between $30 and $80

Large Rustic Wall Mounted Hanging Wire BasketEverything that is airy, meaning transparent is perfect for tiny homes, small apartments, RVs, Campers, boats and tiny houses. Why? Because it doesn’t fill visually the space like a closed-in item creating a kind of full impression. Wire Baskets belong in this category, even better when you can wall mount them.

Originally wire baskets were meant for kitchen holding fruits and vegetables. Which of course is still very common. Having all the food that doesn’t need to be in the refrigerator in a wire basket, that’s even mounted on the wall is perfect for every tiny kitchen. Having your fruits and vegetables in a wire basket frees your countertop or side table or wherever you liked to keep them.

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Top 3 Placemat Sets around $13

Autumn Leaves Tapestry PlacematsYou know placemats aren’t just about keeping your dining table clean? They add inevitably a very important decorative touch to your dining room, small living room or kitchen. Wherever you have enough space to have a table constantly set up you can add beautiful placemats and have instantaneously a great style.

Even if you belong to those people that never gotten in the habit of using placemats you might take a closer look at them. They pull a look together by dressing up your table and therefore your whole tiny home. And don’t forget about the practical reason that a placemat is easier to clean than a whole tablecloth or the table itself.

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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in February 2017

top 10


Check out the Top 10 most visited posts of Little Big Life in February 2017!



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Smart Use of Green Color for a Tiny Home

Novogratz Vintage Tufted Green Sofa SleeperHow can you use the color green for the interior design of your tiny home? Actually the color green is in my opinion the easiest color to use for interior design. Because it’s so versatile and because of its effect on your psyche.

Do you know what the effects of green on our mood are, which feelings they create and that they change depending on the variation of the green? It’s very fascinating, I think. I admit it was fun to research about green, in general and as color for interior design. Here are some ideas.

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Smart Use of Patterns for a Tiny Home

DEESEE Leopard Print Pillow CasePatterns are fun stuff when it’s about decorating your tiny home. There is actually no home that wouldn’t benefit from using patterns as deco style. RV, houseboat, small apartment, tiny house, you name it.

There is a general rule that says that you should use small patterns in small rooms. Well, that’s right – most often. But sometimes you just can make a big statement in decorating your tiny place by just using patterns in the opposite way. But let’s start at the beginning. What’s a smart use of patterns in a tiny home?

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Moroccan Style for a Tiny Home

AccMart Damask Table RunnerWouldn’t you agree that there is something fascinating about the Moroccan Style? Whatever you are looking at, Moroccan furniture, Moroccan decoration items, they all reflect inherently Morocco’s rich culture with their vibrant colors and lush patterns.

What are the characteristics of the Moroccan style? You’ll always see fabrics, curtains and lanterns. Light is an important component of Moroccan design. Letting light in as well as keeping light out. This aspect makes the Moroccan style so interesting for tiny homes.

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Top 3 Wall Clocks between $50 and $100

TIC Collection Lafayette Wall ClockWhat a wonderful way to add a great look to your tiny home! A wall clock. It doesn’t take away any precious space and is therefore perfect for any tiny house, small apartment and even RV and boat. Take a look at these Top 3 beautiful wall clocks!

You really can choose the style that fits your home the best. Also consider that you can add with a wall clock an interesting counterpart to your interior design style. Another great idea is to contrast a painted wall with a wall clock. You have so many choices of how to upgrade the look of your tiny home.

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