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Top 4 Recliners between $250 and $750

Homelegance Plush Microfiber Recliner Chair Do you remember the TV Series “Friends”, especially the moment where Chandler and Joey get their comfortable reclining chairs.  They were so happy with their recliners.

Recliners.  Everybody loves them.

They are so comfortable, no doubt about that.  And they exude luxury with every part of the furniture.  Just perfect to make your tiny home look sublime and grand.  Who wouldn’t like that.

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Top 3 Corner Sofas around $650

Poundex 2-Piece Corner SofaLiving in a tiny place doesn’t mean that you have to settle with a tiny sofa.  You might find a Folding Sofa Bed Futon or a daybed sofa the best solution for your small apartment or tiny house.  Well, if your place is a bit bigger than tiny, you also might take a look at the idea of a Corner Sofa.

Don’t they just look incredibly gorgeous!

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Top 4 End Tables with Storage under $100

Simpli Home End TableEnd tables are just made for tiny living places such as small apartments, RVs, houseboats, dorm rooms or tiny houses.  If the size is right and it comes with storage space such as a drawer and/or shelves, it is simply the perfect furniture.

Chair-side end tables with storage have two advantages.  One, they have a very simple and small footprint and fit therefore in many spaces.  If your living space is tinier than tiny you might even be able to use it as dining table just for you.  The second advantage comes with their storage features such as drawers and/or shelves.  Perfect for your decluttering activities.

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