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Victorian Style for a Tiny Home

Victorian style for a tiny homeYes, I know, it sounds weird and contradictory: living in a tiny home and adding Victorian style to its decor. Probably most of you spontaneously connect Victorian style with big houses, mansions or castles. I did so too. At first glance you‘d think of the Victorian interior style as the opposite of the contemporary Zen-like style that so many people living in tiny homes love.

There are though some fascinating aspects around the Victorian style that makes it interesting for implementing it into tiny homes such as small apartments, tiny houses, RVs and houseboats. Here are some thoughts for you.

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Tuscan Style for a Tiny Home

Ambesonne Curtain with Tuscan DecorWhoever traveled to Tuscany will never forget it. This is definitely the case for me. So, researching about how you can decorate your tiny home in the Tuscan Style was just pure fun for me.

You have so many options of how you can integrate the great Tuscan style into your tiny house or small apartment. You will be surprised with how little you can recreate that incredible mood and atmosphere Tuscany is emanating with every step you make there and with every view you see.

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