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How to cook in a Complete Compact Kitchen

Avanti Complete Compact KitchenI don‘t know if there is even a tinier kitchen than a complete compact kitchen. It has though everything you wish from a kitchen. Actually it‘s offering even more incredible details than you would think.

If you build your tiny house, you live in an RVor boat, you have to take a look at this incredible little appliance. And let me tell you why a complete compact kitchen is even more fun to be in than a big wide kitchen with a gigantic refrigerator and even an island in the middle.

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Top 4 Complete Compact Kitchen under $1400

Avanti Complete Compact KitchenSometimes I have to smile when I read about tiny kitchens and the pictures show kitchens with even an island, lots of countertop space, 4-burner-stove with big oven and a huge refrigerator. And it reminds me that everything is relative, it’s just the way people look at it.  For some their kitchen is tiny and for others it’s really tiny.

The good news is that people prefer more and more often small kitchens. Tiny kitchens are getting more popular in contemporary and modern living spaces.

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Top 4 Mid-sized Refrigerators under $650

Avanti 2-Door Apartment Size RefrigeratorThere are refrigerators available in almost every size to suit nearly every need.  Below is a list of the measurements of the interior space and the exterior size of the most popular classes:

  • Large refrigerators: 26 cubic feet, 70” tall, 36” wide and 34” deep
  • Full-size refrigerators: 20 cubic feet, 60-69” tall, 30” wide and 27-30” deep
  • Apartment-size refrigerators: 10-15 cubic feet, 50-75” high, 20-23” wide and 20-23” deep
  • Mid-sized refrigerators: 6-10 cubic feet, 30-60” high, 18-20” wide and 20” deep
  • Compact mini refrigerators: 2-3 cubic feet, 20-25” high, 20” wide and 20” deep

The perfect refrigerator for a tiny kitchen or small household is either the compact mini refrigerator or the mid-sized refrigerator.

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