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Bestsellers in April 2017

bestsellerI’m always drawn to bestseller lists, they make me want to go through all positions, and it doesn’t matter to me how long the list is. Well, my list of the best selling items on Little Big Life that people chose and purchased in April 2017 has 10 positions. Not too long, isn’t it.

I invite you to take a look at what has made its entry to the bestseller list of April 2017.

Here is the countdown of the 10 bestsellers in April 2017:

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All about Tiny House Trailers

trailer for a tiny houseSome years ago my husband bought a small trailer and built on it an enclosed car trailer that turned out to be very beautiful and most practical for our travels. We loved it. As we found out and as do all tiny house builders, the choice of the trailer is very essential for whatever you want to build on it.

There are some details to know before purchasing the perfect trailer for your perfect future tiny house. Being the foundation of your tiny house you cannot put enough emphasis on the trailer.

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Top 3 Bed Trays under $40

Superjare Large Bed Tray Foldable Laptop DeskSpeak of something that really is of multi-purpose. Maybe you wouldn’t think of a bed tray as being multi-functional. Well, I didn’t – until I started my research about these inconspicuous little items. They are so incredibly practical!

Everything that is multi-functional is in itself perfect for every tiny living. If you’re in a tiny house, small apartment, RV, camper, houseboat or small apartment you might be interested in a bed tray that’s at the same time a desk, a TV stand and much more. Let’s take a closer look at this awesome little product.

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Southwestern Style for a Tiny Home

Decor Hanging Mini Pots Southwest MexicanHaving lived in the Southwest for many years I totally got to love the Southwestern style. It has something cozy and familiar, I think. With warm tones and patterns the Southwestern style touches the hearts – the designers hearts I might add.

Wouldn’t you agree with me that the Southwestern Style is just perfect for every tiny home? It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny house, a small apartment or even in an RV or houseboat. The Southwestern style will enhance the look of your tiny home incredibly.

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Swiss Army Knife and Swisscard Tool

Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster Pocket KnifeWhat is the tiniest tool box you can think of? The Swiss Army Knife! Alright, let’s talk Swiss today! Well, not the Swiss language, there are four of them anyway that are daily spoken in Switzerland. Did you know that? Swiss speak German, French, Italian and Rhaetian. Most of the Swiss speak therefore several languages fluently, like me with 5 active languages. But that’s not my present theme. Today I want to present the famous Swiss Army Knife.

The reason why everybody who lives in a tiny home would need a Swiss Army Knife is that there is always something to do, to install, to mount in a tiny place that requires tools. Several tools! Or one tool that has them all in one. The Swiss Army Knife. Honestly, it should be called Swiss Army Tool, because the knife is just one small part of the whole thing.

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Locking Security Mailbox

Locking Security Mailbox, BlackIn Switzerland this is a very common sight: locking mailboxes. All houses and all apartment buildings have them. When I arrived in the USA I was surprised that the majority of the mailboxes here are not lockable. I even don’t know why people in Switzerland have only lockable mailboxes. It’s not that mail theft would be a daily threat in Switzerland, to the contrary. It’s just normal that you can lock your mailbox. Therefore mail theft is something that happens extremely rarely. Vandalism on the other hand is sadly quite common.

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Top 2 Teak Corner Benches between $150 and $250

teak corner benchCorners are notoriously underestimated when it comes to find new places for storage or display in your tiny home, small apartment, RV, houseboat and tiny house.  As long as your home is not a yurt or a roundhouse you will have corners that most of the time remain unused.  Isn’t that true?

Perfect for corners are Corner Shelves or Corner Benches.  If you want to take advantage of the whole height of a corner, you might choose one of the awesome looking Corner Wall mount Shelves or  Corner Display Etageres.  Their disadvantage is their lightweight, meaning you can’t really place anything heavy on them.  But they are absolutely perfect for display.  Corner Benches on the other hand are very sturdy and hold a lot of weight.

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Top 2 Hanging Chairs

Tribeca Modern Bubble ChairBesides floating furniture and multi-functional pieces I like all kinds of hanging off-floor furniture for tiny living spaces such as small apartments, RV, houseboats or tiny houses.  Hanging chairs are of course a great furniture for all kinds of uses, may it be on your porch as a chair hammock or may it be for your kids in their rooms.

Hanging chairs don’t take away any space – and you can use it indoors as well as outdoors.  Well, when I started to look for the Top models of hanging chairs I found that there are essentially two main styles out there.  Both models are available in different colors, with different style cushions and hanging hardware.  But your decision for your future hanging chair will happen between these two models.

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Top 5 Window Shutters

window shuttersThere is literally no house in Switzerland without window shutters.  Well, let’s say 90% of the Swiss houses and buildings have them.  I even don’t know what the story is behind it because Switzerland has no hurricanes or tornadoes – normally.  Huge windstorms like the one in 1999 are extremely rare.  That exceptional storm called Lothar swept with winds of 160 mph across western and central Europe during a period of 36 hours causing major damage in France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. So, window shutters are certainly a great protection against wind and weather.

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Top 5 Storage Hammocks around $10

Corner Tidy Hammock Storage OrganizerI don’t know if you are familiar with the idea that you can use a hammock as storage.  Well, I wasn’t – until recently.  And I was amazed about this unusual but ingenious idea!

A storage hammock is one of those inventions where you think: What a perfect way to declutter!  And again, you know me, just leave the usual path and ignore that most of these hammocks are meant for storing toys.  There is much more to it than that.

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Top 4 Flower Box Holders under $15

house with flower boxesI can’t gush enough over house walls, fences and windows that are decorated with colorful flowers. I mean, who doesn’t like the look of pretty flowers.  Thanks to ingenious flower boxes and window plant boxes we are able to create exactly this kind of beauty.  And the great news is that you can do that wherever you live.  Even more so when you live in a tiny house, a small apartment, houseboat or even RV.

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Top 5 Wall mount Racks with Hooks for $10-20

InterDesign Wall Mount 6 Hook RackSometimes a post can be about something as simple as wall mount racks with hooks.  Well, there might be nothing really exciting about them, they still are necessary and very practical and functional for your tiny living place, your small apartment, RV, boat or tiny house.

Of course, you know me, I like to encourage you to find unusual innovative ways to use your new rack with hooks.  The most obvious place in the hallway or sometimes garage doesn’t need to close the list of places where you can install it.  While being fancy with finding a new place you can also be creative with the items you want to hang.

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