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Best Gift Ideas for Tiny Homes

presentDo you know somebody who moves into a new tiny home, the first small apartment? Do you know people who start their new life in a RV or houseboat? Or even better, are you yourself making one of those big steps?

Here are some great ideas as gift for others or as self-gifts that will make the start into a tiny home living easier.

I know, I know. Appliances as gifts are out, definitely out. Well, yes, but every rule has its exceptions, isn’t it. So, just take a casual look at my following ideas. I hope that my list will help you, your friends and family.

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Top 3 Area Rugs 2 x 3 feet around $10

Generations Persian Area Rug 2 x 3Living in a tiny place doesn’t mean at all that you should deny yourself decorations.  I wrote already about beautiful window curtains that freshen up the room creating a colorful and bright mood.  I really encourage you to give your decoration ideas a free hand.  It makes a difference, believe me.

Area rugs for tiny living spaces such as a small apartment, RV, houseboat or tiny house, can’t be too big.  I researched about area rugs being only 2 x 3 feet.  As you can imagine, it’s not the size making a rug look awesome and create comfortableness in your tiny room.  It’s the style.

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