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Space saving Tower Cabinet for Small Bathrooms

Homecharm Tower Storage Cabinet Alright, so you have a small bathroom or even a tiny bathroom. And you encounter the question where you can store your towels and all your bathroom products. Well, I had the same situation in many apartments I rented back in Switzerland.

Here is the answer to your question: get a tower cabinet. A tower cabinet is as its name implies tall and narrow. Two of the most wanted space saving features for every furniture in a small home.

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Top 4 Space-saving Cabinets over toilet between $50 and $90

Sauder Etagere Over Toilet CabinetLet’s talk bathroom today. Even when you live in a bigger than tiny house or apartment the bathroom often is the smallest place.  I don’t even speak about bathrooms in RVs or boats.  Every single inch in a bathroom calls for a practical use.  And I like to add, also for an aesthetic aspect.

When I discovered the idea of a cabinet over the toilet I asked myself why I didn’t get this idea earlier. Often enough you just accept the space in a bathroom as it is, even more when you live in a rented place.  So I was really surprised about how much additional space I suddenly got by placing a simple cabinet over the toilet.

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