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Smart Use of Red Color for a Tiny Home

Moderne Living red 3 seater sofa

In one of my posts about how you can decorate a tiny home I mentioned using wall colors. That’s one way to optimize your tiny home. Often though, mostly when you live in an apartment, you have no way to paint whole walls.

For you I made this research. Instead of painting the walls, even just parts of the walls, get colored furniture, colored deco items. Today it’s all about the color red.

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Top 4 Comforter Sets between $50 and $80

King Linen 10 Piece Queen Comforter SetI love colors in the bedroom!  Don’t you?  On one hand you can create a colorful bedroom with a set of headboard and nightstand.  On the other hand you can add color to your bedroom by painting one wall or parts of one wall.  And of course, you can choose an awesome comforter set.

If you can’t paint the wall in your tiny apartment because of the rent rules or because you just want to beautify your tiny house, RV or houseboat, take a look at these gorgeous comforter sets.  Comforter sets are actually the easiest way to spice up your bedroom.  They provide color and style and of course usability.  You need a bedding on any kind in any case.  So consider a stylish and fresh new comforter set for your bedroom.

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