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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in February 2017

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Top 3 Two-handle Bathroom Sink Faucets around $100

Delta Two Handle Faucet, Champagne BronzeThere is no question about the importance of the bathroom sink faucet. Importance because the faucet is sort of the focal point of the bathroom. You inevitably look at it the moment you step into the bathroom. And importance because the faucet should provide easy handling and a good water conservation feature.

Well, saying this, I’m really happy to tell you that there are incredibly beautiful models of bathroom sink faucets to a real good price available. You can choose among many different faucet designs, styles, finishes and features. There are though some considerations you have to make before buying a new bathroom sink faucet. Here they are.

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Top 5 Bath Mats between $15 and $80

Kmat Non-Slip Bath Mat Bathroom RugYou won’t believe how many different styles and materials there are for something simple like a bath mat. Well, I was. Making the research about the top bath mats for bathrooms I had a hard time to choose among the best ones. You’ll find everything between cotton and the Japanese style Diatomite stone. Cool!

There are actually some things you should know about bathmats, about their replacement frequency and their care. I collected these information for you in the following short list.

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Top 2 Frosted Glass Tub Doors around $400

DreamLine Aqua Frosted Glass Bath Tub DoorSo, if you’re like me and you don’t like to clean your bath tub glass door after every shower you take, you’ll be interested in this post about frosted glass tub doors. They are exactly what you’re looking for.

They look as stylish as any clear glass tub door but don’t show the water drops on them. Isn’t that great! Well, you still need to clean a frosted tempered glass tub door, but definitely not as often as a clean glass tub door.

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Top 6 Under Cabinet Lightings between $10 and $95

EShine Under Cabinet Lighting Warm WhiteBrightness is important for every tiny space. Light makes every tiny room, small apartment, RV, houseboat and tiny house immediately feel and look spacious and wide. The so-called under cabinet lighting is definitely one of the best options you can find for your tiny home.

Besides letting sunshine come into your tiny home you can choose between different types of lighting. Pendant lighting is surely one perfect idea for tiny living. And of course you can choose between classic floor lamps with small footprints or wall lamps. Your choice depends on the available space.

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Top 5 Shower Curtains under $15

Saturday Knight Worldmap Shower CurtainOne of the easiest ways to make your tiny bathroom look stylish, elegant, fancy or just simply funny happens by choosing a shower curtain.  The variety of designs in shower curtains is overwhelming, can be overwhelming if you don’t know yet what style you want to create for your bathroom.

If you are building your own tiny house and you already got the shower stall kit and the shower curtain tension rod, well, then it’s time to get the shower curtain of your choice.  This last step for your new shower will make all the difference, the optical difference I mean.

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Top 3 Over-the-door Mirrors around $65

JUMBL Over the door MirrorMirrors are a great way to create a more open and spacious look to every tiny place.  And of course, they are functional.  Wherever you hang a over-the-door mirror, if inside at a bathroom door or outside at a door or even a wall, they should work for you to see yourself perfectly in them.

Certainly over-the-door mirrors are excellent for tiny living places, tiny houses, small apartments, even RVs and houseboats.

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Top 4 Wall mounted Shelving Units between $30 and $90

Allure Wall Shelving Unit, EbonyYou might not think of it as that but shelves are a kind of a design statement.  The statement is made the way how these shelving units mix functionality with beauty.  They are more shelf than the floating wall mount shelves, but they perfectly go together with one of those awesome Corner Wall mount shelves.

The main point about wall mounted shelving units is that they provide an aesthetically pleasing place for storing different items.

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Smart Use of Mirrors for a Tiny Home

mirror styleToday’s tip of how to decorate a tiny home is kind of a double-edged sword.  The use of mirrors can immediately visibly enhance and enlarge the look of your tiny home, small apartment, RV, houseboat or tiny house.  I think, this is not a secret.

You see this effect often applied in restaurants, galleries and shops.  It works, no question about that.

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Top 2 Teak Corner Benches between $150 and $250

teak corner benchCorners are notoriously underestimated when it comes to find new places for storage or display in your tiny home, small apartment, RV, houseboat and tiny house.  As long as your home is not a yurt or a roundhouse you will have corners that most of the time remain unused.  Isn’t that true?

Perfect for corners are Corner Shelves or Corner Benches.  If you want to take advantage of the whole height of a corner, you might choose one of the awesome looking Corner Wall mount Shelves or  Corner Display Etageres.  Their disadvantage is their lightweight, meaning you can’t really place anything heavy on them.  But they are absolutely perfect for display.  Corner Benches on the other hand are very sturdy and hold a lot of weight.

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Top 3 Bath Tubs between $500 and $1,000

American Standard Bath TubAs I said in my post about the Shower Wall Kits there might actually be a time in your life when you think about replacing your old bath tub or you are remodeling your bathroom or even better: you are building your tiny house and you will need a full bathroom set.  And I don’t just speak here about a complete 3-piece bathroom set.

Nevertheless, a bath tub is just totally essential for a great bathroom and for a great bathing experience.  And I admit, a bath tub has an important aesthetic aspect that you just can’t deny.  It definitely adds to the whole look of your bathroom.

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Top 2 Pocket Hanging Wall Organizers around $5

Delta Children Hanging Wall OrganizerI can’t help myself.  Every time I discover a new and ingenious way to store things perfect for a tiny home, I get excited.  This time it is about Pocket hanging wall organizers.  Walls are, as you know in your tiny place such as small apartment, RV, houseboat or tiny house, ideal for storing items freeing precious floor space.

Pocket hanging wall organizers are in two ways excellent: they are practical and they look great.  Well, what more do we want?  Of course be aware, that Pocket hanging wall organizers are lightweight, that’s why they fit on every wall, door – bathroom door or closet door – or even towel racks.  That means, that you can’t place really heavy items in them.

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