Medium Sized Ceiling Fan 44” with Light

Hunter 44“ Ceiling Fan With LightFor a small room or for a room with a low ceiling like you have in a small apartment, tiny house or even in an RV or boat you will need to get a ceiling fan with a smaller blade span than normal.

The perfect blade span for smaller rooms is about 44 inches. That’s one requirement you’ll need to look for. But when you look for a new ceiling fan you also want to find one with a great contemporary design that’s pleasing to the eye and fits the style of your tiny home.

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Top 3 Memory Foam 10 inch Twin Mattress under $170

Modway 10 Inch Memory Foam Twin MattressAfter having written about Memory Foam 12 inch Queen Mattresses today I take a closer look at Memory Foam 10 inch Twin Mattresses. They are incredibly affordable. You won’t believe what great quality of Memory Foam Twin Mattresses are out there to a real great price.

When I moved into my first apartment back in Switzerland – you know that tiny tiny apartment – I had a metal bed frame with a twin mattress. At that time there weren’t yet memory foam mattresses made. I would have bought one though. Since I know how comfortable they are, I always go with memory foam mattresses.

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Locking Security Mailbox

Locking Security Mailbox, BlackIn Switzerland this is a very common sight: locking mailboxes. All houses and all apartment buildings have them. When I arrived in the USA I was surprised that the majority of the mailboxes here are not lockable. I even don’t know why people in Switzerland have only lockable mailboxes. It’s not that mail theft would be a daily threat in Switzerland, to the contrary. It’s just normal that you can lock your mailbox. Therefore mail theft is something that happens extremely rarely. Vandalism on the other hand is sadly quite common.

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How to cook in a Complete Compact Kitchen

Avanti Complete Compact KitchenI don‘t know if there is even a tinier kitchen than a complete compact kitchen. It has everything you wish from a kitchen. Actually it‘s offering even more incredible details than you would think of.

If you build your tiny house, you live in a RV or Camper or boat, you have to take a look at this incredible little appliance. And let me tell you why a tiny kitchen like a complete compact kitchen is even more fun to be in than a big wide kitchen with a gigantic refrigerator and maybe even an island in the middle.

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Top 3 Wall mounted Wire Baskets between $30 and $80

Large Rustic Wall Mounted Hanging Wire BasketEverything that is airy, meaning transparent is perfect for tiny homes, small apartments, RVs, Campers, boats and tiny houses. Why? Because it doesn’t fill visually the space like a closed-in item creating a kind of full impression. Wire Baskets belong in this category, even better when you can wall mount them.

Originally wire baskets were meant for kitchen holding fruits and vegetables. Which of course is still very common. Having all the food that doesn’t need to be in the refrigerator in a wire basket, that’s even mounted on the wall is perfect for every tiny kitchen. Having your fruits and vegetables in a wire basket frees your countertop or side table or wherever you liked to keep them.

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How to organize the space around your kitchen sink

Home-X Kitchen Sink Tidy OrganizerThe kitchen is my favorite room. And it doesn’t matter to me if the kitchen is small or even tiny. It‘s fun to cook and bake in every kitchen. What I like though and what keeps me having fun to cook is having order in my kitchen.

Order is even more important if the kitchen is tiny because it will look faster cluttered than a big kitchen. Did you ever take a closer look at the space around the kitchen sink? How do you organize your dish-washing supplies around the kitchen sink?

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Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper for $15

Dolce Mira Coffee DripperYou might ask why you should get a coffee dripper made of stainless steel when you can get the same model in plastic for much less. Well, if you add the disposable filters to the cost of your plastic coffee dripper you‘ll get soon costlier than what you pay for a stainless steel coffee dripper.

All you need for your new coffee dripper is hot water and coffee grounds of your choice. And you know what, this little item even replaces easily your big electric coffee maker freeing up much needed countertop space in your small kitchen.

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Top 3 Placemat Sets around $13

Autumn Leaves Tapestry PlacematsYou know placemats aren’t just about keeping your dining table clean? They add inevitably a very important decorative touch to your dining room, small living room or kitchen. Wherever you have enough space to have a table constantly set up you can add beautiful placemats and have instantaneously a great style.

Even if you belong to those people that never gotten in the habit of using placemats you might take a closer look at them. They pull a look together by dressing up your table and therefore your whole tiny home. And don’t forget about the practical reason that a placemat is easier to clean than a whole tablecloth or the table itself.

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Countertop Rotary Microwave Oven 0.6 cu.ft.

Westinghouse Counter Top Rotary Microwave OveLiving in a tiny home, a tiny house, RV, houseboat or small apartment with a tiny kitchen you look for compact appliances with small footprints. You think twice before getting a new appliance.

On the other hand you need some basic appliances for a comfortable little big life. A countertop microwave belongs definitely to this category of basic appliance for tiny homes, meaning tiny kitchen.

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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in February 2017

top 10


Check out the Top 10 most visited posts of Little Big Life in February 2017!



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Top 3 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners between $90 and $300

iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum CleanerIf you’re like me and don’t really like to vacuum you might be interested in getting one of these ingenious robotic vacuum cleaners. On first view I was skeptical about how this little robot would work, I mean in a practical way. I remembered Woody Allen’s film Sleeper and thought robots are just fun gadgets, not really usable.

Well, I changed my mind since I saw one of these robotic vacuum cleaner working. What a great little robot! The good news is these robotic vacuum cleaners really work – you actually get your cleaning-free time. There are even quite some models available in a wide price and quality range. Which model would be the best for you depends on the size of your home. Let’s take a closer look at robotic vacuum cleaners.

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Smart Use of Green Color for a Tiny Home

Novogratz Vintage Tufted Green Sofa SleeperHow can you use the color green for the interior design of your tiny home? Actually the color green is in my opinion the easiest color to use for interior design. Because it’s so versatile and because of its effect on your psyche.

Do you know what the effects of green on our mood are, which feelings they create and that they change depending on the variation of the green? It’s very fascinating, I think. I admit it was fun to research about green, in general and as color for interior design. Here are some ideas.

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