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Top 3 TV Tables under $40

If you think that a high quality TV table is a very expensive furniture, I invite you to take a look at these Top 3 and you might learn otherwise. The models I found are all under $40 and they look just awesome.

What’s even more important, or at least of the same importance, is that a TV table that should be perfect for a tiny home needs to be multi-functional. I know you agree with that. A TV table that comes with two or even three shelves provides exactly that.

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Smart Use of Blue Color for a Tiny Home

Blue Microfiber Futon Recliner Sofa BedToday I make something I normally don’t do. Today I have an unusual story for you about the medieval origin of the German expression “I make blue” that means as much as “I skip work”. This story will be a bit disgusting, or at least disturbing, so readers discretion is advised.

But first get me into the theme: how to use the blue color in a smart way for your tiny home. And it doesn’t matter if your tiny home is a small apartment, a RV or Camper, boat or tiny house. The use of blue as an interior design color is very interesting and fascinating. I have some tips for you – and then, yes, my little story.

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Top 3 Memory Foam 10 inch Twin Mattress under $170

Modway 10 Inch Memory Foam Twin MattressAfter having written about Memory Foam 12 inch Queen Mattresses today I take a closer look at Memory Foam 10 inch Twin Mattresses. They are incredibly affordable. You won’t believe what great quality of Memory Foam Twin Mattresses are out there to a real great price.

When I moved into my first apartment back in Switzerland – you know that tiny tiny apartment – I had a metal bed frame with a twin mattress. At that time there weren’t yet memory foam mattresses made. I would have bought one though. Since I know how comfortable they are, I always go with memory foam mattresses.

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Smart Use of Green Color for a Tiny Home

Novogratz Vintage Tufted Green Sofa SleeperHow can you use the color green for the interior design of your tiny home? Actually the color green is in my opinion the easiest color to use for interior design. Because it’s so versatile and because of its effect on your psyche.

Do you know what the effects of green on our mood are, which feelings they create and that they change depending on the variation of the green? It’s very fascinating, I think. I admit it was fun to research about green, in general and as color for interior design. Here are some ideas.

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Smart Use of Patterns for a Tiny Home

DEESEE Leopard Print Pillow CasePatterns are fun stuff when it’s about decorating your tiny home. There is actually no home that wouldn’t benefit from using patterns as deco style. RV, houseboat, small apartment, tiny house, you name it.

There is a general rule that says that you should use small patterns in small rooms. Well, that’s right – most often. But sometimes you just can make a big statement in decorating your tiny place by just using patterns in the opposite way. But let’s start at the beginning. What’s a smart use of patterns in a tiny home?

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Top 3 Memory Foam 12 inch Queen Mattress under $300

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Queen MattressDo you know what a memory foam mattress is made from? Well, I didn’t until I researched for this post. Memory foam is made from viscoelastic that makes the mattress highly energy absorbent and soft. Exactly the points we like about memory foam mattress, isn’t it. Memory foam has the ability to mold to the body and to return to its original shape once you get out of the bed.

A big advantage for everybody living in a tiny place, a tiny house, small apartment, RV or houseboat is that a memory foam mattress arrives rolled, meaning the whole package is easily handleable and movable, even when it’s a 12 inch mattress. This simple little fact is already a big argument to look into memory foam mattresses. But there is more advantage to a memory foam mattress.

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Tuscan Style for a Tiny Home

Ambesonne Curtain with Tuscan DecorWhoever traveled to Tuscany will never forget it. This is definitely the case for me. So, researching about how you can decorate your tiny home in the Tuscan Style was just pure fun for me.

You have so many options of how you can integrate the great Tuscan style into your tiny house or small apartment. You will be surprised with how little you can recreate that incredible mood and atmosphere Tuscany is emanating with every step you make there and with every view you see.

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Top 3 Wall Mount Shelves / Display Organizers

Greenco Floating U ShelvesEverything off-floor is per se interesting for tiny living. Mount shelves and display organizers are perfect for this reason. They hold your stuff that otherwise would lie around and clutter your tiny place.

Having all your little stuff, your collectibles or small items of bathroom, kitchen, home office or hallway stored in an orderly manner is worth everything. Wall mount shelves and display organizers do exactly that.

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Smart Use of Red Color for a Tiny Home

Moderne Living red 3 seater sofaIn one of my posts about how you can decorate a tiny home I mentioned using wall colors. That’s one way to optimize your tiny home. Often though, mostly when you live in an apartment, you have no way to paint whole walls.

For you I made this research. Instead of painting the walls, even just parts of the walls, get colored furniture, colored deco items. Today it’s all about the color red.

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Minimalist Style for a Tiny Home

FengLan Rechargeable Touch Desk LampWell, I admit, when I heard for the first time of the minimalist style I thought immediately of empty rooms, blank walls and austere furniture. Did you too? This is actually not quite right.

The minimalist style is all about clear lines and serene patterns. The appearance of the minimalist furniture – and yes, there are minimalist furniture – is simple, straight and delicate. It’s not about looking fancy or opulent. The famous mantra of the minimalist style is “less is more”.

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Use of Symmetry for a Tiny Home

symmetry interior designSymmetry has doubtlessly a big effect on how we perceive a room. Just everything in life actually. Using Symmetry as interior guide for your tiny home will make your place not just elegant and gorgeous but will also create a feeling of calmness and spaciousness. Why?

Well, there are in fact researches made about how we perceive harmony in our surroundings. Symmetry is one important part of harmony. Who doesn’t want to create harmony at home? (picture found on Pinterest)

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Top 3 Drawer/Closet Organizers around $10

Deco Brothers Underwear OrganizerEven with having a drawer or closet where all your items disappear from your eyesight, it still has a huge orderly feeling when those items are nicely organized instead of just lying around – one on top of the others. An important fact for everybody living in a tiny place, a small apartment, RV or houseboat.

Drawer and Closet Organizers are an ingenious way to keep your things orderly, visible and easy to locate. And they can perfectly be added to your other organizing features such as racks, baskets, boxes and more. Another important feature of drawer/closet organizers is that they can be folded to be put away easily if not used.

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